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  1. The configs have released as part of the samples (Addons\Core), today. It may contain wrong values (updated by the game configs) and outdated comment.
  2. 25-04-2018 Size: ~31.5 MB / 0.3 MB TOOLS Work Drive Fixed: It wouldn't extract data from the default Addons folder Binarize Added: Binarize x64 (not default) Tweaked: 2D map drawing Steam configuration Changed: Incremented version number to reflect the current stage (1.017.1) SAMPLES Addons Added: Core config sources (Core folder) Fixed: maxDroop was misspelled in the PhysX config (sample of car) Scenario Added: Samples for the key frame animation system
  3. Arma 3 Tools Wont extract game data

    I've found the issue, It should be fixed with the version below, can you give it a try? http://tom4897.info/workdrive_1-2-124-6678/

    Full changelog and TECHREP
  5. 10-04-2018 Size: ~0.1 MB TOOLS Work Drive Added: Data decompression of Laws of War DLC and Jets DLC (works only with the RC and development branch of the game) Steam configuration Changed: Incremented version number to reflect the current stage (1.015.2)
  6. I haven't forgotten ;)
  7. 06-04-2018 Size: ~5.9 MB TOOLS Publisher Added: Support for Tanks DLC Object Builder Added: Ability to rename and delete a selection across all LODs at once Steam dumpAccountInfo Added: Support for Tanks DLC Steam configuration Changed: Incremented version number to reflect the current stage (1.015.1)
  8. Keyframe animation system in DEV.

    The documentation I've added is a bit outdated but should cover all the basics with 3den. I have some more to add, once it's done, I will go through it and update it to match the current state. Please, be patient, this isn't forgotten :) Meanwhile, here is a sample, with 3den: http://tom4897.info/test_keyframeanimation_3den-vr/
  9. The first one has been fixed and we will tackle the others soon. Thanks for the report.
  10. The error is legit, as described in the documentation, "no change" should be used instead of "unchanged". When this type of error occurs, I'd recommend to take a look at the documentation which should list the correct enum values. If that's not the case, just let me know. I've also added the error type in the Community Wiki.
  11. There already is a macro for the user name ($TM_FULLNAME), as for the date, I'll see what I can do. It depends on the file type, currently, the RPTs are the most problematic, it mainly is because of the regular expressions used to parse the file which could use some optimization. I'm not using GIT myself (not even installed), I will try to fix the issue but probably not with the next update which is almost ready.
  12. Have you played the various bits of playable content in Tac-Ops Mission Pack? Let's hear what you thought and how we might still improve it! Please be considerate to your fellow players and mark any spoilers appropriately - thank you! Specific issues are most effectively reported directly to our Feedback Tracker. What playable content is there and how do I access it? Added: "Beyond Hope" Military Operation* Added: "Stepping Stone" Military Operation* Added: "Steel Pegasus" Military Operation* Main Menu >> SINGLE PLAYER > CAMPAIGNS * Content requires ownership of Arma 3 Tac-Ops DLC Mission Pack
  13. The Community Wiki has received some love from our web development and IT departments and is back online. We're aware of some issues and will work on resolving them ASAP. We invite you to report any encountered issues. In order to solve these issues as soon as possible, the following information would be necessary: Page where the error or problem occurred Steps how to reproduce the issue When possible, a screenshot of the problematic page Any other relevant detail which could help (E.g. time and date of the issue to ease the search in the logs) Thank you for your patience! Issues/log File upload isn't functional Some HTML code is displayed as plain text The API is deactivated (solved) Recent changes are grouped (solved) Expanding sub-categories often fails (solved) Internal error when displaying a page containing code using the syntax highlighting (solved) Loading certain pages can lead to a Fatal exception (solved) The autocomplete in search box doesn't work (solved)
  14. clients see different colours for same car

    Well, something must have changed because this feature isn't really new. I will test on my side and see what's happening there. In short, the system is triggered from the init event handler of the given vehicle, then it picks a variant according to the config (class TextureSources via the array TextureList) and eventually applies it.