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  1. Im searching for a Team, which includes some "Terrainworkers" and modeling experts! Im looking forward to build a new map which is hopefully going to be played at a lot of servers! Just write me an email (erwinjr.kl@gmail.com) if you are interested! Hope there are some guys who dont just wanna work alone, but in a team! Greetings, oernburn
  2. oernburn

    Create helicopters, houses and planes

    oh sorry! thank you indeed!
  3. Hey Guys, i would like to create some houses and other stuff for Arma 3. But i have no clue how to do this. I mean i can work with 3d Modellin programs and so on but i never createt something for a game. is there anyone outside who can give me a hint how to start with it and which programs i do need for? I would be so thankful and the Arma 3 scene would have one more designer for mods! Greetings, oernburn