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  1. wynarator

    64 bit server

  2. Can anyone help me out with setting up the BABEL module? I'm trying to have different langauges for different sides and also with translators possible. Here's my init.sqf: acre_sys_core_postmixGlobalVolume = 1; acre_sys_core_premixGlobalVolume = 1; acre_sys_core_spectatorVolume = 1; acre_sys_core_unmuteClients = true; acre_sys_core_ts3ChannelSwitch = false; acre_sys_core_ts3ChannelName = ""; acre_sys_core_interference = false; acre_sys_core_fullDuplex = false; acre_sys_core_ignoreAntennaDirection = true; acre_sys_core_terrainLoss = 0; acre_sys_core_revealToAI = true; f_available_languages = [ ["pl", "Polski"], ["pt", "Paszto"] ]; { _x call acre_api_fnc_babelAddLanguageType; } forEach f_available_languages; [] spawn { if (!hasInterface) exitWith {}; if (player != player) then {waitUntil {player == player};}; if (!alive player) then {waitUntil {alive player};}; _languagesPlayerSpeaks = player getVariable ["f_languages", []]; diag_log format ["The Variable f_languages is set to: %1", _languagesPlayerSpeaks]; switch (playerside) do { case west: { if (_languagesPlayerSpeaks isEqualTo []) then {_languagesPlayerSpeaks = ["pl"];}; }; case east: { if (_languagesPlayerSpeaks isEqualTo []) then {_languagesPlayerSpeaks = ["pt"];}; }; case independent: { if (_languagesPlayerSpeaks isEqualTo []) then {_languagesPlayerSpeaks = ["pt"];}; }; case civilian: { if (_languagesPlayerSpeaks isEqualTo []) then {_languagesPlayerSpeaks = ["pt"];}; }; }; _languagesPlayerSpeaks call acre_api_fnc_babelSetSpokenLanguages; }; Only PL language is added, doesn't matter if I spawn as a civ or blufor or indfor, it's not possible to cycle langauges for the translator too. His init field is like this: this setVariable ["f_languages", ["pt", "pl"]]; And he speaks only PL with no option to cyclelanguages. Is there any tutorial or a sample mission? Also I want it to be JIP compatible, hence scripting used (borrowed from some cool dude on reddit). I've read ACRE documentation and following steps didn't help me.
  3. wynarator

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Found a bug when using magnifying optics WHILE supporting weapon on the ground, probably has something to do with viewpoint of weapons: Any idea how to fix this?
  4. I really like this idea - since original splinter cell I felt like EVERY tactical game should have this option! The one thing that'd be really usefull is some kind of small indicator that will be using names, like sneak, walk, jogging, running, sprinting - simple bar wouldn't be enough. Why? Same mistake in ACRE with using voice volume - they are not nammed so instead of saying "guys, switch medium whisper" I'm like "guys, switch to medium whisper. what? you don't know what that is? Well, when the whisper bar is kinda orange but not quite. Y'know, two scrolls up from lowest level". It's superclucky, so using names would help coordination. Also, while you're tinkering with movement speed I'm begging you to switch movement speeds - while walking slowly it's different for forward, different for backward, different for sidestepping and different for diagonall walking. WTF, try holding diamond formation with that stupid speed differences, you need to catch up every few seconds if you're sidestepping while covering flank :/
  5. We're still running x86 because we love OCAP so much, if any group made a fix for it I would really appreciate sharing :)
  6. wynarator

    Enhanced Movement

    I asked because good sir Benson was here replaying to a bunch of other people here while leaving my questions unanswered - sure, it's his choice to answer or ignore, but then it kinda makes it fair to ask again, at least until I get any kind of reply ;)
  7. wynarator

    Enhanced Movement

    So what about those closed windows? Also will the mod be fixed and stop breaking acex sitting? AFAIK it's a known issue.
  8. wynarator

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    I wasn't trying to ask for a release date, I hate it too when people ask ;) I just wanted to know if this hasn't been abandoned by devs, so it's good news to hear that they are still working on this mod. Thanks!
  9. wynarator

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    @Mansnooper thank you for your answer, that saved me some testing time! Is the update really going to happen anytime soon? I think mod hasn't been updated since 2015.
  10. wynarator

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Hey guys, quick question here: is this only me, or there is no actual impact/explosion sounds in multiplayer for AC130 weapons? I was testing it with my buddy and he was infantry while I was flying AC130 (using autopilot) and firing around him - he saw all the explosions, but he had absolutely zero sound. Also let me express, that how AC130 was executed along with the autopilot feature is a pure masterpiece.
  11. wynarator

    Enhanced Movement

    How to prevent players from jumping through closed windows? :(
  12. wynarator

    Enhanced Movement

    Thank you for your update! Would you mind giving me your thoughts about an idea I've posted earlier? I'm really looking forward to see if community and mod creator are interested in such a feature.
  13. Is this only me that have an error every time I launch the cTab first time in a given game? I'm running bunch of other mods (RHS, ACE and some other minors that shouldn't interfere with cTab), also this looks like poiting to cTab itself.
  14. wynarator


    Hello, this mod is a great example how something simple can be brilliant - you made HAHO/HALO scenarios playable without a hassle for my clan, so you can add 30 more people that you helped to the list of happy customers. Keep up the good work.