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  1. 3cb

    3CB Factions

    We're pleased to announce that hotfix 5.0.3 for 3CB Factions is now live on Steam Release notes Added Kolgujev Defence Force Insignia to Mi-8s, Mi-24s, Mig-29s and SU-25s Changed ADA Opfor basic infantry rifle and corrected unit names Changed SVD for older Dragunov version on African Desert Extremists and African Desert Militia Snipers Fixed Incorrect Blufor Takistan Army 2D / 4D Humvee Eden Preview Images Fixed Incorrect texture reference on AAF 2DR Humvee skin selectable via Virtual Garage Fixed M16A3 not having full auto fire mode Fixed M60A3 driver turned out KIA animation Fixed Missing Indfor / Opfor Ardistan Jet Pilot uniform Fixed Missing Indfor / Opfor Malden Jet Pilot uniform Fixed Missing NFA 5 Hilux texture Fixed Mystere wheels visible through the hull when retracted Fixed T-34 front gunner positions Fixed T-34 gunner weapon floating outside the turret Improved alignment of Mystere gun sight Improved M60 tank handling and speed on climbs Improved position of pilot / copilot and seat on Cessna variants to reduce clipping while under G Force Improved T-34, T-55, T-72 tank handling, top speed, and speed on climbs
  2. 3cb

    3CB Factions

    We're very pleased to announce version 5.0.0 of 3CB Factions. This update adds the Ardistan, Kolgujev, Malden and Nogovan factions along with a number of vehicles and weapons, including: Aero Commander 500, Cessna 172, T-41 Mescalero, Mystere, CZ 75, Famas F1, M16A2, RBS-70 static launcher and the older 2S6 Tunguska. Release notes 5.0.0 Added ACH Choc Chip Helmet variant Added Aero Commander 500 Added Animated Dovetail Mount to AK47 and RPK Added Ardistan Army faction to all sides Added Australian Army camouflage variant to LAV Added BI License plate system to older cars Added Binoculars to dedicated Crew units loadouts Added Cessna 172 and T-41 Mescalero Added ChDSZ, ChDZZ, and ChDKZ Winter infantry variants Added CZ 75 Czechmate pistol Added Donated MTLB Nogovan Defence Force texture as optional in Virtual Garage Added Early T-80s variants to Early Soviet faction Added Famas F1 and Famas F1 M203 Added FFV to T-34 commander and gunner Added FFV to T-55 commander and gunner Added FFV to T-72 gunner Added Kolgujev Army faction to all sides Added Land Cruiser Added Large Fishing Vessel Added M1025 TOW to Blufor AAF Added M240 Turrets - Iron Sights and Elcan optic variants Added Malden Defence Force faction to all sides Added Mystere Fighter Bomber Added New backpacks Added New M16A2 model and renamed existing to M16A3 Added New MP5 variants Added Nogovan Freedom Alliance (Operation Flashpoint-style FIA) to all sides Added Nogova Police Department Added Patchless variants of Woodland uniforms Added Pickups Added Older 2S6 Tunguska Added RBS-70 static launcher Added RHS towing system to suitable vehicles Added T-80s to Soviet Late faction Changed Inheritance from rhs_assault_umbts_engineer to rhs_assault_umbts_engineer_empty on engineer packs to remove toolkit automatically loading Changed Reload speeds on T-55 and T-34 to match real life average rounds per minute Changed Scud tyre material from tyre.rvmat to tyre_armoured.rvmat Changed Takistan militia factions Sniper to use older Dragunov rifle Fixed '&' in displayed name breaking inventory gear naming Fixed AAF M240 M113 having IFF panels Fixed Error in MaxxPro CfgPatches Fixed Face sorting on covered land rover to prevent 'blue' interior canvas supports at LOD3 Fixed Fishing Boat convexities in Buoyancy LOD Fixed Fishing Boat weapons starting engine Fixed Front ZU-23 assistant gunner on Fishing Boat Front Zu23 being indestructible Fixed G3 & M14 non-railed variants being able to mount railed optics Fixed Incorrect 'Chedaki' textures on ChDSZ and ChDZZ vehicles Fixed Incorrect Eden Preview image for ADM IED maker Fixed Incorrect regular units appearing in 'Chedaki' SF Groups Fixed Incorrect tracer magazine colours for ChDKZ and ChDZZ RPK AR units Fixed Issues on Scud textures Fixed LAV-25s lack of resistance to HE ammo Fixed M60 tank wreck model Fixed M16A1 and M16A2 using different reload sounds to RHS M16A4 Fixed Missing ChDSZ, ChDZZ, ChDKZ SF groups Fixed Missing pistol from ChDSZ, ChDZZ, and ChDKZ sniper and spotter Fixed Missing seat positions on ANA, AAF, and CW US Late armed UH60M Fixed RPK-74 using incorrect ammo Fixed Suppressor on non-SF ChDSZ, ChDZZ, ChDKZ spotter weapon Fixed T-34 driver death animation Fixed T-72 aerial not completely turning with turret Fixed T-72 commander optic Fixed T-72 missing turret servo sounds when moving Fixed Tunguska handling Fixed Tunguska radar, cannon, missile ranges, ranging depending on variant Fixed Uniforms broken by RHS update Fixed Vodnik Front PKM turret Fixed Zu23 gunners on Fishing Boats being ejected when killed Improved AN-2 crew animations and added new pedal, engine and throttle lever animations Improved AN-2 glass sheen Removed RHS weapons, equipment and gear from vehicle inventories Removed T-72 / T80 modern variants incorrectly added to Early / Late Soviet factions Numerous other small bug fixes and adjustments
  3. 3cb

    3CB Factions

    I've pleased to announce a hotfix (version 4.0.3) for 3CB Factions CHANGE LOG 4.0.3 Added Gorka uniforms to ChDSZ, ChDZZ, ChDKZ units Fixed 2S6M Tunguska inventory containing BI 2035 equipment and weapons Fixed 2S6M Tunguska not taking engine damage when submerged Fixed ChDSZ, ChDZZ, ChDKZ AA / AT unit possessing AK74 magazine Fixed ChDSZ, ChDZZ, ChDKZ Officer starting with no magazine in the weapon Fixed Fishing Boats missing from Civilian Factions while in Zeus Fixed Fishing Boat causing '/ladder' error in ALIVE Fixed Incorrect Eden Preview image for Takistan DsHKm UAZ Fixed Incorrect HitPoint inheritance on Unarmed Fishing Boats Fixed M60 tank ammo count to more real-life amounts Fixed M60 tank barrel depression from -5 to -10 degrees Fixed Naming of 2S6M Tunguska Missiles to 9M311-M1 Fixed Naming of ChDSZ, ChDZZ, ChDKZ Rifleman to AKS-74U Fixed NAPA AA / AT unit possessing AK74 magazine Fixed NAPA BRDM-2 classname error Fixed Russian text on ChDSZ, ChDZZ insignia patches
  4. 3cb

    3CB Factions

    I've very pleased to announce version 4.0.0 of 3CB Factions. This update adds ChDSZ, ChDZZ, and ChDKZ and NAPA factions, a range of small boats as well as improving upon the existing factions and vehicles. CHANGE LOG 4.0.0 Added 2S6M Tunguska AAA Added AK-47N with RHS optics options Added Armoured SUV with no flag to AAF, ADA, TKA factions Added BMD-2 to Cold War Late Soviets Added ChDSZ, ChDZZ, and ChDKZ factions Added Digital 24hr clock to Hilux Added FFV to AAV Commander and Gunner Added Fishing Boat (Armed, Unarmed, and Vehicle in Vehicle variants) Added Four extra cargo seats to AAV Added GAZ-66 trucks Added KrAZ-255B1 trucks Added LAV-25 Added LAV-C2 Added MAZ 543 Scud Launcher to AAF Opfor Added MERDC camouflage options to AAV, LAVs, and M60s Added Missing AAF desert uniforms and helmets Added NAPA faction to all sides Added Operation Red Harvest US insignia patch Added Optional AAF desert skin to AAF Quadbike Added Optional External Kit to M60A3 basket Added Randomized External Kit to AAV, with option to disable via attributes and manual select via Virtual Garage Added RPK-74N with RHS optics options Added Searchlights Added Small Boats Added Tactical Backpack and TFAR radio variants Added T-80 variants to Cold War Late Soviets Added TFAR variants for a number of backpacks Added ZiL-131 trucks Fixed AA units incorrect displaying Strela rather than Igla Fixed AN-2 pylon system Fixed AAF AA unit display name Fixed AAV tracks being visible in cabin while turned out Fixed Bounding Box Positions on all vehicles Fixed cba_a3 magwell compatibility for AK47, FNFAL, G3, HK33, M14, M16, M60, MG3 and RPK Fixed clan logo and clan sign not leaning with motorbikes Fixed Hide Flag animation on BTR-40 and T-34 to allow mission makers to manually hide or unhide Fixed HK33A1 / A2 name correction Fixed M60A3 engine damage rate while submerged Fixed Missing sounds on M60 turret Fixed Multiple .rpt errors Fixed Multiple versions of the BRDM appearing BLU_F, IND_F, OPF_F in Zeus menu Fixed Vodnik PKM rear PKM feedcover not moving with rest of gun Fixed Vodnik Rear Wheels ACE remove / repair issue
  5. 3cb

    3CB Factions

    A hotfix (version 3.0.2) for 3CB Factions, is now available. CHANGE LOG: Added AN-PRC 155 Radio Backpack Added Legacy support for enforced historic TKC Open and Fuel Ural classname change Added M60A1 / M60A3 to AAF Indfor Added Missing DHK1983, PGS64, and UKK muzzle brakes to AK-74n, AKS-74un and AK-74mr respectively Added Option to enable thermal optics on gunner turret via vehicle attributes on AAF, HIDF, and USMC AAVs Added Semi-Automatic mode to RPK / RPK-74 Added SVD NPZ variant Fixed ADA CfgGroups incorrect side entries Fixed ADE CfgInfantry incorrect side entries Fixed ADE, ADM, and ADP Automatic Rifleman having wrong magazines in backpack Fixed AAF Indfor Automatic Rifleman and SF Automatic Rifleman missing gun Fixed AAF 'MSV' displayed names on static weapon teams Fixed AAF Opfor Incorrect Vehicle Radio Fixed Flapping rear ramp on AAV Fixed Incorrect Sten Magazine ammo count Fixed M14 sounds Fixed Mirrored text on M60 ammo box Fixed Missing AAV track_l, track_r, slide convex component errors in .rpt Fixed Missing inventory image on PVS5A NVGs Fixed Missing magazine in Takistan Army Team Leader weapon in Eden Fixed Missing roof texture on Hilux Closed Fixed Missing tracer on T-55 and M60A3 cannon shells Fixed M60A1 and M60A3 name Fixed PAGST Vest armour values Fixed SDV incorrect textures Fixed SVD inheritance to correct incorrect weight Fixed SVD accessory changing weapon to black plastic variant Fixed Takistan Repair Ural texture error Replaced all deprecated TFAR radio classnames Replaced Soviet Automatic Rifleman RPK with RPK-74
  6. 3cb

    3CB Factions

    I've very pleased to announce version 3.0.0 of 3CB Factions. This update adds seven African factions, builds on the original AAF as well as improving upon the existing factions and vehicles. CHANGE LOG: - Added AAF Faction (AAF) - Added AAVP-7A1 - Added African Desert Army Faction (ADA) - Added African Desert Army Paramilitaries (ADR) - Added African Desert Civilians (ADC) - Added African Desert Civilian Militia (ADG) - Added African Desert Extremists (ADE) - Added African Desert Militia (ADM) - Added African Desert Police (ADP) - Added AK-47 Assault Rifle - Added Beacons and Siren to Police BTR-40 and Gaz Vodnik Medevac - Added Beacons to Police Datsun, Hilux, Land Rovers, Gaz Vodnik, Gaz Volha and YAVA motorbike - Added Bicycles - Added Blowpipe AA - Added Bren Light Machine Gun - Added Browning HP Pistol - Added CHDKZ T-55 and MT-LB textures - Added Equipment for new factions - Added G3 Assault Rifle - Added Horizon Island Defence Force & IDAP Medevac UH1H variant - Added HK33 Assault Rifle - Added M60A1 & M60A3 tank variants - Added M939 MLRS variant - Added M939 Zu23 variant - Added Magazine and grenade Proxies to AK-47, FNFALs, G3s, HK33s, RPK, M16s, and M14s - Added MaxxPro Green and Woodland variants - Added MG3 Machine Gun - Added Motorbikes - Added MT-LB Zu23 variant - Added MTVR MLRS variant - Added MTVR Zu23 variant - Added RPK-74 Light Machine Gun - Added Side-specific tracer magazines (red, yellow, green, and white) - Added Skoda Octavia - Added Desert & Soviet Scud textures - Added Sterling submachine gun - Added SUV 4x4 Civilian, Armed, and Armoured VIP variants - Added Tanoa and Winter versions of Static Bunkers - with option to hide camo net - Added unarmed nest bunkers under Structures > Military - Added working hidden textures to AN-2, T-34, T-55 and UH1H wreck models - Added working pedal animations to all wheeled vehicles - Added working additional dials to wheeled vehicles where possible - Changed Engine damage effect - more in line with RHS - Changed M1 helmets for RHS versions - Changed M79 for RHS version - Changed T-34, T-55 Engine Sounds - no more turbine! - Changed UH1H Unarmed, Armed and Gunship Hueys to RHS versions - Changed Weapon muzzle flashes to RHS versions - Fixed Cold War Early Soviet Spotter had wrong magazines - Fixed Incorrect civilian uniform inheritance - Fixed Multiple bugs and .rpt errors - Fixed Mutt Jeep TOW launcher not tracking while firing in 3rd Person - Fixed SelectionID .rpt spam while using ACE3 - Fixed SU25 ammo / pylon / mfd .rpt errors - Fixed UH1H Medevac not exploding when destroyed - Improved driver animations - Improved MaxxPro .smdi - Improved shared textures to reduce duplication - Improved Wheeled vehicles tyre friction / slip values - no more driving on ice! - Removed incorrectly added vehicles from BIS NATO, CSAT, AAF factions - Removed Land Rover (Open) rear windows from Pilot LOD
  7. 3cb

    3CB BAF Units

    I'm very pleased to announce version 4.10 of our 3CB BAF units. CHANGE LOG VESRION 4.10 Added Husky TSV to Factions Added RAF MQ-9a Reaper Drone to Factions Added Warrior to Factions Added separated MFC and FAC loadouts Added Jackal (with curved roll bar) to MTP Army and RM Units Added pistol mags to section supplies Added flashbangs to supplies Added new L85a2 RIS system to units Fixed a bug in the unit eden customizable loadouts, when the unit has no backpack Fixed glasses randomization bug Fixed empty container bug Removed non-ACE crates when ACE crates are present
  8. I'm very pleased to announce version 10.0 of our 3CB BAF vehicles, which includes the all new Husky TSV, MQ-9a Reaper Drone and Fv510 Warrior. Special thanks to UK_Apollo for the new Husky, based on original model by Burnes15th (Katie Byrne) CHANGE LOG VESRION 10.0 Husky TSV: Added Husky variants RAF MQ-9a Reaper Drone: Added Reaper variants Fv510 Warrior: Added Warrior variants Jackal/Coyote: Added curved roll bar variant Added green variant Increased ACE cargo capacity Fixed wheel alignment Added pedals Improved IED resistance Panther: Fixed visual bug with aerials Improved IED resistance Bulldog: Improved IED resistance Servicing: Added ACE fuel cannister to servicing menu Vehicle Weapons: Updated HEAT warheads for Milan and Hellfire All vehicles: Added damage effects to vehicle engines
  9. 3cb

    3CB BAF Weapons

    I'm very pleased to announce version 3.0 of our 3CB BAF weapons, which includes the all new L85A3. CHANGE LOG VESRION 3.0 Added L85a3 Rifle and attachment system Added L85a3 Rifle + L123 UGL Added L85a2 RIS attachment system Added L85a2 RIS rail cover system, with Desert, Green, and Winter options or none Added new attachment options to L129a1 Added BI, RHS, and 3CB Faction weapons magazine compatibility Fixed Airburst round flash bug at night on certain maps Improved hand animations for L85a2, RIS and L86 rifles Updated HEAT warheads for NLAW, Javelin and ILAW
  10. 3cb

    3CB Factions

    We're pleased to announce the hotfix for 3CB Factions: Version 2.0.2 Added Arma 3 quality muzzles flashes to T-series tanks. Added Icon flags to all Factions to match BI config Added M939 Desert and Woodland to RHS US Army Factions Added IED resistance to MaxxPro MRAP Added MTVR Desert and Woodland to RHS US Marine Corp Factions Adjusted CW Infantry load-outs Adjusted Police Sirens and Lights to be useable by Zeus-controlled Units Changed M16 hand animations to fix broken left wrist Fixed Attribute inheritance on S21 and S23 Soviet artillery allowing for ammo selection in Eden Fixed broken inheritance on T-72BM CommanderOptics turret Fixed broken Commander turret / dshkm on RHS T-series Fixed broken rear door animation on S1203 Fixed CW US Factions side = 0 instead of 1 error Fixed Maxxpro gun feed axis Fixed M939 RPM dial Fixed missing FFV seats on UH60M Fixed missing passenger proxy from Mutt Jeep visual LODs Fixed missing zasleh3 selectionFireAnim on T-72 series Commander's Dshkm Fixed Willys and Mutt Jeep Engine hitpoints Fixed Willys and Mutt Jeep mirrors not showing a reflective surface in external LODs Fixed M60 GPMG heat shield face glitch on infantry and mounted weapon versions Improved glass on S1203
  11. 3cb

    3CB Factions

    I'm very pleased to announce version 2.0 of 3CB Factions, which adds 5 new factions: Chernarus Police Department Cold War (Early) Soviet Forces Cold War (Late) Soviet Forces Cold War (Early) US Forces Cold War (Late) US Forces Also included are a host of other fixes and additions: Added ACE Rearm compatibility to all Reammo vehicles Added Finnish Defence Force textures to T-55 and MT-LB Added Increased equipment options in Virtual Arsenal Added M14 Added M151 ‘Mutt’ Jeep to Cold War US and RHS Horizon Island Defence Force Added M16a1, M16a1 Bipod, M16 Commando Carbine Added M60 MG Added M939 truck variants to Cold War US and RHS Horizon Island Defence Force Added Mig 29 to Opfor Takistan Army Added Missing Helmet + Googles UI image to Afghan Border Police Added MTVR truck variants to RHS US Army and Horizon Island Defence Force Added Nomex Coveralls Added Option to disable vehicle texture randomization at mission start, allowing mission makers to select specific textures for vehicles Added Siren option to all Police Ground Vehicles Added Two extra civilian skins to Datsun Added UN Humvees Adjusted armour values on MaxxPro engine Changed Some Ghillie Suit grass colours Fixed Armour values of Opfor Takistan Militia uniform Fixed damage hide issue on Lada trunk Fixed Hilux PKM / GMG gunner proxy in Fire Geometry Fixed Incorrect direction of DSHKM cartridge ejection on T-72 series Fixed Incorrect inheritance for Takistan Army Headgear Fixed Lee Enfield, RPK, and M16 weights Fixed SCUD inheritance bug breaking RHS Scarab launch Fixed T-55 wreck using Takistan Army skin Fixed TKM Blufor not working in ALIVE Orbat Fixed trailing, in Indfor Chernarus Civilian Militia (CCM) Replaced Arma 2 port of BRDM-2 with RHS Version Removed BI weapons / magazines from MaxxPro inventory Removed Empty visual LOD from T-series tank
  12. 3cb

    3CB BAF Weapons

    I'm pleased to announce version 2.5 of 3CB BAF Weapons. This release moves the excellent RKSL scopes from being internal to the mod, to an external dependency "RKSL Studios: Attachments" available here (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1661066023) This has been done primarily to aid maintenance of the two mods. Please note that the separate Steam addon "3CB BAF Weapons (Ace Compatibility)" is no longer applicable and has been removed. The correct ACE compatibility mod is "@ace_compat_rksl_pm_ii" and is available as part of ACE3
  13. 3cb

    3CB Factions

    I'm pleased to announce the release of version 1.1 of 3CB Factions Release notes: Added: Improved texture to UH1H M240s Added: Static Weapon backpacks to units in Eden Editor Added: Workaround AFM to UH1H Fixed: FIA HMG Offroad red texture conflict Fixed: Incorrect Hilux PKM name Fixed: M16 optic proxy position Fixed: MH9 bench and unarmed passenger issue Fixed: Missing T-series firing effects Fixed: Randomization of facegear on units can now be disabled in Eden via unit properties or via 3CB module Fixed: RPK name and incorrect magazine options Fixed: UH1H Armed side door animation. Now correctly hidden Fixed: UH1H Missing Rotor Shadows when at high speed Fixed: V3S Ammo truck having rear FFV turrets Removed: BIS equipment / weapons from T-series tanks inventory Removed: Empty T-34 LOD6