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  1. rory_pamphilon

    Warfare CTI - [PERF] - Seattle, WA - www.ofps.net

    Hi, Im having issues getting out of the tutorial area at the start of the mission, no matter what I do I dont see anything on interact menu when next to the crashed chopper. Plz help :)
  2. rory_pamphilon

    Top Gun [SP/Coop 1-16]

    0.73 Update Changelog... Implemented Davidoss's excellent cleanup script, vastly improved FPS as a result Implemented mission folder structure Rationalised triggers Made all players fighter pilots Increased skill level of SU 35 enemies
  3. rory_pamphilon

    Top Gun [SP/Coop 1-16]

    New 0.72 Version Links on on frontpost here updated SU35 adversaries added F18 & F15 added along side F14 New Intro Reworked deck layout Updated to Eden Adjusted time of day Adjusted time of day selection mechanism (portable toilet, lower rear deck) Adjusted enemy patrol areas http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/changelog/636565800
  4. Hi Alex, First of all, great mod, thinking about implementing it on my topgun mission for carrier protection however I'm having a few issues... Is it possible to disable the chat/notifications, it keeps the message 'projectile scanner' on screen all the time? As others have mentioned, there is a texture error on startup Is it meant to shoot down incoming missiles? Using john & sauls SU35 mod, missiles keep getting to the carrier even with 4 of your turrets placed. Could you put this on steam workshop? would make it so much easier for people to play missions with this mod. Thanks, and keep up the great work :)
  5. rory_pamphilon

    Top Gun [SP/Coop 1-16]

    New version of the mission with F14 mod.... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?edit=true&id=636565800
  6. Somebody try this on a blank map please with no ai. Still get a boost?
  7. this! I have been a fan of arma for years and have never once heard an explanation why the two are tied together. have they ever tried to seperate the two?
  8. rory_pamphilon

    What limits the server?

    I can understand what dwarden is asking though, he's purely trying to determine if c 500 is the real ai limit or the rate of spawn is too high for init on each unit to complete properly causing a backlog which manifests itself as cpu load issues around the 500 spawned unit mark. BIS has always utilised community support to identify issues, there are simply more cummunity members than bis staff so greater chance of them noticing issues. However I agree that recently their direction has been puzzling, we don't need zues or 100 tiny tweaks to vest armour values. We also don't need more content. The single most useful and fun thing BIS could bring to the table now is more server & client fps. ---------- Post added at 02:18 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:13 PM ---------- Also dark wanderer or Dwarden (it is ur job after all :p ) it would be interesting if you could get to the 500 mark and then stop spawning anymore and just leave it for a while to see if the fps recovers. If it does then it could maybe be a backlog init issue but if it doesn't then potentially it points to a more serious unrelated issue. Have you tried connecting another client around the 500 mark to see what impact that has? ---------- Post added at 02:19 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:18 PM ---------- Also dark wanderer where your spawned units given waypoints or are they just standing still?
  9. rory_pamphilon

    Weapon tests

    very interesting, thanks for testing countermeasures. Maybe I'm wrong but it seems something is wrong with countermeasures. Id have thought they were designed to disrupt lockon by AT missiles and yet be almost transparent to a thermal camera? Not the other way around, as they are now.
  10. rory_pamphilon

    Weapon tests

    This is all incredibly interesting, thanks for taking time to do all these tests. A couple of areas I was wondering about... 1. Tank/APC Countermeasures: Do they work? Do they stop an AT missile locking on? Do they stop an already locked on and airbourne missile from hitting? Do they prevent AI from engaging? If already being hit by AI bullets/shells does it make them stop firing? Does the fact the countermeasures only fire forwards have any impact on rear area attacks? 2. What, if anything, can survive an airstrike? Attack chopper/jet AT guided missiles seam to one hit kill evrything but I may be wrong. Does Tank countermeasures have any effect?
  11. rory_pamphilon

    What limits the server?

    Can somebody (more skilled than I + a machine to spare for a day or two) maybe try this test... 1. Create simple coop mission that spawns a friendly ungrouped AI unit with no waypoints every 2mins (allows sufficient time for server to settle between spawns) at a random location on Altis. 2. Record server fps & CPU load every 2mins (bothersome if manual, can this be scripted?) 3. Keep going until server fps becomes v low (single figures) I imagine when then plotting the fps on a graph you would not find a steady decrease all the way down to single figures rather it would decrease at a certain rate until some bottleneck was hit then it would decrease far quicker. I would also imagine at that point of change of fps decrease rate we will also see CPU usage decrease. It would then be interesting to connect a client or two and repeat the test and seewhat the difference is. This wont tell us the problem but it may highlight an issue once we get past a certain number of ai spawned which then maybe the devs can investigate. it would however show if the issue is ai code related or network code related ( if issue is there with no clients connected then not network related) Any thoughts? I'm no coding genius but enjoy trying to solve a problem :-)
  12. rory_pamphilon

    What limits the server?

    Does anybody know if/when arma 3 will receive the garunteed message send fix that DayZ just received on experimental? It stops client and server spamming msgs to each other in the hope some get through. It reduces server load and bandwidth in one fell swoop
  13. rory_pamphilon

    Top Gun [SP/Coop 1-16]

    USS Nimitz & Su35 versions now updated to include fix for multiple nimitz respawn bug. PBO's updated
  14. rory_pamphilon

    Steam workshop mission not showing in MP

    Why is that though? I have made 3 previous missions more or less the same and havnt had to do it with any of those? is this a bug?
  15. Hi, I have just uploaded a new mission and its not showing in the workshop missions list when starting a new server (not dedicated). http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=210083460 I can see it in Scenarios but not in multiplayer, I check in steam when paged out and it says im subscribed but if i hit workshop button below mission list it doesnt show in overlay window. I have tried unsubscribing and resubscribing but no luck :(