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  1. Hi, after my post, W0lle messaged me on priv with a link. I have everything already. Another person also messaged sent me one in email. (This is an awesome community - I thought I will not get it but I got more than one copy) I will keep this stuff safe and look to make some extra download link as well since all the websites with it are gone. Thank you all!
  2. talos32

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Hello, I apologize for the slight offtopic but I downloaded the CWR2 mod from mr. Wolle's onedrive that I found on reddit. It had everything, even the resistance campaign but no main flashpoint campaign. I am looking everywhere for the cwr2_1985.pbo campaign file (and possibly other missions and maybe red hammer if it exists). But I am really focused on the 1985 campaign. Does anybody have it maybe and could share it with me please? I would be very very grateful. Thank you in adavce! All the best.
  3. Thank you. in the ftp folders when I click something there is no option to download. I found this link on discord however: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AmyNENypM6UiaF7genbUFJEbFsA?e=LmhCcC I installed it. I can see the ofp themed menu and I have maps in editor. But I don't have any campaigns or missions. I could find that they have to be loaded separately: There is a resistance campaign in the files but no cwr2_1985.pbo. Do you have it maybe? Also when I load resistance campaign into CWR addons folder I still can't see it in the campaigns menu. Would you have missions and campaigns for the mod maybe? Thank you again.
  4. Hi everyone, I played CWR 3 and wanted to replay in CWR2 but aparrently CWR website and armaholic are down. I cant find the mod anywhere. Does anybody have it and could upload and share it? Thank you in advance. Best!
  5. talos32

    CWR2 - Domination Everon - 1985 Edition

    Hi, Does anybody have CWR2 still? Armaholic and CWR2 are dead and the mod is nowhere to be found. Is there any download link anywhere? Thank you.
  6. talos32

    Cold War Rearmed III - Resistance

    Just PMed you. I doubt I can make it but I spent half my childhood in that valley creating ambushes in original OFP.
  7. talos32

    Cold War Rearmed III - Resistance

    Everything is cool and nice. Bugs here and there but this is not a problem because it is normal in OFP and Arma. But what the heck is about the mission "in hills"??? The one with the second convoy ambush. The big one. The starting position is different, the convoy route is different. This is an iconic ambush mission. Why isn't it in the original place? (the valley east of Mokropsy). Please take it back where it belongs!