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  1. KlutchDecal

    Arma3 Videos

    This is my first legitimate video that I've put together, took about 5 hours worth of of recording, trimming, and rendering. The other videos I made don't count, they're just memes. ***Click the gear on the bottom right and set it to 1080p to fix the blurriness in the first 10 seconds of the video
  2. KlutchDecal

    No Firing Zone

    I toyed around with that for a bit and managed to work it out. Thanks m8!
  3. KlutchDecal

    No Firing Zone

    How would I go about setting a length and width instead of a radius that way I can make the area a rectangular shape? I'm trying to use this for an airfield and I don't want it to extend outward too much.
  4. KlutchDecal

    Latest and Greatest AI Mod?

    You, my friend, are 100% wrong. Research and experience is a beautiful thing. If someone's asking a question on a forum it's best not to give information you haven't researched, tested, or know much about. This is false information. Have you ever seen VCOM AI? And like, every other AI mod? They actually change the artificial intelligence, not just what you described. It IS, in fact, possible to do. You CAN make mods that change the base game. In fact, the very definition of a mod is something that adds to, changes, or removes from the base game. It might not be in your league but it sure as hell is in other people's. Also, your definition of AI is apparently very inaccurate so you may want to look up what it actually is. I admit this comes off a little negative and strong, but I'm brutally honest. All the time.
  5. KlutchDecal

    Feedback Thread

    perfect :D
  6. KlutchDecal

    Feedback Thread

    That's incredible! You should make some with the logos of the two mercenary teams in the game, and put the shirt's texture on top of the logo, and it would be perfect
  7. KlutchDecal

    Feedback Thread

    Really cool!
  8. KlutchDecal

    Feedback Thread

    That looks really good! Make the "Project Argo" text the same shade as the satellite & border, as well as make a string of thread around the edges of everything and you've got a good looking patch. Personally I like Photoshop 2017 better than GIMP but GIMP is the best you can get that doesn't cost an insane amount of money lol
  9. Feel free to download & use :) http://imgur.com/a/Jmifs
  10. KlutchDecal

    Feedback Thread

    No problem, thank you very much :)
  11. KlutchDecal

    Feedback Thread

    Thanks! :D
  12. KlutchDecal

    Feedback Thread

  13. KlutchDecal

    What is your favourite game mode?

    I like raid because it puts you on an offensive or defensive position depending on what team your on, and you know where you're attacking / being attacked from.
  14. KlutchDecal

    Feedback Thread

    You're forgetting this is a test for Bohemia Incubator. This isn't supposed to be a 100% full game. It's a 'prototype', AKA the devtest before Alpha. That's why it's standalone.