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  1. Not an expert on animations but if you are talking about animations for running, walking, crouching etc. you'll have to plug them into a main config I think (as opposed to residing in an addon config).
  2. zwobot

    Bulldozer Launch Error

    Haha, thanks faguss. I'll have to bookmark this for the next time I need to setup Ofp and editing environment on a new macchine. I can't exactly remember how I got it working in my current setup but I think it involved doing an additional installation from an .iso image of my original Ofp CD.
  3. zwobot

    Basic While-Do Loops in OFP/CWA

    Late reply here, but I don't want to leave this unanswered. Anything that goes beyond basic "kill them all" objectives are best not done only with the out of the box triggers available in the editor but with scripts. In Ofp/CWA scripts usually refer to files of type .sqs whereas .sqf refers to functions which can return a value and should only run for small tasks which can be executed in a relatively short time (this is a little different in Arma and later games). So in your case I suggest to put a trigger in the editor with Activation=anybody;Present; Repeatedly and give it a name, e. g. trigger_1 Then from wherever you deem appropriate (e. g. from the init.sqs script) you can run a script which constantly checks who is in the trigger so that you can calculate scores: _delay = 1 #WHILE ? !_condition : goto "endWHILE" _units = list trigger_1 ; _units now is an array of all units which are inside the trigger area of the trigger you named trigger_1 in the editor ; do whatever calculations you need in here... ~ _delay goto "WHILE" #endWHILE
  4. Ok that's an annoying result in your example. I have deleted the other guy's GET IN waypoint for the car and added it again so that it is directly on top of the car (press and hold shift, then hover over the car until the vehicle's name is displayed, then add the waypoint). With this update the guy boards the car instead of the boat.
  5. Hi, let's try the following: Guy1 waypoints: 0:GET IN -> 1:GET OUT -> 2:MOVE -> 3:GET IN Player waypoints: 0:GET IN -> 1:GET OUT -> 2:GET IN Boat waypoints: 0:MOVE -> 1:LOAD -> 2:MOVE -> 3:TRANSPORT UNLOAD Guy1's 0 is synched to Boat's 0; Player's 0 is synched to Boat's 0 Guy1's 2 is synched to Player's 2 https://i.imgur.com/FVHSKOl.png Here is a mission.sqm for Desert Island which is setup as outline above:
  6. zwobot

    SP Breach and Clear

    The missing BMP2 error might be a an isolated issue on my system. After one of the reloads I did during the mission there was a message about missing addon stgn... - clearly relating to STGN's M1 addon. Maybe those messages were caused by my wiping the addons sections in the mission file. I did not open the mission in the editor and save it, I played it straight from the extracted version in the missions directory. Handling group of tanks is quite hard. If you doMove them into better positions they might be better covered from some angles but they might not be effective against a next wave of the counter attack advancing from a different direction. To make it worse, the group leader might order them to engage a target and they charge into their certain death. I don't have any recommendations on how to better handle the AI tanks in the counter attack. I'd be happy to get some pointers myself for my own tank missions on how to increase AI tanks survivability 🙂 It would be nice if there was a command to order the AI into a battle position to assume a hull down posture in relation to another location (like in Steel Beasts). Also withdrawing vehicles (driving backwards) would be nice. Not sure if those things are even supported in Arma3 these days (did the Tanks DLC improve something in those regards?).
  7. So why don't you write a custom function yourself then? It seems all you need is a dot product of two vectors?
  8. zwobot

    SP Breach and Clear

    Thanks for the update. I've tried the version requiring STGN's addon, upon loading the mission is missing addons HYK_USSoldiers and HYK_OPFOR. I had to un-pbo the mission and clear the addons[] and addonsAuto[] attributes in the mission.sqm file for it to load properly. In the briefing, CWA complained about missing addon "BMP2" - no clue why it did that it's the default BMP 2 addon from BIS, right? Nevertheless the mission started normally after that. I still like the mission. It has the official missions' flair but in a more convincing framework: five paragraph order, mission executed with a proper company team and support assets instead of a rag tag force. I would have liked an artillery barrage as part of the breach. The mission is not difficult until the counterattack, unless the AI really gets itself stuck it should not be a problem to complete the first objectives most of the time and that's fine because the player is not the platoon leader (or even company commander) the mission has to rely on the AI leaders to do their job. There was a nice depression in the ground just a couple of meters NNW of the position where the platoon leader chose to face the counterattack. My crew could do some good shoot and scoot drills while the other vehicles of the platoon received a beating in the open. I reloaded my savegame from just before the counterattack a couple of times because of this. There is no autosave if I haven't missed it? Eventually I completed the mission with 4 HEAT rounds remaining.
  9. What about [OFPRes] calcrelpos.sqf by joltan or [OFPRes] anglefacingdiff.sqf by LCD ?
  10. zwobot

    OFP installed on new laptop but will not load

    Which version did you install and did you apply all patches? I'd suggest to go with Arma: Cold War Assault
  11. zwobot

    Mission requests and ideas

    Hi Snafu, that's greate, thank you. The Green Platoon missions are included. For sure the other ones are worth checking as well.
  12. zwobot

    Mission requests and ideas

    Does anyone have a mirror for Kendo's realism missions?
  13. Hello, I am having trouble getting to grips with the track animations of a tank. The wheels and dampers are all setup correctly so that the animations work Buldozer and ingame. But how do the tracks need to be setup in O2 and cfgSkeletons and cfgModels? There are several selections regarding the tracks in the sample models but no real pointers how their animations are setup. Which selections are required for the tracks in the model and how are they setup in cfgSkeletons and cfgModels for the tracks to be animated? Selections pasanimL, pasoffsetL, pasanimP, pasoffsetP are assigned to the left and right track respectively in O2 What I have so far in the model.cfg is:
  14. zwobot

    Tank track animation woes

    I think I got this more or less sorted with assistance provided in private conversations from Macser and Alwarren. First of all, the track needs an .rvmat assignment which I was missing at first. This is also stated in the Wiki for config entry selectionLeftOffset by the way. Secondly, the names assigned in cfgVehicles of my addon for selectionLeftOffset and selectionRightOffset were not the same as the selection names assigned to the tracks in O2.
  15. Welcome to the forum. I think there are still some people playing Ofp / CWA (including myself) and even modding it but they are not very verbose about it. Good luck with your project, I suppose it will be hard to keep the motivation up and see it through, especially when working on it alone.
  16. zwobot

    OFP Addon request thread

    Yuyu31999, have you checked these: http://ofpr.info.paradoxstudio.uk/addons/vehicles/994-lwp-truck-pack-beta.html http://ofpr.info.paradoxstudio.uk/6973-lwp-big-update.html http://ofpr.info.paradoxstudio.uk/7241-kraz-255b-by-lwp.html ?
  17. zwobot

    OFP Addon request thread

    I'm looking for Dr.Rebus's weapon texturing tutorial referenced on OFP : O2 DOC subforum and news item from ofp.info - the archived site from archive.org seems not to work completely. Does anyone have a copy of that?
  18. Hi everyone, I am looking for a copy of General Barron's custom formation script which was released in around 2003. Unfortunately it is long gone from ofpec.com For your reference I'm quoting its readme (posted by BlackScorpion):
  19. zwobot

    Just an idea (Remastered models)

    The *prefernces.exe gives 8192x8192 as maximum setting so this should be the maximum?
  20. Regarding your questions 1. You have to distinguish between global/local arguments and global/local effect. The MP tutorial available at Ofpec.com might also help (it's for Arma but the principles are the same for Ofp/CWA). Checking the locality of ther server for the createVehicle command is necessary because otherwise the object would be created once for every player who is connected (and the server maybe). 2. I don't know, depends on what else you do in the script 3. It won't make _vehicle available in any other script you might be running. You can only refer to your created vehicle if you assign it to the global variable yourVehicle and then publicVariable it. If you do the follow-on processing (setting a marker for it etc.) in the same script in which you create the vehicle, then you might not need to use publicVariable at all but it really depends on what you want to do.
  21. What exactly are you trying to do? If you want to know whether your created vehicle is within a certain distance of another object you can simply use distance.
  22. I don't think there is a way to make a local vairable usable in another script. I'm not much of an MP scripter but you probably have to do something like: script1.sqs ?!local server : exit yourVehicle = "M113" createVehicle getPos player publicVariable "yourVehicle" script2.sqs (should be called after script1.sqs or you have to make it wait until script1.sqs has publicVariabled yourVehicle "YourMarkerName" setMarkerPos getPos yourVehicle Maybe CoC NS2 has some facilities which might be useful to you but I've never used it. Maybe it would be worth checking-out for you. [Guide] CoC Network Services 2
  23. It surely would help if you post some code snippets. Do you assign the created vehicle into a global variable and then try to do something with it in subsequent scripts? Maybe you have to use publicVariable in between.
  24. zwobot

    OFP.info 2.0

    Congratulations to the Beta release. It's good to be having a facility to search for addons again. Thank you for keeping this alive.
  25. When you say 'Arma' do you mean Cold War Assault? Do you load any addons/mods when you get the blue screen. Go to the installation directory of the game and look into the file ColdWarAssault.rpt (open with a text editor) and see if it says anything useful.