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  1. zwobot

    Mission requests and ideas

    I've enjoyed Zombie Outbreak.
  2. zwobot

    How to make custom units?

    You can start with some modeling tutorials. I suggest you also browse through other Ofp sections of that site, for example file formats and tools.
  3. zwobot

    How do I enable multiple saves?

    You can also Alt-Tab and delete/rename the savegame file in the Users directory. When you go into the Pause screen the next time you can save again.
  4. zwobot

    OFP Addon request thread

    Do you also have the ACES addon loaded which is included in the archive linked above?
  5. zwobot

    OFP Addon request thread

    Your URL does not work, do you mean: BWMOD EUROFIGHTER TYPHOON - download links don't work there either, but can be found manuall here: BWMOD_EF_beta.rar. This version loads up fine for me in Desert Island. Preprocessor error 1 is an incorrect include statement, i. e. a path to the file not found.
  6. zwobot

    SP UKF Patrol

    Here are updated links to the required addons if anyone needs them (except Editor Upgrade 103 - haven't found a working download link yet):
  7. zwobot

    SP The Green Zone

    I've recently played your mission and enjoyed it. Not too much addons required, most of them I had readily available already. Passing the minefield and the Squad Control quickly annoyed me though. AI squads frequently were killed by the mines and thus failing the mission. Also the Squad Control was reliably spamming error messages when ordering them to follow. Most of the time it was making the respective squad completely unresponsive. After half a dozen restarts I extracted the mission and replace the Squad Control with CE lite which is even more simple. More often than not I could seize the observation post / attack position completely unopposed. Initial resistance in the village was only a better sized fire team. For the initial advance into the village the FSG supported from the military crest facing the village while two infantry sections cautiously advanced in line abreast into the village. The third infantry section was kept in depth close to the FSG. Myself as the platoon commander was advancing together with the two sections into the village. I climed the mosque for better overview, soon several enemy squads supported by technicals could be spotted advancing towards the village from the LOE while the two assault sections were still combing the village. The FSG was ordered forward to the platoon's right flank outside the village and assault sections went firm in the cover of the houses to destroy the enemy reinforcements. Once the initial enemy counter attack was destroyed the section which was kept in depth was ordered to the village entrance so that the three infantry sections were arrayed in an elongated V formation. The advance continued towards the LOE with the FSG continuing to support from the right wing. A couple more enemy squads were destroyed without too much effort until we reached the LOE and the radio traffic was triggered announcing friendly reinforcements to be sent forward together with a helicopter. Neither ever arrived (not sure if physically exist in the mission), I noticed that the objective concerning the village was not achieved so I ordered the platoon back for another sweep of the village and indeed a lone survivor was quickly mopped up and thus completing this mission objective. But I think the triggers went out of sequence and the mission never ended so I declared it a win and happily aborted the mission. So all in all a nice mission with an immersive briefing and atmosphere, thanks Snafu.
  8. zwobot

    Not possible to shoot paratroopers?

    I'm not aware of any mod or addon that features your desired behaviour. But maybe it is not completely impossible as I said before but you might have to accept some caveats. You can try this: place an empty parachute (set it to be Flying - the dropdown below the unit type you select in the editor) and run a script that constantly moves the paratrooper below the descending chute with setPos and switchMove it into the parachutist stance until it reaches ground level. Then terminate the script and revert to the default stance. It might not look exactly pretty, because parachutes sway a bit while decending, but it might get the job done. I quickly ran this on Desert Island, there are two issues as of now: 1. the parachutist flips over in flight and descends head first (setVectorUp is not available in Ofp/CWA); 2. he dies close to the ground (presumably because of 1.). Maybe you can go from there and make it work the way you want: _unit = _this select 0 _chute = _this select 1 _unit switchMove "FXangel" ; that is not the parachutist stance but I could not find it on short notice #while ? (getPos _chute select 2) <= 20 : goto "end_while" _unit setPos [getPos _chute select 0, getPos _chute select 1, (getPos _chute select 2) - 1] ~0.001 goto "while" #end_while _unit setPos [getPos _chute select 0, getPos _chute select 1, 0] _unit switchMove "" exit
  9. zwobot

    Not possible to shoot paratroopers?

    I've never personally tried to workaround this situation but as zulu already mentioned the game does not want you to damage in-flight paratroopers so it will be very hard if not impossible to do it.
  10. zwobot

    Making custom campaign for Cold War Assault??

    On first glance I would say that your class 03Mission is the problem, because you assign the template as DDay#2 which might be a valid folder in your operating system but it is not a valid mission folder for Ofp/CWA.
  11. zwobot

    Making custom campaign for Cold War Assault??

    Are you editing a campaign for Armed Assault or Operation Flashpoint / Cold War Assault? If you are looking for a campaign editor you can also try this one hosted on Ofp.info 2. I have never personally used it. If you simply want to have a completely linear campaign you can also easily achieve it with a text editor, e. g. Notepad++, and carefully reading the Biki article on campaign description.ext A minimal example for an Operation Flashpoint campaign:
  12. Have you tried setVelocity? Look at Example 2 in the biki for taking the object's facing into account.
  13. Not an expert on animations but if you are talking about animations for running, walking, crouching etc. you'll have to plug them into a main config I think (as opposed to residing in an addon config).
  14. zwobot

    Bulldozer Launch Error

    Haha, thanks faguss. I'll have to bookmark this for the next time I need to setup Ofp and editing environment on a new macchine. I can't exactly remember how I got it working in my current setup but I think it involved doing an additional installation from an .iso image of my original Ofp CD.
  15. zwobot

    Basic While-Do Loops in OFP/CWA

    Late reply here, but I don't want to leave this unanswered. Anything that goes beyond basic "kill them all" objectives are best not done only with the out of the box triggers available in the editor but with scripts. In Ofp/CWA scripts usually refer to files of type .sqs whereas .sqf refers to functions which can return a value and should only run for small tasks which can be executed in a relatively short time (this is a little different in Arma and later games). So in your case I suggest to put a trigger in the editor with Activation=anybody;Present; Repeatedly and give it a name, e. g. trigger_1 Then from wherever you deem appropriate (e. g. from the init.sqs script) you can run a script which constantly checks who is in the trigger so that you can calculate scores: _delay = 1 #WHILE ? !_condition : goto "endWHILE" _units = list trigger_1 ; _units now is an array of all units which are inside the trigger area of the trigger you named trigger_1 in the editor ; do whatever calculations you need in here... ~ _delay goto "WHILE" #endWHILE