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  1. LODU

    Tanoa - Performance optimizations? yes/no

    There is also the possibility to optimize the reduced visibility that causes the dense vegetation. I did a tropical vegetation, in which I can put several squads and keep an acceptable level of fps, but this is possible because I have a lot of addons optimized lods and the last lods are textured with a card textureatlas. To reproduce the atmosphere of the rainforest, we must put the fog, to simulate humidity and low visibility. All this waiting directx12 allows even when playing properly in a jungle world: there are different types of vegetation, which are not necessarily all-creating "lag". The coastal part, with bushes "naupaka", palm trees and some emblematic hardwoods, does not cause lag. The "inland", with large plains of tall grass, with scattered palm trees, does not cause either lag. The "rainforest" part is more difficult to recreate, but nothing is impossible and with experience, much documentation, we come to understand how the different layers are arranged (ground, understory, mid layer, emerging, etc.) and how to combine them in 3D to simulate an environment of great density and darkness. At first I was separate floor plants, then I realized he must group them into thickets, mixing 3D techniques with the texture baking hipoly on plans 3d alpha: this provision can represent the best of what we try to show, while saving the polygon and texture. But there are other techniques in pure 3d, since the game engine easily swallows millions of polygons without much complaining (provided optimized, of course). The main challenge is the rendering of the long distance visibility of the canopy and the transition between different lods is the main difficulty: personally, I found, experimenting many, many different techniques that simulate it. So much for my views and I wait to see what will make the devs on the topic to add the techniques that will be available at the output tanoa: I think primarily the possibility of being hidden by the foliage and fallen trees. On the other hand, break down large trees like kapoks, ceiba pentadra, is not very realistic, for a mission commandos, for example, and I think that only means trees should be destructible, if any, if the is desired full optimization: there are sacrifices / choice, to play comfortably.
  2. thank you for your answer, but I would like confirmation from a developper. Thank you.
  3. Hello. I wonder if a group of plants and trees representing a particular vegetation is considered an addon? Thank you.
  4. Here is a "rar" file, where are my characters "French Army" mod OFrP on arma 2 (unbinarized files), with textures. The few missing textures were not of my creation. http://dl.free.fr/qx4LKNw9C You can use these sources for your own non-commercial use. These works are licensed under creative commons following: Attribution + Noncommercial + ShareAlike (BY-NC-SA) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creative_Commons_license http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/fr/ Other files vehicles will follow later. Good use. lodu
  5. I'm creating something in this direction and I'm almost done: patience.
  6. LODU

    Karts EBO files

    bis wants to protect with encryption. ebo this is normal, but I ask the same for my work and this is abnormal? You oppose me that I should open a pbo with tools provided by bis, in order to learn why, in your opinion, bis it gave you an opportunity to use this tool? On the other hand, I am not a studio, calculating that provide enough to make extensions, with the modding, will boost sales of the original product. I make addons for my pleasure first, and those who want to do the same use, like me, BIS tools to open and understand the procedure: not worth doing a trial for so little.
  7. LODU

    Karts EBO files

  8. @ .kju [PvPscene] I try to send you a message, but:
  9. LODU

    Import Objects - TB crashing

    There seems to be the possibility of reducing or increasing the individual objects, but no function to do this on a multiple selection of objects ... or so I have not found. From a general point of view, it seems that the devs have bridled up possibilities and in the end we are left with a much less friendly than 3 visitor tool. I hope I'm wrong, or that in the future the most powerful tool terrainbuilder either, but I like a doubt. I think I'll go back 3 visitor (or cryengine), waiting for the new, or not.
  10. LODU

    Import Objects - TB crashing

    For now, I'm moving in buldozer having previously arranged at least one object (a tree in my case) and press the F2 key on the keyboard to be able to move in buldozer and mouse wheel to go forward, decline, but it is true that the flow does not resemble that of visitor3 and in the other hand I do can not be done the right manipulations, or I do not have found the boards? By cons, to copy paste it into the terrain editor builder, it does not seem to have any problems. All this is still very empirical and experimentation associated with developers fix should logically allow us to see more clearly.:) PS :Plants are mine.
  11. LODU

    Import Objects - TB crashing

    With other objects, created from scratch, you can create templates, libraries and set all on the map. http://imgur.com/E4ZCnrc
  12. I just spent an hour with the workbench (intuitive) and I am very impressed! If this is exactly the same tool that was used to make the game, I do think that we must do a lot of things ... I converted one of my entity trees in FBX format( and in TXO, with fbx2Txo converter), but I'm still looking how to import it into the game éditor? (copy and paste the TXO file in the obj / plants folder does not seem to be enough and should probably configure the input, I think) All this brings to mind the CryEngine editor and it's a bit the same logic is at work with the assets of paint (or entities). Some bugs, crash when handling hazardous, but that does not discourage exploration of the software yet. I have not tried everything, obviously, but it is promising. Thank you to the developers. I think make a field simulating a terraforming on Mars or an exoplanet , the floor may look like in March : to see. If I take in March , we must go back in time , within a century or two , just to stay near credible and consider vegetation mainly based lichens and pine or exogenous variations. Indeed, we can assume that terraforming " revives " the heart of the planet, by regaining control , produces its own variety of vegetation , from that implemented by man: hey, this is the Gaia theory , or something similar, but it suits me well from this idea , since I created a vegetation imagined by merging parts of plants / trees today , with extinct species of Carboniferous : so that playing gods, as make me happy with what interests me. ^ ^ So much for the idea and the starting point of my creation with the workbench : I'll post my progress and my problems , of course. Too bad we do not have an equivalent workbench for arma3 ...:rolleyes: