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  1. I'm the same, Karax, (coucou ^_^) and yes, i'm really angry to have discovered such behaviours in our back. Disapointed like all of you could be by learning about things that bring all of your "national" communities to stop their projects like that : *clac* I think people here is mature enough (most of them) to understand what is happening in the french one. :/
  2. + : "You have received an infraction at Bohemia Interactive Forums" Dear Rellikki excuse me. I didn't wanted to be so irrespectful (?) with my words. It's just that.... mmmhhhh..... just what? Ah, yes : But it's nothing, isn't it? I just lost all interest with Arma, so no problem : I go away too. Not a great loss, certainly. Ciao.
  3. Snypir, Maruk... I think that WE NEED A FUC**** EXPLANATION about that case. NOW !!!!! It's a crysis time.... SO !?!? French Community and other people NEED THAT !
  4. In the french forum I have read a documentation about a "contract" between BIA and a french firm. Which includes termes like : "French VBS2 vehicle and unit models made for Eurosatory (...)". DATE : 28/04/2009 When I read Snypir : "I can assure you all that BIA did not ‘steal’ any French add-ons. BIA received permission to exhibit certain French content at the French trade show Eurosatory 08 and during Phoenix 2008 experimentation, and following these two events we destroyed all copies of the French content. Even today, VBS2 does not include any French content." ... I would like to believe him. But, if I see the dates : Eurosatory 2008, Phoenix 2008.... and AFTER : 28/04/2009... with addons that (if I'm not so stupid) were destroyed, I have some difficulties to understand some things. I'm so stupid I would be happy to understand.
  5. Renaud

    my island and t-80

    To all men unhappy with addons : Like my grandmother used to say : It's not because you don't like something that it would necessary be "shit". To Vilas : I have some great admiration for addons makers because they do something great! And I have a lot of projects with your addons (especially civilian cars) to increase "realism" in my future campaigns. Regards, -renaud-
  6. Renaud

    War Of Desert

    Hello for everybody. Something new about the new addons pack and the hosting of it? It looks great! Regards, -renaud-