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  1. Reykjavikdragon

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi, Long time user of the RHS mods and very appreciative of the work put in! I've recently been playing around with the Mi-24V with the AFRF pack and noticed I couldn't mount any 9K38 Igla's on the outermost hardpoints. As far as I'm aware the later versions of the Mi-24 are capable of mounting and integrating Igla. Is their absence intentional?
  2. Community Report: Leadership development and build up to Operation Forager! Following Operation Condor and Operation Kestral 1QDG has continued to develop and build on the our foundations. A key element for successful light cavalry operations is competent command and ability to anticipate at all levels. It increases resilience and ability to surprise the enemy - enabling us to observe, orientate, decide and act before they can. As such senior Troopers and NCOs have been encouraged to take on tactical command appointments above what they would normally. Exercise Fusilier was one such exercise which saw a Junior NCO step up and successfully plan and execute a Troop raid on an isolated defensive position. If you would like to know more please stop by on our TS or Discord and make yourself known!
  3. Community Report: Operation KESTREL After a period of re-familiarisation and practice in the light role, 2 Troop began its first operational series of 2019. The Troop, having infiltrated the Enemy's rear area, now seeks to disrupt enemy activity by means of raiding. Having identified OBJ London (a suspected engineering support station) as a suitable target the troop conducted a raid. Although being thrown off plan by the unexpected intervention of a BTR-80 the troop was able to assault, destroy and withdraw rapidly before a meaningful counter attack could be launched.
  4. Community Report: Operation CONDOR On Saturday 12th The Wrecking Crew and 1QDG undertook a joint operation to counter attack Soviet forces which had occupied Caribou Island in order to isolate the Narvik Fjord. Launching an amphibious assault the company landed under artillery fire and began to assault and clear re-purposed forts, of Second World War vintage, and new positions prepared by the Soviets in anticipation of counter attack. Supporting 1 Platoon (TWC) we formed a armoured recce troop mounted in the FV107 Scimitar. Its firepower, speed and low profile suited the environment perfectly, enabling us to rapidly support and screen our own troops as needed and harrass the enemy to create breathing room. A thoroughly enjoyable and memorable operation from our perspective!
  5. Community Report: The CVR(T) has arrived! Following the gracious loan of the CVR(T) Scimitar by The Wrecking Crew (http://www.thewreckingcrew.eu/), in preparation for the impending Operation Condor. 1QDG has been familiarising itself with the platform and adapting our tactics, techniques and procedures to better suit its strong points. The Scimitar, weighing in at ten tonnes, is an extremely light and agile armoured fighting vehicle. Capable of zipping around the battlefield it makes a great platform for harassing and raiding light, motorised and mechanised forces (and a great platform to evade any MBTs in!) With a successful six months behind us we look forwards to a strong start in the new year! This year 1QDG has ran and participated in multiple adversarial missions (including a notable foray in to WW2 which was hosted by 23 Panzer), developed and fostered strong ties with like minded Arma 3 communities and has set strong foundations.
  6. Community Report: Operation Telic Throughout the month of November 1QDG, alongside 43 Commando and the Red Devils, took part in a series of missions simulating the initial invasion of Iraq in 2003. A thoroughly engaging set of missions it saw 1QDG act as the Company's forward eyes and ears and later as the mobile reserve - being committed when the tactical situation became precarious. Over the course of the Operation 1QDG distinguished itself and was able to adapt and react effectively to the sudden changes from desert to the urbanised and cultivated environment to the North East of our area of Operations. The troops anti-tank skills were thoroughly tested with the enemy making heavy use of Soviet MBTs, IFVs and even a few T-34s! The action and support of the Apache, supplied by 814 Naval Air Squadron, was most welcome and proved to be a timely and invaluable force multiplier.
  7. Community Report: Since the last update the troop has been busy continuing with its preparatory training for the upcoming Operation Telic. Key areas of focus have been the transference of common skills to an arid environment and the development of our AT skills within the context of independent vehicle and section operations. So far the exercises have gone well and have concluded with a join exercise including 43 Commando and the Red Devils. Following a brief introduction and familiarisation a live exercise was initiated. The troop, functioning as the eyes an ears of the formation, secured of key positions and provided early warning of threats such as a section of advancing T-72 having been found were quickly dispatched by the supporting Challenger 2 MBTs. Now having robustly prepared the troop is ready to take part in Operation Telic which commences on sunday the 4th. Only the enemy infront!
  8. Community Report: The last month has been a busy one for the members of 1QDG with the troop participating in two adversarial operations (Black Garden and Husky) and the ongoing Operation Yeoman. Operation Black Garden saw the Troop play a fictional enemy (The Free Army on Honomonopono) alongside D/2/506 against a combined UK force of 40Cdo, 3PARA and C Sqn. Despite an early mishap the troop gave a good accounting of itself crippling the enemies mortar capability having stalked the mortar section and engaging it at a vulnerable point. In Operation Husky the Troop travelled back to the Invasion of Sicily in 1943 and took on the role of the 1st Independent Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron alongside D/2/506 and the Red Devils against the mechanised might of 23 Panzer. After a chaotic initiation of contact between friendly forces and the enemy the troop was able to occupy a blocking position and saw off an opertunistic advance of dismounted infantry through its area of responsibility and then later went onto find and destroy 23 Panzer's MMG SF section. Outside of our main operations the troop has been training hard. Working on our dismounted and mounted battle drills in order to improve our survivability and lethality we have completed a range of Adversarial attack lanes which have provided the troop with plenty of opportunities to get stuck in whilst also giving significant training and developmental benefit. With the current training package coming to a close the Troop now looks forwards to engaging with 43 Commando and their upcoming Operation Telic.
  9. Who We Are: 1st the Queen’s Dragoon Guards is a European ArmA 3 Milsim community which simulates a a Light Cavalry Troop and focuses on adversarial and cross community cooperative game-play. We play across a range of periods from with our main focus on the twilight years of the Cold War. As light cavalry we simulate a self-reliant and highly mobile force which makes use of light vehicles such as the Land Rover WMIK. We habitually functions as small independent teams in order to inform and guide friendly forces whilst also disrupting and confusing our enemies. We are also one of the leading members of the cross community organisation Nato Forces of ArmA 3 [NFA]. As part of which we host a persistent Hearts and Minds Scenario for cross community cooperative play and monthly adversarial operations which have attracted over 60 players and 5 participating communities. Our Schedule: Our sessions are ran on Thursdays and Sundays at 2000 UK time (GMT / GMT +1 season dependent). Typically our Thursdays focus on crew development and trade skills (such as observation posts or close target reconnaissance. Our Sunday events are dedicated to cooperative and adversarial operations, on occasion these are reallocated to Saturdays when doing major adversarial operations as part of NFA. Our Community: We are a tight-knit and well natured community of friends who play all kinds of other games besides ArmA 3. We pride ourselves on a good community atmosphere and our ability to have a laugh. We also provide support to those members who wish to develop skills like leadership, tactical knowledge and mission creation. How To Join: If you're interested in joining or just want to know more about what we do, please get in contact via ts or discord. Our recruitment process is as follows: Step 1: Fill out an application form on the Discord registering interest and post it on the Community Application channel in the discord. Link can be found below. Step 2: Respond to the invitation to interview and arrange a suitable time and date. This will be conducted on our TS. Step 3: Attend Interview. Step 4: If successful at interview respond to a request for suitable dates and times to conduct your phase 1 training. Step 5: Complete Phase 1 Training. This takes around one hour thirty minutes. - At the completion of the phase 1 training you will become a full member of the community. Community Contact Details: Teamspeak: Discord: https://discord.gg/2kebban Operational Media:
  10. Reykjavikdragon

    [WW2] 2nd Battalion, The Essex Regiment

    Operation Lion-heart The Chernorussian Peoples Party has staged a coup and become the defacto power in Chernogorsk District and threatens to overthrow the moderate, and neutral, government in the surrounding districts. At the invitation of the Republic of Chernarus, and with promises of aligning itself with NATO, 2ER finds itself at the front of a invasion force sent to defeat the rebels and facilitate the return of the legitimate government. After initially establishing themselves in the NE at a temporary airfield 1 Platoon were airlifted in and occupied a forward assembly area north of the regions main military base (code named Heath-row) and conducted an extended fighting patrol in the immediate region of the assembly area. During this fighting patrol 1 Platoon engaged and successfully destroyed 4 independent section strength patrols, 1 BMP and 1 BDRM and resultingly assured the immediate security of the assembly area from which offensive operations can be launched onto vital enemy installations in future missions. If you are interested in joining a friendly and open community which focuses its activites on a British Infantry platoon in the Second and Cold War Periods then 2ER may be of interest to you. If you would like to know more take a look at our steam group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/Essex_Regiment or hop onto our TS and speak to one of our members:
  11. Reykjavikdragon

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Hello, I am hoping someone can help me with an issue I am currently having regarding the CUP Static Line Drop. I've set it up as required (using the tick box in the attributes menu) and I've tested it in SP editor and found that it works as expected. However when I attempt to use it in Multiplayer sessions the blue menu option does not appear. Is there something specific I need to do in order to enable it in a MP environment beyond what I have already done?
  12. Reykjavikdragon

    [WW2] 2nd Battalion, The Essex Regiment

    Malayan Emergency 1958: In 1958 2ER rotated into Malaya and took up an active role fighting the Malayan Communist Party. Our platoon was instructed to conduct long range jungle patrols in order to find and disrupt MCP activity in their own back garden. The jungle proved to be a hostile and challenging environment and the learning curve was huge, after a series of initial recce patrols and skirmishes we had gathered enough intelligence to start attacking hard targets and destroy vital stockpiles of food and ammunition. Following the systematic destruction of their camps and patrols the MCP withdrew and regrouped at a Village we had named London. Realising that we could not contain these forces, which were increasing in strength, morale and defensive capability at an alarming rate, the platoon went on the offensive. With intimate close air support provided by 137 Squadron the platoon was able to systematically destroy the enemy in and around London with minimal losses. If you are interested in joining a Realism Community which focuses its operations on the Second World War and the Conflicts of the Cold War then 2ER might be for you. We are a friendly and chatty bunch who play a range of games alongside our primary focus on Arma 3. If you'd like to find out more or stop by for a chat check out our TS: or our Steam group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/Essex_Regiment#announcements.
  13. Reykjavikdragon

    [WW2] 2nd Battalion, The Essex Regiment

    https://plays.tv/s/LdfuXeDMx6CV Operation Battleaxe: After receiving reinforcements and resupply the British Desert Army was once more ready to embark on offensive operations across the Egyptian-Libyan border with the aim of driving the Axis back and relieving Tobruk. Initially the offensives went well, 2ER forming part of Escarpment Force, Destroyed a number of Axis Anti-tank and Anti-Air emplacements as they advanced towards Fort Cappuzzo. The fight for the Fort was brutal and close, with 2ER attacking at night with the support of 137 Squadron. The following day the operational environment was very different. Desert force had been beaten back and the Afrika Korps threatened to isolate and destroy Escarpment Force. The British began to withdraw back to their initial positions and 2ER were ordered to delay the enemy at Fort Capuzzo for as long as they could. If you are interested in joining a WW2 / Cold War realism community with a friendly and open attitude then 2ER might be worth a look. You can find out more about us on our Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Essex_Regiment or by joining and chatting to us on Discord: https://discord.gg/YbXg49h
  14. Reykjavikdragon

    [WW2] 2nd Battalion, The Essex Regiment

    Operation Musketeer: Following the outbreak of naked aggression between Isreal and Egypt in 1956 and the imperilment of the Suez Canal the British and French Armed Forces have intervened. 2ER, employing experimental air assault tactics, were tasked with raiding a district headquarters in order to dislocate local resistance and were then tasked with seizing a newly constructed airfield intact so that it could later be used by the RAF to police and control the region. Overall Operation Musketeer (I through III) was an exciting and welcome addition to our usual missions set in the Second World War with everyone enjoying the increased firepower of the SLR but also lamenting the reciprocal increase of firepower held by the enemy. The role of Airmobile Infantry also provided a myriad of new and challenging situations for the section commanders and allowed the newly formed 137 Squadron to prove their worth in a challenging environment. If you are interested in joining a WW2 / Cold War realism community with a friendly and open attitude then 2ER might be worth a look. You can find out more about us on our Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Essex_Regiment or by joining and chatting to us on Discord: https://discord.gg/YbXg49h