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  1. Steam Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2233829805 Armaholic: TBD Hello all and welcome to the second installment of my Adaptive music mod packs. This time the Theme is Battlefield Hardline and it has more than you think. This mod is designed to be an adaptive experience giving the right music at the right time (as much as ARMA programming goes). You will be able to start out with some low key tracks and then some hyped-up songs when in combat and revert back. This mod has been originally created as a map script by Niklas Brettschneider and has been sitting on my hard drive for years. I have made this mod completely independent of any map scripting and will work on any singleplayer or multiplayer scenario. THIS IS COMPLETELY CLIENT SIDE AND NOT SERVER SIDE PROCESSED. For the people who are familiar with the music description HUD from the first installment, I have it turned off so the debug box error is gone. This mod will give you the following moods: - Day and night time playsets. - Fog playset when player enters fog levels over 30%. - Rain playset when player encounter rain levels over 50% - Enter any vehicle and get a non-combat playset for driving. - Ground boats, and submarines (I have a limited amount of songs to work with) - Helicopters (parachutes are following this playset as that's what their vehicle type is.) - Planes (There might be gun shot detection problems with these causing combat to not trigger.) - Skydiving playset. (Activates when you fall from 100 meters above any surface) - Combat playsets for on foot and in vehicles. (So get away songs are a thing if someone is firing at you :O) You want to try this on an appropriate mission or game mode?: My one friend has been working endlessly to bring the world of GTA into ARMA with his vast knowledge of ambient AI scripting. I had originally created this pack to go along his release but was not the case. His Mafia Team Work Series is one of the best Singleplayer / Multiplayer experiences on the Workshop that are not reliant on any form of mods. This mod is more of a client-side enhancement for yourself. Check out his work here on his two releases! Check out the Free roam variant as it is his latest masterpiece! Mafia Team Work : Katalaki Bay: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=905143979 Mafia Team Work Freemode: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2135205701 Notes: - I had to downsample the audio for 1 to reduce the overall file size. 2, hopes to not have any issues from people on the kind of music used and where it came from. All audio is not created by me and is respectfully owned by EA and the composers. I respectfully ask to not resell any of the audio included in this mod. - This mod does not have a server key and will not receive one, for the time being, this mod is still undergoing changes on my end and it makes it easier to update if it isn't signed yet. This mod will work online as long as the servers you connect to are allowing random mods to be used. - Using this mod for your unit is fully accepted and approved. Want to follow my progress? To follow my progress of the mod and what I plan to do, follow my main version of this mod. I do have a blank mod download for you to create your own adaptive music pack which can be found on the mod pages below! Adaptive Music (Standalone Mod): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2105618121 Adaptive Music No HUD (Standalone Mod): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2105629270 Hello all, if you are interested in joining on the Adaptive Music mod hub discord. I have just created it If you want to get some insite on future plans, get mod pack help, or contribute to the mod's quality of life. You are welcome in! https://discord.gg/xaEaB7Q Thanks to the people for encouraging support with this project! Please report any bugs to the bugs discussion page on the workshop!
  2. Hello all, Welcome to an adaptive music mod for ARMA 3 that I have revived and can no longer find on ARMAHolic or BI Forums. Some of you might have seen the Mood Jukebox mod that I have posted a while back. That mod might be getting another update if corrections can be made. This mod is designed to be an adaptive experience giving the right music at the right time (as much as ARMA programming goes). You will be able to start out with some low key tracks and then some hyped-up songs when in combat and revert back. Maybe some spooky feelings when the fog sets in. This mod has been originally created as a map script by Niklas Brettschneider and has been sitting on my hard drive for years. I have made this mod completely independent of any map scripting and will work on any singleplayer or multiplayer scenario. This mod will give you the following moods: - Day and night time playsets. - Fog playset when player enters fog levels over 30% - Skydiving playset when above 100 meters over a surface. - Enter any vehicle and get a non-combat playset for driving. - Combat playsets for on foot and in vehicles. (So getaway songs are a thing if someone is firing at you :O) If you have the debug mode on in the mod, you will get the following error on the mission load. The only error is a no debug box error on mission start when the debug parameter is set on. There is still a debug box though which will tell you what mode and song is playing. Subscribe to this mod on Steam For the version with a hud: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2105618121 For the version with no hud: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2105629270 You can tear apart this mod and create custom music packs. If you want a blank slate, here is a copy that you can download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tGb2CJDStTKgAbyEUrrXY_2gMFqJ47GM/view?usp=sharing Blank slate mod upload date: 5-31-2020 Please keep in mind, if you do repost this. Make sure you follow Workshop guidelines and credit my workshop page and original creator of the script. The current music in the mod is the OST tracks from Modern Combat 3 a mobile game developed by Gameloft back in the day. The music has not been picked up on youtube as copyrighted material and is clean to use. Possible upgrades I might do for this mod: - Add a rain playset array. - Add possible naval and flight music set array. - Remove dependency on CBA if I find a viable method. - Possibly add a playset when you enter a town or an area with more than 4 buildings. Required Addons: CBA 3: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18767 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=450814997 Preview Video Video on how to replace music. The guide document shown is included in the mod. Update - 5-23-2020 - Fixed the song change when exiting Vehicle. Songs will immediately change to the correct category.
  3. Welcome to the Adaptive music mod known as Mood Jukebox. This mod will allow music to play on the start of a mission and will adapt to the scenario you are in. This Adaptive music mod is based on a stress level system which is managed by how many gunshots/bullets are going in the vicinity. From my testing, it seems to decrease the stress either by eliminating all enemies in the surrounding block or getting a long distance away from the enemy. I find it nice for the combat music to still be playing when trying to finish clearing buildings to build tension if the last guy is still around. No map modules or scripts needed to start which makes this script a ton of fun to use when doing some of the workshop based scenario that needs some "UMF" to it to kick start the action. This mod is multiplayer compatible as long as CBA 3 is permitted and allowed (life servers may be difficult to use on, if they require CBA 3 then it may be an exception). (Demonstration Video here) I have posted these mods on Steam for now. I don't know about ArmaHolic right now but I can leave a Google Drive link for the time being. Google Drive Link (Contains both): https://drive.google.com/file/d/14-ADjm04lzwZFVi3_NVH_ndOP-iVyPY9/view?usp=sharing Steam With Debug Window HUD link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1777807089 Steam No Debug window HUD link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1777898611 The current selection of songs is completely safe to use on streams and "should" not be recognized when played. (proof of songs not detected in a video I did a while back: https://youtu.be/JIXmkoB9A8g). !!NOTE!!: I have no problem with people changing the music in the mod to update/change your assortment of songs so have at it :). I will provide a tutorial video on how to change the songs on the picture section and it will require "WORK". Also, a Readme file placed in the mod will have the same set of instructions and a template of the format. Current Bugs: - A black window showing an error on line 15 of the script called main.sqf (everything is working correctly, just wait 20 seconds and it will disappear) - This mod is compatible to use on servers without any prereqs but it will not restart the script after respawn or being revived. - I have noticed at times, probably if the audio sources max out, the music may not play ... I cannot conclude if that is the problem since the Config and file audio files are there in the correct place. !!!!!!!! CALLING ALL MODDERS!!!!!!!! I am asking for help from any modder's and helpers to help with this mod! I am still trying to figure out this issue with the mod not being able to restart the music after a respawn or after going down. Any assistance is appreciated. As well as helping with creating a server key. My knowledge of Arma 3 modding is limited but I do hope that there are people that are willing to help make this mod succeed. PLEASE LEAVE ANY INTEREST IN HELPING IN THE CALLING ALL MODDERS FORUM PAGE ON THIS WORKSHOP PAGE OR ON THIS FORUM POST. thanks. This is the Real author (Scifer) description of the script/mod addon. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This script automatically sums an unlimited number of music packs, dynamically selects the most appropriate mood according to player's stress level, engagement and weather and randomly plays its track. This is a very powerful script/addon which can dynamically turn the silent Arma3 into a completely musical game. Features: Playlist building: Every music packs entered in arguments list are automatically summed and its tracks are assigned to its respective mood playlists. Shoot detection: The player is influenced by two event handlers. When the player is "hit" his stress is set to 100%, and when he's "firedNear" his stress increases by 10. Units Detection: When you spot enemies, their threat is proportional to how much you know about them. Then the stress level increases towards "tension" mood according to the sum of their threat level. Defining mood by stress level: There are four moods: - "truce" for stress levels under 50% in clear day - "darkness" for stress levels under 50% in heavy weather or night - "tension" for stress level above 50% - "sadness" for death scene. Selecting random track: Random track are dynamically selected according to mood players mood. Playing music: Music will be played whenever the mood changes or the track ends. Display: You can customize which MoodJukebox data and music data are displayed. Dynamic fading: Music volume dynamically drops as stress level approaches a change of mood. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please, If you decide to make a separate mod upload. BE SURE TO LINK THE MOD BACK TO HERE IN THE MOD DESCRIPTION PLEASE AND GIVE CREDIT TO WHERE IT IS NEEDED! Help Make this mod succeed! please like and share! Please comment on any ideas or feedback. I will do the best I can to reply to questions. Anything related to interest in helping, please go to the Calling All Modders link and ask to see what can be done. Thanks, and enjoy 🙂 Cheif22
  4. cheif22

    KLPQ Music Radio

    I like this mod alot, but can't seem to get it to work on servers, is this mod only working if the server has the mod on it for it to run? cause i can only get it to work in SP and not a random server I find.
  5. Hey, their scifer. I don't know if you still check this page but I had fixed your Arma 3 port and made it a standalone mod. this isn't a prank or joke since this probably wasn't updated from alpha. It works flawlessly to my knowledge. I don't know much on putting server keys to it but is it alright to post this working version to the workshop for you? If you want to check this for yourself. I will do a video of it soon.
  6. cheif22

    CZ75 Ambient Music

    a idea would be to adapt this mod to react to certain situations like for example. if in a combat it changes to hardcore songs then to calm when walking, tense like sounds when an enemy is within a certain range or squad goes from normal to aware. just some ideas to put out there that can bring this mod a bit further
  7. i dont hear anything at all, idk if it is from an update in the game that broke it
  8. cheif22

    [Help] Replacement Mods?

    I haven't had much time to do anything but haven't managed to do the right result right. the config I made screwed up. won't start the game, no promises but I may not be able to figure this one out. Very limited time on my hands nowadays.
  9. cheif22

    [Help] Replacement Mods?

    try and see if something like that can be done as well.
  10. cheif22

    [Help] Replacement Mods?

    I do, I think Ace does that for replacing names, I have no idea if it will completely eliminate the vinnila weapon anyway but I do see what you mean. if you want to try and just do a retexture directly in arma's files that may be a little too excessive and intrusive and get wiped every update but ill see if there is something I can do . I'll let you know if i get something, It's new to me as well so it will take time, game accessories take time No lie.
  11. cheif22

    [Help] Replacement Mods?

    um well, I'm not sure then. it is there some place, play around with it. what is the end goal in perspective? You say you want to replace a texture for a certain weapon "trg21" but in the same instance only see your weapon change and not the vinnila. Correct? trying to pinpoint end goal.
  12. cheif22

    [Help] Replacement Mods?

    That class name may be wrong. again i may be wrong. if you use arma 3 tools, mount p dirive and do a complete export, you will be able to find the config file for the data on the textures end. the inside the class stuff looks right, but class name maybe wrong. use some pbo extractors and config conveters on some BI configs to see what it may be.
  13. cheif22

    [Help] Replacement Mods?

    the line "\mx\shot\filename (the path from pbo which acts as a folder) to the file. those are usually the values you would need to change.
  14. cheif22

    [Help] Replacement Mods?

    Does anyone know how to properly export a sound file/ what software? I'm using the mikros tools if i said that right for wss. I do exports from audacity and get a no sound or broken sound. anyway, I think you may be able to try my mx template if you feel you need to make a config test. ,make a config.cpp doc and paste it in the addon pbo. I'm fairly certain this works but it's all in path placement and audio format. collaboration is key in the editing field correct? Hope someone could help answer or get use from this.. class CfgPatches { class mx { units[]={}; weapons[]={}; requiredVersion=0.1; requiredAddons[]= { "A3_Data_F", "A3_Sounds_F", "A3_Weapons_F" }; version="1"; author="cheif22"; }; }; class CfgSoundShaders { class MX_Closure_SoundShader { samples[]= { { "\mx\shot\closure1", 1 }, { "\mx\shot\closure2", 1 } }; volume=0.17782794; range=5; }; class MX_closeShot_SoundShader { samples[]= { { "\mx\shot\closeshot1", 1 }, { "\mx\shot\closeshot2", 1 }, { "\mx\shot\closeshot3", 1 } }; volume=1; range=50; rangeCurve="closeShotCurve"; }; class MX_midShot_SoundShader { samples[]= { { "\mx\shot\midshot1", 1 }, { "\mx\shot\midshot2", 1 }, { "\mx\shot\midshot3", 1 } }; volume=0.79432821; range=1800; rangeCurve[]= { {0,0.2}, {50,1}, {300,0}, {1800,0} }; }; class MX_distShot_SoundShader { samples[]= { { "\mx\shot\distshot1", 1 }, { "\mx\shot\distshot3", 1 }, { "\mx\shot\distshot3", 1 } }; volume=1; range=1800; rangeCurve[]= { {0,0}, {50,0}, {300,1}, {1800,1} }; }; }; hope this helps
  15. can i ask how to even export a file correctly, i convert a file to a 16bit pcm wav file and then to wss but it always ends up either breaking/ or not sounding off. Any suggestions since everything i try isn't working at all.