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  1. Hi guys! Big change: chapter 2 intregate in this addon. All-in-One. Play mission 1 at mission 20 :D Chapter 3 work in progress...
  2. - ENGLISH TRANSLATION ADDED !!! Special big thanks at: Grimtidings and Pak Benou :P :P :P
  3. 10 missions. 100 lines per mission. I know it's long and hard work.
  4. Chapter 2: Release Steam Workshop (Chapter 2): http://steamcommunit...s/?id=700249060 Only french
  5. Translator need to translate all frenchs texts. All translators who aborted the project never send a first work or something. I have nothing english translation for chapter 2 :( :(
  6. So, I'm damned... My new translation doesn't give any news about his work (french -> english) :angry: :angry: I decide to release the chapter 2 only french for a first time. If a serious guy want to help me for translate on english, he's welcome. :wub: I'm so sorry for this delay. 3... 3 translators abandon the project without prevent (I love the french community, seriously, I'm so angry)
  7. {deleteMarker _x} forEach allMapMarkers; ;)
  8. FR-Helios

    Error "'author/' is not a value"

    @Mynock, maybe you post this problem in this section: https://forums.bistudio.com/forum/153-arma-3-troubleshooting/
  9. FR-Helios

    Error "'author/' is not a value"

    Same problem, hope to will fix.
  10. Hi players, Chapter 2 will be release around 28 may 2016 :) ***currently on translation french -> english*** I'm so sorry for this delay, with my old translator who abort the project...
  11. Informations for my Steam's friends, chapter 2 is release on beta on steam workshop (for only friends) *** Warning, it's beta version, only french available*** english translation work in progress... Please, give me your feedback.
  12. Chapter 2 coming soon :D TRAILER - Chapter 2:
  13. Hi players!!! 2nd chapter is ready :) but my translator (french -> english) don't give any news. I can't wait, so if a player motivate want to translate my 2nd chapter (10 missions), you are welcome. Send in this post or a MP.