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  1. see there and adapt it ;-) http://www.clan-gos.fr/redmine/projects/gos-sac-ventral/repository
  2. 11/05/2017 v 1.07 [CHANGE] fix bug #255 (see redmine post http://www.clan-gos.fr/redmine/issues/255) [CHANGE] fix some addaction problem.
  3. This mod is no more developped. See GOS Sac Ventral for the last version :
  4. GOS Sac Ventral VERSION 1.07 Site : http://www.clan-GOS.fr Download : Steam WorkShop or Compiled Version Authors : Clan GOS Source : http://www.clan-gos.fr/redmine/projects/gos-sac-ventral/repository Support : http://www.clan-gos.fr/redmine/projects/gos-sac-ventral/issues or Steam Workshop Sign file : Yes Compatibility : SP & MP This addon allows you to put a backpack in a ventral position . All backpack in the game are supported You can now put your backpack in a ventral position to realize a parachute jump from a HALO Helicopter or airplane . You can carry 2 backpack with this feature for best practice LOGISTICS in cooperative play . HOW TO: - Put a backpack on your back - A new menu, put backpack on your chest can be select. (not fonctionnal underwater or in vehicle) GAMEPLAY : - When you have a backpack in ventral position , the player can t run !!! - You can not have access directly to the inventory of your backpack in the ventral position. - TF or ACRE RADIO RADIO LONG RANGE do not work in the prone position.
  5. I need better resolution with large map. so I try level 7 zooming. All seem to be ok but web interface don t show the entire map. (only Some square upper left) Any idea ?
  6. You want x64 version According to this thread : https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Extensions you have to change "_RVExtension@12" reference for 32-bit extension to "RVExtension" for 64-bit " you can find this in the source file at this line : https://github.com/mistergoodson/OCAP/blob/master/extension/OCAPExporter/OCAPExporter/Class1.cs#L64 Of course you need to target x64 environnement in your compiler and rename the generate dll as ocap_exporter_x64.dll You can download the new compiled dll Here if you want ;-) :http://www.clan-gos.fr/files/ocap_exporter_x64.dll Thx MrGoodson for your amazing work !!!!
  7. Update : My replay with @AthenaDesigner bug when there are too many IA on screen. I can load the replay but there 's no Icon on Map and no unit in Orbat. (here is a DL link to my record : http://www.clan-gos.fr/forum/athenareplay/20170325-ClanGOS.zip (5 Mo) Stratis Islands)
  8. I understand. is it possible to allow mission replay with @AthenaDesigner ? I can t visualize replay (bug ?).
  9. Perhaps nothing... or not. It seems i can t import Map with 64 bit version and @athenadesigner Another thing, Avast detect Relay.exe as a "virus" IDP.generic... Finally, is there any git hub to visualize your source ? Do you plan to build an API to visualize Replay in Web interface ? Thx.
  10. Damn, you re right !!! i missed a cow in a corridor ;-) Thx !
  11. Hi Skruis, and first , thx for your excelent work. Can we expect a 64 bit dll for Athena ? is there a git depot somewhere ? Thx again ;-)
  12. A quick release about an old update : New version and new link about developpement site and source code. FSF_SacVentral www.clan-FSF.fr DOWNLOAD FILE VERSION 1.04.1024 Site : http://www.clan-FSF.fr Autors : ElDoKtor,ToF & Betep Source : http://clan-fsf.fr/redmine/projects/fsf-server-arma-26/repository Support : http://clan-fsf.fr/redmine/projects/fsf-server-arma-26/issues Forum : http://clan-fsf.fr/redmine/projects/fsf-server-arma-26/boards (french & internationnal) Sign file : Yes Compatibility : SP & MP Changelog : - Some improvement when puttin Backpack on Chest.
  13. GOS ToF

    [Release] A3G Spectator Cam

    I understand. But in a coop game. This feature will be very important fort an inconscient player who s waiting other player tout help him. Of course, no more free caméra . only the orhers players view .
  14. GOS ToF

    [Release] A3G Spectator Cam

    Thx for your excelent work. Is it possible to auto activate your camera when player is unconscious (not dead - just inconscious) ?