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  1. suiside

    Jets - HUD improvements

    @strike nor i really like what you say, but then i would love to have that applied to all vehicles. i think you can ride in an IFV or 4WD in any capacity or uniform, but i think it would be nice to prior getting in the vehicle to store the stuff in the vehicle inventory and upon exiting retrieving it from the vehicle inventory, not from commander, driver or gunner seat. on the ejection seat, i think the resque/survival kit could add immersion, as a little bag or something that you actually have to perform as an action to make use of or open. edit *sorry for off topic reaction*
  2. suiside

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    i noticed that you can take off the freedom with the griphon (it can land on it too :P ) and for people who want to know, the black wasp can land perfectly on the freedom without arresting hook and leave space to roll to the next catapult launch this brings me to how i found out, is there a keybind (option) for the arrestor hook ? in the picture below you see the grey identifier of the carrier, i don't know if it should be there but to me it is kinda pointless but maybe i am wrong... in the picture below the last light of the landing strip of the carrier is out of line with the other centerline lights and i don't know if that yellow one next to it should be there ... i forgot to take a screenshot but in the mfd of the griphon you have height and speed indicators next to the artificial horizon but the right side has (height ?) a bigger (too big) font while the right side might be a little bigger
  3. suiside

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    artifect or strange shadow on wing already mentioned AI kill with 9mm during dog fight
  4. suiside

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    first of all, thanks for the great models :D i have noticed (i must be the only one because who would ever get shot by the ai ) when in a dog fight and getting gunned down by AI CSAT pilot in a shikra he shot me with a rook 40 .... (death screen)
  5. suiside

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    @broduz a jet fighter at an airshow is there for entertainment, an apache attack helicopter above a forest can look for lost children, a cow gives milk and meat, anything can be dual purpose. @Mitrail yes and you have the quake map
  6. suiside

    JETS DLC Wishlist

    as i read it it was this or that as in features, now if we give money and thus time to work with would it then be possible to realize, it does not have to have a timeframe tied to jets or any other DLC already planned. i just wonder if this is an option for bi if we pitch in
  7. suiside

    JETS DLC Wishlist

    i expected the DLC's to be more expensive, (used to Xplane dlc's ....) so i am willing to pay more for AFM if need be.
  8. suiside

    Arming the ceasar

    i think it is in the arma 3 samples
  9. suiside

    Arming the ceasar

    it would be nice to have it as a coin plane with 3 pylons so to have a targeting pod and 2 small missles or guns or flare dispensor to illuminate infantry, maybe jamming pod etc.
  10. suiside

    JETS DLC Wishlist

    could we just paypal bomb the dev team to persuade them to do (women and) AFM ? or a community fundraiser ? a "go fund bi" for AFM if we show how much we want it monetairily maybe we get them focused for an extra DLC ? we know they want it too, but had to make choices, those are always financial and practical, so we can pitch in and help remove the financial initial stage ?
  11. suiside

    JETS DLC Wishlist

    considering dlc planes of regular flightsims, this jets DLC is dirt cheap ! might be less advanced as Xplane or DCS but still dirt cheap since it is a wishlist and i pre ordered, can we have female pilots ? (people hype about a carrier but i'd like some female pilots, i know you have the model with bikini and flipflops...)
  12. suiside

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    orange could be like ION, but focused on humanitarian issues, like SAR not faction bound but civil and treating every faction equally (hand shake) red cross like but a bit more commercialized privatized and self sufficient ? or like coast guard inc. internationalized not national nor combatative an alternative to blue helmets UN ? @dragon01 altis was hit with several earthquakes (via the device) ... sounds like humanitarian crisis to me. ruptered pipelines, building colapse etc. remember all the lugage on the streets and abandoned houses, women and children already evacuated .... (sorry could not help that) edit : and it could play out on malden if the device were shipped there... (with eden editor you can place that thing everywhere)
  13. suiside

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    probably malden so it gets some introduction (where needed)
  14. suiside

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    okay it is a bold request, but here goes, (starts excessive drinking session...) this week Frisian Flag starts , it is a Jet Fighter excercise for militairy aircraft in the netherlands it is held at Leeuwarden AFB and played out above the North sea and Waddenzee with jets DLC coming up i'd like to ask for the training area minus the land mass but with the islands this would be the map instead of Leeuwarden AFB, Texel airport and Ameland airstrip could be made and LHD and nimitz could be placed via cup or nimitz mod to players delight. total area is give or take a mile, 80nm x 100nm a huge map and probably too big, maybe 40 km by 50 km is possible ? i probably ask too much