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  1. shadowhunter123

    Project Livonia

  2. shadowhunter123

    Project Livonia

  3. shadowhunter123

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I'm looking for a mod I used to have that came with like 4 colored Gorka suits and a Russian Covered Helmet that had like "Shotgun Shell" loops in the helmet. Does anyone know of it? I remember the colors were two different types of greens, there was a tan variant, etc.
  4. shadowhunter123

    Project Livonia

    Good news, the Pandur II should be fixed now as well as newly added textures to the Mohawk and Leopard.
  5. Ah okay, thank you. I can't wait to see what you guys cook up. Loving the pictures, so far.
  6. shadowhunter123

    Project Livonia

    Ran into a config problem. My guy whose great at this is asleep. Can anyone be willing to help me?
  7. Is there a new discord link? Mine seems to not work.
  8. This is probably the only mod i'm extremely looking forward too. I CANNOT WAIT! 😄
  9. shadowhunter123

    LDF Desert Retexture

    Looks great, those textures are on point. Well done! :D
  10. shadowhunter123

    Project Livonia

    That is very true. I try to add as many vehicles as I can and leave it up to the players choice. This way nobody is upset, and those who don't believe those vehicles belong, have a choice of not spawning them :3
  11. shadowhunter123

    Project Livonia

    Definitely the next goal.
  12. shadowhunter123

    Project Livonia

    So good news guys, i'm gonna try and put out more vehicles. I know you all been waiting for me to release a tank and BIS just released their samples. So I feel it would be a great time to wake this project up and get here going again. There is one unfortunately event though, I sorta have to keep everything at a pause until I can find a proper texture artist who has some skill at making dirt textures and things like that. If we can find this person, we can churn out some really good mods and we can definitely give you guys the updates you all deserve. With that, we can also get more planned content out. Heres what I sorta have planned: 1. Find a Texture Artist 2. Add a few more vehicles. (Also taking requests so as long as its Vanilla assets.) 3. Re-texturing all previous designs to proper quality. 4. Pushing out a ALL-IN-ONE pack. (Definitely planned) Coming Soon
  13. shadowhunter123

    Project Livonia

    New Release for all of you that anticpated armored vehicles! Stay tuned for more! As always, you're request are welcome:
  14. shadowhunter123

    Project Livonia

    Oh sorry brother if I came off that way, I love the suggestions, I might make some changes based on a few you gave. Thank you! 😄 and AGREEEEEE haha, I can't wait till they release them camos :3