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  1. keeway

    Project OPFOR

    @bolo861 I cant confirm this issue on my machine @JD Wang We are trying to do our best with everything but also we can simply miss something, feel free to report anything we can change. Also after the next update there will be much greater chance for Middle Eastern factions to spawn without shemags. Here's new code headgearList[]= { "LOP_H_Pakol", 0.8, "LOP_H_Turban", 0.8, "LOP_H_Turban_mask", 0.6, //SHEMAGI "LOP_H_Shemag_BLU", 0.4, "LOP_H_Shemag_GRE", 0.4, "LOP_H_Shemag_OLV", 0.4, "LOP_H_Shemag_RED1", 0.4, "LOP_H_Shemag_RED2", 0.4, "LOP_H_Shemag_TAN", 0.4, "", 0.8 }; @ranger_24 Random uniform script is intentional and we will keep it that way. Also you can workaround it just by placing vanila AI and change its uniform and stuff to match our faction and your setting. @topden Thanks for that report, we will fix it for next version. @SnakeDocc Rds compatibility pbo adds vehicles from that mod to project opfor civilian factions. @Moon_chilD It this problem occurs in every faction? Or only in the few? Haven't seen something like this and need more info. @LordLoko Nah, we wont add another dependencies in addition to RHS mods. @Ulmann For now it is not possible. @Greensnack From what I know and read 6B27 Helmet was put into production in 2006 for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, it is not popular enough to have it in 12 different camouflages even in game like arma. For us it was only a placeholder, but since we are going to add GREF dependency and we will unlock the possibility of using other models we'll go for PASGT helmet which is more popular, accurate and is really used by most of these factions. Also you don't have to worry we will keep backward compatibility and old helmets will be automatically replaced with new ones. @ferpo_the_great We'll see what the GREF update will bring for us, for now I can't comment on the matter. And for to update our progress with the Project OPFOR I can tell we still need few textures to be finished and documentation on new factions before we can release it. Also we will surely wait for RHS to update.
  2. keeway

    Paddle Mod - RELEASED!

    Would love to see it included in ACE3 :P
  3. @Madshepherd Screenshot links are broken.
  4. Good luck with your project guys. I hope we will share some documentation about common factions in future
  5. keeway

    GSTAVO's Weapons

    I bet some would even ask for version which do not need arma 3 to work, just ignore them please.
  6. keeway

    Project OPFOR

    New Project OPFOR update in a nutshell: First post updated, feel free to check changelog! Also here are our base plan for the next release Any kind of help is welcomed.
  7. keeway

    Project OPFOR

    @golas u sure its Project OPFOR fault? My group also uses new RHS and Project OPFOR and we dont have such problems. As you know we are still thinking about adding Gref as dependency, I would like to know what you guys think about this case. Answer me here - http://www.strawpoll.me/14265001/r (will check the pool on friday)
  8. Superb job! Looking forward to the release date !
  9. And here comes SJW, love you guys. I would not blame "real life issues", but rather choosing priorities by icebreakr. The author prefers to add an extra island to the entire map than to fix/change one building, and that is just sad.
  10. @topden I also reported this problem almost year ago, but it seems he (icebreakr) sadly do not care about it. My community refused to use this map because of that :P
  11. keeway

    Project OPFOR

    Heads up, we are back with modding. Let me share some news with you guys. Here comes new car ported from Arma 2. In future we also plan to deliver you legendary Hillux too. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=971453906 b4 release of rc version we are struggling with some errors for example floating wheels. Also we made some fixes and here comes quick list of it, if you have more problems with our mod please report shortly. - Added Aks-74/aks-74u for some more factions - Fixed Priority on factions - Fixed ISIS Uniforms (OPFOR is no longer naked) - Fixed Boko Haram sides - Fixed static.sqf editor script error (thanks to Spyderblack723) - Fixed stringable error - Fixed CfgMoves error (one left) - Fixed Lee Enfield is back in VA
  12. keeway

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Learn2play bro, everything is working properly. Also devs please keep your FCS's in the mod, they are epic.
  13. keeway

    RSO Creations

    Would love to join your discord channel, but invite expired long time ago. Anyway looking forward to hear more from you :)
  14. keeway

    Project OPFOR

    Im pretty sure its connected with HLC AK configs.
  15. keeway

    Project OPFOR

    Due to Afghanistan history (even pre-Zahir Shah era and later during his prime) and it's geografiphal position between Russian Empire, later USSR and British India this country got a lot of weapon's donations from both of these super-powers. Not only by also they were supported by Germany and Turkey during World War I and later during the World War II by Third Reich. During Cold War they were taking supports from USSR till the end of the Soviet Intervention and from USA in Operation Cyclone, so yes there's epic variety of weapons in A-stan and you can find nearly everything from Enfields, Mosin's, Kar98's, PPSh-41 to M1 Garand and a lot of more. So nope we will not replace Enfield with one of these and we will try to implement bolt-action system to our weapon. TLDR; We wont replace Enfield with Mosin/Kar98 coz we want to keep the variety