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  1. Vex_man

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    I think I figured this whole thing out and it makes alot of sense. The pic that i commented on with the helicopter is a In-game shot I dont think from ArmA3 engine. Most likely a Engine update like resistance for OFP and I think the Helicopter is a Mi-28 Havok and the reason it looks odd is because its a Resolution LOD (all modelers like myself should know what they are) and thats why it looks odd as its a lower detail version. More proof to back up my theory is the telephone wires. if you notice they have aliasing all be it very little. The road if you look has characteristics of being a texture as-well. it has details that reoccur as-well as the shade the road is it has little to no other weathering besides the faded shade. the patches of foliage you can see also are generally clumped in color and small pieces in view could be the current shrub system they have. Another note is the fact that the Analysis would still show Photoshopping even if it was originally a PNG as the details added have different compression from the editing stage that was not shown. I 80% believe this is a in-game shot and that BIS was so proud that why not have fun and see if we notice. I also think that they put some other in-game images in other batches of stuff they showed.
  2. Vex_man

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    The image analysis proves that its a in-game image. there is details that look fake but others then look really good and the Ka-52 is not in service yet as well as the image not being tampered. oh and another note is that the helicopters in the distance might be a Ka-52 but the latest versions with Zenith balls under the nose as such here also another note is that if this is a Airbase in Greece then the Ka-52 (Mi-28) would not be there hence a fake image, but they are not photo-shopped so another proof that this is a in-game shot
  3. Vex_man

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    if you check the last image that was XOR filtered the road is not real. there is more fake with that image then the Helicopters. For some reason I think BIS really stepped up there game and some of these are in-game images.
  4. hmmm ok fine at the behest of our dear leader Jojimbo I give you the PzKpfw IV Ausf. G!!
  5. Vex_man


    I know but please atleast make sure ppl know whoes work it is, I mean john wouldn't like me to use his work and not say that it was partly his, so I think it fair to make sure other ppls work is known
  6. Vex_man


    John why dont you make your oun models, stop using other peoples models and giving no credit and not even asking, I know marfy did not say you could use his model cus he left the comunity. Please dude I am not trying to be rude I just thought you better then this. send me a pm with you MSN
  7. Vex_man

    German FLAK 38-20 mm

    I am not saying he cant use it but I would have at least like to have been asked permission and given credit
  8. Vex_man

    German FLAK 38-20 mm

    hey john this is my model from I44, I would atleast to have like to have been asked if you could have released it, because I have a updated model and LODs, next time ASK
  9. hey you forgot to mention me, I made the RPG-22 Â
  10. Vex_man

    Red Hammer Studios

    lol ya keller what you think now
  11. Vex_man

    Ka-52 HokumB

    well if you want I can ask my friend Badscull (the one who made it) if you can use it although he is not on often and so it might be hard (that is if it is the POE model)
  12. Vex_man


    well about a year ago I asked him why he didn't release and he said it was cus he wanted to add more scripts ect to make it more realistic so he said he will release for OFP2 MAYBE
  13. Vex_man

    Ka-52 HokumB

    my friend made that model for POE so I can ask him
  14. Vex_man

    Red Hammer Studios

    and I bet shadow you wouldn't say somthing rude good thing I didn't put money on it
  15. Vex_man

    Antonov 124 1.1

    yes please make it a noraml RAR or zip as I cant extract the file