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  1. I am VERY impressed on what you and Rydigier created with these addons. THAT is exactly how Arma should be played. For many years, I have been tackling with DAC, MCC GAIA, ALIVE, DUWS, Drongo, TRGM, Dynamic Recon Ops, Evannex and whatnot...but your mod works, is easy to use and yet leaves nothing out.... One word: Brilliant! 👌
  2. Hi Larrow, I justed tested the VR mission in the editor and also with my own mission, nothing seems to happen, regardless which sector creation option I hit? I have tried both with mods and without, no change. I use dev build 1.87.145170 Thanks for your help in advance!
  3. Hello guys! Since I introduced major changes to Benny's masterpiece and its popularity is growing by the day on our servers, I hereby release my variation to the public for the first time. Basically, the ZGM modification tries to balance BLUEFOR and OPFOR with a little drawback on technical/historical accuracy. The modification should work without any addons, therefore the unaccurate change of loadout etc. Look into the NOTES section of the mapscreen to look for changelog ingame. Note that the parameters are setup for this variation. You can keep them the way they are and should have fun and play the mission the way its meant to be played1 I recommend the usage of any FLIR/TWS addon in combination with this mission, to give OPFOR better chances. You will find our own addon also at the download section. Credits go to Draper for his awesome air support script and to SBS CoolBox for 3rd person disable option and helping me for a cool addition (in near future ) ZGM is different and a little harder here and there, but emphasizes on long games, teamplay and mature players. Mind that it is work in progress. I'm happy for any suggestion of bugreport. Feel also free to modify it the way you want, as long as there are credits for Benny and me, it is ok. You can come to XR-servers to test it online. Have fun! Base version: Warfare Benny Edition 2.064 v1 All the below options get activated by "weapon balance" parameter: - T55 and T72 feature barrel launched ATGM > Counterpart for US tanks - ZSU features 8 IGLA > Counterpart for Avenger - Linebacker features TUNGUSKA missile > Counterpart for TUNGUSKA - AN2 has iron bombs in it > Fun :-) - L39 features 2 R73 AA missiles > Counterpart for Harrier - UH1 features flare launcher > was missing somehow - Mi24 D features R73 AA missiles instead of AT > No specific counterpart - Mi24 V features 12 AT9 ATAKA ATGM > No specific counterpart; more of these bad missiles at least do a little damage - Ka52 features 8 Hellfire > Counterpart for AH64 - Ka52 BLACK features 8 Hellfires and 2 R73 AA missiles > Counterpart for AH1z - MH6 features Laser designator > wanted it, did it. Transforms it into a kind of observation helicopter. - F35 features 2 more sidewinders and 8 Mavericks > Counterpart to SU34 - Static TOW usable again - US-ambulance on light factory LVL 1 v2 - Skills Spot & Lockpick added to every slot, cleaned slot skills (everybody either way wants medic or engineer, right?) - Changed town depot to comm tower (less protection) - Cleaned up factories off unuseful camo units and adjusted prices a little (no use in having same vehicles spamming the lists) - Greater "slotnation" variation for allied factions (when they are there, why shouldn't I use them) - Slot description in Lobby added v3 - Debugged v4 - Added Draper's air support script. The 2nd slot on each team side is the FORWARD AIR CONTROLLER. With him, you can choose between different air missions every 10 minutes. The aircrafts performs its task and returns to base. - Reapplied old camps after I only got negative criticism ;-) v5 - Reapplied skins for Takistani faction and removed BAF skins bcs they look crappy for someone who doesnt have BAF - Bugfixed Air support massively v6 - Bugfixing - Reapplied vanilla loadout cfg as it did not work, except for the SMAW - Cleaned up Air Strike menu. Air strike is now accessed by optics or binocular, not mapclick. Look at the hint in the upper right corner. v7 - Limited 3rd person view to vehicles. There is NO 3rd person view for infantry anymore. - Changed helicopter strike vehicles, as they were far too strong. v8 - Added artillery observer. Every 30 minutes he can call one of these artillery orders: HARASS, SUPRESS, ANNIHILATE, BLOCK, BLIND and ILLUMINATE. - Time between air strikes raised to 15 minutes and change of russian MI24D to MI17 with dumbfirerockets for balance reasons. - Price and level adjustments for guns and launchers. v9 - Bugfixing artillery support - Price and level adjustments for guns and launchers, emphasizing the use of new XROPTICS addon. v10 - Price and level adjustments for vehicles v11 - Removed lockpick skill as it was more of a abuse than a helpful and used skill. v12 - Airstrikes and artillery strikes now cost supply, as these assets were thought as team support option - so now the team really has to earn it! Base version: Warfare Benny Edition 2.065 v1 - Removed Forward Air Controller and Artillery Observer slot. Commander has these features now. - Don't bother to do Airlift upgrade anymore - it's on by default. Also now it is possible again to carry manned vehicles. - Price and tech level adjustments v2 - Player kill bounty now 1000$ - Price, level and parameter adjustments - Static AA-pods are 10000$ now, but feature 8 TUNGUSKA missiles - Additional spawnvehicles v3 - Loadingscreens introduced - Reintroduced 32 slot version with AI due to lag issues - Changed order of weapons and their prices in loadout v4 - Introduced fake bases. Players now can build decoys via construction menu. This hopefully will stop basehunters and add some interesting gameplay. - Added castle walls. As we don't want to use any addon by now, I looked into data and found these neat walls. They are about 10m high and can take 5-10 122mm shells before they collapse. - Static AI behaviour hopefully improved v5 -Bugfixing v6 - Changed income system. Only the commander receives the town money. The rest of the team gets money through kills and a minute payment depending on their score. If a certain level is passed, the amount will be raised. v7 - changed buy system. Depending on your rank (i.e. score) you are able to build unit types or not. Check the diary for details. v8 - Balanced paycheck and ranking system. Maximum amount per minute is now 1500$ for the Colonel. As a private, you get promoted fast and earn more money. As soon as you are Captain, your score decreases by 1 per paycheck (Major 2 & Colonel 2). So you basically have to fight on once you reach these levels to keep them up. - Hopefully fixed transfer bug - Score penalty for death = -1 v9 - Added useful PMC content to OPFOR Base version: Warfare Benny Edition 2.066 v1 - Reduced power of AN2 - Changed KA60 price - Implemented nametags from BERZERK/ADVANCE AND SECURE, thanks to WIN WITHAGUN! Activate with 0-0-0 (RADIO > NAMETAGS ON), deactivate with 0-0-9 (RADIO > NAMETAGS OFF) - Implemented 360° defense from ARD! Activate with 0-0-8 (RADIO > 360° defense), deactivate with 0-0-7. v2 - Debugged new scripts - Revamped paying system to be dependant on rank & team SV - Lowered buy levels to 50 for tanks and 150 for planes v3 - Redid techtree to enforce usage of ALL factories. Barracks now contain light, mostly unarmored vehicles. LF contains wheeled armored vehicles, HF tracked armored vehicles. - Changed access to factories to enforce usage of ALL there are. As Staff Sergeant (50pts), you have access to LF, as Lieutenant (100pts) to HF, as Captain (150pts) to AF. - Exchanged spawn truck for spawnable medevac helicopter. Will give new tactical elements. - Got back to old money system as SV based was not working. GRMPH! v4 - Debugged - Added a "starting aid": fresh players get additional points until they reach certain levels to buy vehicles. v5 - Air strike and artillery strike are no longer available only for commander but for Captain/Major/Colonel now. v6 - Nametags hopefully fixed. Available by actionmenu. - Starting point aid hopefully working now. v7 - Nametags switchable by TEAM-menu. - Death penalty = 1 point. v8 - Realistic loadout modified - Added community islands - Balanced equipment - Added UPSMON script v9 - Changed some vehicle weapons - AI point-sharing system by Arma.is.great added v9a - Rebalanced Air & Antiair - Increased death penalty [v9b+c - Price adjustments - Reduced death penalty - Changed town occupation - HF is also accessible at 50pts now - Income for the first ranks increased Basic version 2.067 v3 - Paycheck sytem modified for better performance - Lasermarkers and flares for several airvehicles added - KA137 enhanced - Default parameters modified v4-v6 - Major rebalancement 17 ISLANDS AVAILABLE!! Credits go to SBS COOLBOX and WIN WITHAGUN for the nametag script and ARD for the 360° defense.[/b] DOWNLOAD Warfare Benny Edition 2.067 ZGMv6 17 islands pack XR OPTICSv5 addon
  4. Hi! I've been around since OFP, playing online since 2010 at Hotshots. I very much enjoyed Benny's CTI, I enjoy exploring the vast and beautiful Arma worlds and I'm a vet, thus I'd like to combine these aspects onto a semi-serious CTI immersion for single players (just due to lack of my MP scripting experience, but if the interested person is more into that...) Over the last year, I have tried several different approaches and community AI scripts to create a decent SP CTI. The concept is solid, the core element has been written and tested, so now its about putting some horsepower onto the road. If you - are a CTI enthusiast - like to develop a dynamic SP experience for Arma 3 - are not into survival/zombie/life, preferably also with mil background - have at least beginner coding skills - can spare some hours a week to contribute Feel free to ask and respond in this thread, contact me by PM or by Skype (look for ZeroG, am using the same avatar). Best regards, ZeroG
  5. Seems I figured out a workaround with BIS_fnc_nearestPosition, not 100% what I wanted but also suiting my purpose: //LOCATION CHECK LOOP FOR EACH UNIT OF A SPECIFIC SIDE MYLOCATIONS = [[x1,y1,z1],[x2,y2,z2],...]; //Can be markers/objects as well. If so, then getmarkerpos/getpos _NearestLocation has to be used at the distance check line below. CLOSELOCATIONS = []; while {true} do { _NearestLocation = []; { if ((side _x) == west) then { _NearestLocation = [MYLOCATIONS , _x] call BIS_fnc_nearestPosition; if (_x distance NearestLocation < 1250) then { CLOSELOCATIONS pushBack _NearestLocation ; //fill array with new item MYLOCATIONS = MYLOCATIONS - [_NearestLocation]; //remove item from original array if repeated script execution is unwanted }; } } forEach allUnits; sleep 20; //adapt as needed };
  6. Hello @all! I have an array of markers which I like to check against in a 10 sec while loop instead of using too many 0.5 sec triggers on the map. I'd like to check all markers in that very array against all units on my side for distance between each other and add all "positive markers" into an array. My attempts have led me to the code that can be seen below. With that script however, only the markers get stored that are close to one of my units, not the entire side. I assume I have to do sth about the double forEach-loop ?! or does anyone have an even better idea how to achieve what I'm looking for? Help is much appreciated! _Friendly = []; {if ((side _x) == WEST) then {_Friendly pushBack _x}} forEach allUnits; _CloseMarkers = []; {if ( ({_x} forEach _Friendly) distance (getmarkerpos _x) < 2000) then {_CloseMarkers pushBack _x} } forEach ZONEMARKERS;
  7. Astonishing how far the community has come in map designing!!!
  8. Hi! Been enjoying ALIVE since autumn last year. I play SP though and the ALIVE AI commanders make it great fun. Now, I was wondering how the major ALIVE variables are named, which would allow me to create a status monitor, trigger events etc. So far Spyder has shown me two interesting major variables: _forcePool1 = [ALIVE_globalForcePool,"BLU_F"] call ALIVE_fnc_hashGet; _forcePool2 = [ALIVE_globalForcePool,"OPF_F"] call ALIVE_fnc_hashGet; hint format ["Forcepool Values \n West: %1 total groups \n East: %2 total groups", _forcePool1, _forcePool2]; _profilesWest = count ([ALiVE_profileHandler, "getProfilesBySide", "WEST"] call ALIVE_fnc_profileHandler); _profilesEast = count ([ALiVE_profileHandler, "getProfilesBySide", "EAST"] call ALIVE_fnc_profileHandler); hint format ["Force Matchup \n West: %1 total groups \n East: %2 total groups", _profilesWest, _profilesEast]; Could you advise on similar variables like ALIVE_globalForcePool or getProfilesBySide i.e. point out where I'd have to look? Thank you...
  9. Hi all, I'd be keen for the variables showing the size of the total force, both spawned and cached, to deduct a "total force count" for each side i.e. a kind of progress. I know how to do it with a trigger, but I was wondering whether the cached force size could also be taken into account. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi! One month after the release of the full version of Arma3, I am finally finished with a terrain editing suite that will help to create maps until new development tools will be available. Even after release (assuming it will be an updated version of Visitor), the usage of a 3D ingame editor will be crucial in creating beautiful maps fast and without frustration... What is in this package: - 895 Visitor 3 templates containing Arma 3 terrain objects - Editor Addon to make the (hidden) terrain objects placeable in 2D/3D Editor - Custom Import Objects Script for Visitor 3 which automatically corrects the floating/submerge bug of most terrain objects - World Tools templates - Roadpainting source files for Global Mapper - Ready to use example missions and a batchfile to easily access ingame 3D-Editor plus a tool which converts the 3D editor output format *.biedi to Visitor 3 importable *.csv - a manual on how to use all these tools (basic terrain editing knowledge necessary) Known Bugs/ToDoList in V1: • Placing (big) objects on slopes might look odd at certain spots – so if you feel you have to improve the script, just open it and adjust the height values that are added/subtracted. • Pier elements and big rocks import height might have to be adjusted in certain cases, because their placement doesn’t 100% match the heightlevel displayed in 3D editor afterwards ingame. It is quite hard to determine where the actual waterline is supposed to be (and what value to add) when placing these huge models (30m+ height!). My advice for now: manually re-adjust height in Visitor or try-and-error with the values inside the import scripts. • Pictures and correct measurements for all World Tools Templates • Due to the use of placeholders, buildings are not yet correctly represented on in game map Credits: Benny for his patience and scripts Bad Benson and M1ilkm8n for their initial ideas GranQ for supporting me in various occasions DOWNLOAD 3D-Editor view Ingame view
  11. ZeroG

    High resolution DEMs

    SPAIN 5m Several European states in good resolution For excluded countries or other continents than NA, one will have to use the new SRTM data if one aint rich :-)
  12. ZeroG

    High resolution DEMs

    ASTER unluckily is full of artifacts. Good news I just discovered: SRTM is publishing 30m data world wide since 23rd of September!
  13. Great job putting it all together! I wonder if anyone has some experience which of those mods are compatible with each other/useful to combine?
  14. ZeroG

    Help needed with Power-shell Script

    http://wiki.armamapmaking.info/arma3:terrainbuilder:resources:v3_to_tb_objectconverter This nice tool will allow you to import objects placed with V3/WorldTools/3DED into your new TB project
  15. Hello folks! We see with ALTIS that 32x32km are amazing and possible - yet not as a single person (in a lifetime that is :o). I love A3's RV engine and thus am keen on creating a really interesting and beautiful map the same size, preferably from a real life area based on high resolution data (10m at least). As we read, for that, you need a team of terrain artists. So: as holidays are coming and V4 might be round the corner, I am calling out for skilled and wanting terrain editing personnel who really are about to stick to the project until finished. Now, which region shall be recreated? Well, that is my second biggest problem: there is plenty of highres RL data available so that I have spent nights checking areas all over the world without falling in love immediately. That might be as I am not easy to please and also am in a kind of creative dropdown (note that I never have released a map to public yet - this is one of the reasons :mad:). I simply need inspiration (or good arguments) :o I bet there are lots of people out there who drive past an amazing scenery every day to work and would love to play on it, yet are scared off by the huge learning curve terrain editing approaches with (thats how I started digging into the topic in December 2009). I wanna give those ideas a platform, an opportunity for these dreams to become true :) So: If you are seriously interested in coworking as terrain/vegetation/building artist: PM, Skype, anything else... If you have serious wishes: post, discuss pro's and con's (preferably with acquisition information to the corresponding highres DEM, if the area is not located in the US) If there are several good ideas, we shall start a poll :) P.S.: I know that due to the lack of objects, currently only a mediterranean setting is possible. Furthermore, we cannot recreate every building 1:1 due to engine limitation and playability. Thus, it is even more important that heightmap (and satmap) alone are amazing enough so that you can disregard the type of buildings and vegetation.
  16. Create a new template library in TB. For my suite, I used the exact class names as they can be found in the directories. By doing that, you should be able to import your objects 1:1
  17. Same for me. Tried different projections and whatsoever...did not work.
  18. ZeroG

    NEW Visitor for A3!?

    Thank you BI!
  19. Well, with help of FrankLtCol I was able to discover 5m data for spain and 2m data for Italy...so atm Im very interested in that.. :)
  20. ZeroG

    Road Painter

    Problem is that road placement is totally different from Arma 2: now you simply draw paths and they get filled with texture. Major problem is the heightmap smoothing for the roads...while Cryengine is very well suited for that task. I dont think V4 will come with an automatic roadsmoothing script ?!
  21. ZeroG

    Map limits for A3?

    Yes you can do that and I recommend it for learning the map making process... Well, I guess they wanted real combat distances and no close quarters with helicopters, planes, artillery and tanks on a 4km² map...
  22. ZeroG

    NEW Visitor for A3!?

    I assume it will still be 4096, but now there should be no bug (which I have yet to encounter?!) Although big maps are nice, I fear that the sat textures might be blurry on a 51km map (if its no desert). Furthermore, an image bigger than 25000px is hard to process in PS even with 16gigs of RAM; wonder if V4 will allow the usage of other formats than png.
  23. ZeroG

    NEW Visitor for A3!?

    The lower the resoultion, the better you will be able to see small ditches and humps - which makes the terrain look even more realistic. Unluckily, its is very demanding regarding performance. As far as I have gone with the tests, 3m resolution seems to be the maximum that still can be played well...given the heightmap limit of 4096px, 144m² is the maximum island size possible with such a high resoultion, so only a bit more than 1/3 of Altis. Bottom line: if one wants to do an ultra-realistic terrain (like me as I am recreating my home county), you are limited to that map size. Although I think 5m (thus 400km²) would also give some nice trenches..one has to compare (and to acquire that data).
  24. Fellow terrain-editors, this is the ArmA 3 BETA edition of my ZGM comprehensive ArmA 2 object library. It serves as a kind of interface between Visitor 3, ARMA 3 In-Game 3D Editor and Shezan74’s World Tools. Once you have installed the library and understood the necessary conversion processes, you will be able to speed up terrain editing (actually be finally able to create proper maps for ArmA 3) and enjoy your creativity with far less frustration. So, what is in the package this time: a3 folder --> folder with Visitor 3/Buldozer dummy placeholder models ZGM Visitor Objects for ArmA 3 BETA.pdf --> instructions how to use the package ZGM_VisO_ARMA3BETA_biedi2csv.ps1 --> MS PowerShell conversion tool between 3D-editor and Visitor 3 ZGM_VisO_ARMA3BETA_EditorObjects.pbo --> ingame 2D/3D editor addon, allowing placement of mapobjects for exporting/editing purposes (probably not suited for mission placement but may work) ZGM_VisO_ARMA3BETA_Import_Objects_ABS_Height_Corr.vis --> Visitor 3 script, adding absolute height corresponding to the height values of the imported A3 models ZGM_VisO_ARMA3BETA_Import_Objects_REL_Height_Corr.vis --> Visitor 3 script, adding relative height corresponding to the height values of the imported A3 models ZGM_VisO_ARMA3BETA_VisitorTemplates.pew --> Visitor 3 object templates, featuring 294 placeable Arma 3 BETA objects ZGM_VisO_ARMA3BETA_WorldToolsTemplates.fgo --> World tools object templates featuring A3 BETA trees, bushes, rocks, powerlines, piers, fences, walls WORLD TOOLS TEMPLATES INGAME 3D-EDITOR VIEW INGAME VIEW Enjoy! GET IT