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  1. The T-14 can be crewed or destroyed with satchel charges. And it certainly gets destroyed by NPCs/IEDs when player occupied. We are taking the glass half full approach until we finish this particular mission and enjoying the extra challenge of using the explosives. Kinda reminds me of the old Evolution days of having to destroy the radio tower to prevent reinforcements.
  2. I am getting this message also so not just your config. Edit: I am using 963a for the Lythium map.
  3. y_t

    co10 Escape

    Hey All, My group has been playing Escape on and off for a long time. We've been using 1.8 recently and find that it's nearly impossible to complete. It feels like the AI is just incredibly aggressive compared to 1.75 (not sure if it's version related, just a reference point). I've tried with and without ASR, Pooter's Enhanced ASR, and adjusting the values in those AI mods. Also, it feels like some of the mission parameters are not really making a difference. I can tell easily enough if the time or weather is honored, and it is, but for example the enemy helicopter always feels too aggressive. Like I said I can't quantify the parameters part but just in case this is a known issue thought I'd ask. BTW this is running on a dedicated server.
  4. When I attempt to join the mission on my dedicated server I get the following errors and cannot get past the lobby. Help appreciated. 14:56:50 Warning Message: Picture \a3\ui_f_data\igui\cfg\simpletasks\types\destroy_ca.paa not found 14:56:50 Warning Message: Picture \a3\ui_f_data\igui\cfg\simpletasks\types\kill_ca.paa not found 14:56:50 Warning Message: Picture \a3\ui_f_data\igui\cfg\simpletasks\types\rifle_ca.paa not found 14:56:50 Warning Message: Picture \a3\ui_f_data\igui\cfg\simpletasks\types\target_ca.paa not found Edit: Figured out that ASR AI was missing a config file. causing the mission to fail to load.
  5. y_t

    co10 Escape

    We've seen the maps will disappear if someone does a JIP. Sometime desynch requires a player to drop and JIP. If maps are moved off a person and into a storage container (any vehicle will work) then they do not get lost. No real testing of this, just an observation.
  6. You are a scholar and a gentleman. Thanks for this excellent tip. I had no idea they added the third option and we have been "dealing with" the fade out. Casual players like the crutches you know. =) Edit: This was supposed to be a direct reply to AstroRetro regarding the server.Arma3Profile tip.
  7. Vlad, I PM'd you back when this was originally posted. Would be super interested in getting my hands on some alternate islands for Liberation. Also would be interested in getting RHS versions already complete. Thanks!
  8. y_t

    ASR AI 3

    Swapping ASR and CBA order did the trick. Did not have this issue before .2 however. Thanks for the idea. Can't believe I forgot to try it.
  9. y_t

    ASR AI 3

    After updating to 9.2 my dedicated server will not completely start up. It appears to finish without error but clients will not connect to it. RPT doesn't show errors (that I can tell) but the last line never shows up when things are working properly (last line being "Connected to Steam servers"). Also I can tell something is not quite right because the console version and port do not show in the Dedi server title bar (Windows obviously). Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  10. y_t


    Having a great time with the mission. Is there an actual goal or way to succeed? We got a helo and flew around for a half hour but couldn't figure out what to do.
  11. y_t

    [COOP] All Out Warfare

    I am having an issue with the teleport function. If I create an MHQ I can use it without issue but no one else can teleport to it or from it (back to base). The others are able to Deploy or Repackage but that's it. I have confirmed we have the same CBA version (most current). Similar mods but I have more than the rest. Also tried to determine if the team membership was required but no luck. This is happening on both Stratis and Altis. Using newest version (8-9) but also happened in older versions. Lastly, mission is running on a dedicated server hosted locally. Thanks in advance. P.S. love the mission!
  12. y_t

    MT Insurgency

    Wrong thread. Can't figure out how to delete.
  13. After following the directions in the Port Forwarding section of the Wiki I was getting really frustrated that I could not find my own server, at all, in the in-game browser. As it turns out I was the only one who couldn't see it. All my other players had no problem finding it (using the same old filter). I had to switch over to LAN (since I am in the same subnet as the server) to find it. Played all night without issue.
  14. After today's 1.22 update I cannot see my server in the browser. In fact even using REMOTE address input I can't see it. Server is running with same port as always (2302). I do see server using LAN option. So do we or do we not need a Steam master server address in TADST? Thanks.
  15. My crew is quite anxious for this mission. Looking forward to release!