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  1. J. McMerry

    My Summer projects

    Well, time for an update, as I did go dark and yeap, I'm not going to work on any Arma 3 mods as I prefer working in the Unreal Engine, so peace out and keep making
  2. J. McMerry

    RKSL Foxhound LPPV for A3 3.100

    Not the same vehicle their @amon1, the foxhound from the Ocelot family of vehicles
  3. J. McMerry


    Well, the Challenger 2 and as90 is in 1/35 and Challenger 1, warrior, Merlin hc3 and quad bikes are 1/48, to prep the models I was going to give them a base primer in grey and give it a light wash in black to show the detail.
  4. J. McMerry


    I got a model kit of a Challenger 2 that I want to try it on and I using recap as I got a student copy of it as I'm starting my Game art degree In September plus It would be a cool addon to an art portfolio.
  5. I was wondering if anyone has tried Photogrammetry Before, Well, the plan is to take photos of an object in an orbiting pattern with 20-40% overlap(without forgetting the top photos as well) crunching it into recap360, then fixing the mesh in Oculus medium VR software, then continue onto 3dsmax to make the "scan" into a game asset. I put a link to the wiki if anyone wants to find out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photogrammetry as I use Oculus medium as a tool to make the mesh, and I came across one of the spotlighted artists I did think this is a cool working practice I just want to make a note I don't work for Oculus or have any partnerships with Oculus, facebook or any of there subsidiaries, I just think this is a cool way to work and make new stuff and sometimes it leads to new things that may end up in a game that you may play in the future.
  6. J. McMerry

    My Summer projects

    @Flinty, with the GTK Boxer it depends on what variant that the MOD purchase and how there are retrofitted by REME. When I get news of that, then I can do the cosmetics to make it look the part, with the AJEX or Scout SV is planned to replace CVRT, Warrior got 7 more years Intill a replacement or an upgrade, plus people want a Warrior AFV. thanks for your suggestion but the plan has been already set before I made the first post and If I remember the was someone making a Scout SV but the was a while back when I was in the 4IB.
  7. J. McMerry

    My Summer projects

    ahh probably moaning about my not finishing that damn truck and Is more of a mod pack when I'm done, as there are 5 vehicles that I thought that was missing from the British lot. but I'm curious on what they put. If anyone can remember just Pm me. I want a take the piss out at it.
  8. J. McMerry

    My Summer projects

    Sorry what has this got to do with the vehicles that I'm working on in the clip or any assets for the British Armed Forces
  9. As I got a lot of free time from College I wanted to start up a little youtube channel of me trying to use 3dsmax and making new assets for Arma 3 and keeping the Hipolys up to date when the new instalment of the Arma series reveals itself. I was working on the Man SV but I got sick of seeing it, I wanted to do something else and don't pester me about the answer will be no and when I can be asked.
  10. J. McMerry

    RMMV (WIP)

    Can I get one of the Admins to lock this thread, as I'm no longer working on this Project as it morphed into something Bigger
  11. J. McMerry

    Global Mobilization

    I'm interested in this is a similar system that on the back of the rapidly emplaced Bridge system that can be mounted to hemmits and Man lorrys
  12. J. McMerry

    RMMV (WIP)

    well I'm putting a bit of a hiatus on this Project as I'm working on something way cooler, just waiting for the tank dlc to come out.
  13. J. McMerry

    RKSL Foxhound LPPV for A3 3.100

    Had a look with Commander head movement with @Jamo 4IB and found Is the Dev build had the issue,reverted back to main branch and It was sorted.