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I have a concept for a dynamic SP CTI, can code and am looking for interested coders from beginner to expert

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I've been around since OFP, playing online since 2010 at Hotshots. I very much enjoyed Benny's CTI, I enjoy exploring the vast and beautiful Arma worlds and I'm a vet, thus I'd like to combine these aspects onto a semi-serious CTI immersion for single players (just due to lack of my MP scripting experience, but if the interested person is more into that...)


Over the last year, I have tried several different approaches and community AI scripts to create a decent SP CTI. The concept is solid, the core element has been written and tested, so now its about putting some horsepower onto the road.


If you


- are a CTI enthusiast

- like to develop a dynamic SP experience for Arma 3

- are not into survival/zombie/life, preferably also with mil background

- have at least beginner coding skills

- can spare some hours a week to contribute


Feel free to ask and respond in this thread, contact me by PM or by Skype (look for ZeroG, am using the same avatar).


Best regards,





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