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  1. lifetap

    3CB BAF Weapons

    @Flodos The laser and guided rounds have been implemented, we just do not add the magazines to the arsenal, because they are not in BAF service. Here are the class names for your scripts: UK3CB_BAF_1Rnd_81mm_Mo_Guided and UK3CB_BAF_1Rnd_81mm_Mo_LG The "Airburst HE" option changes the function of the standard HE rounds. I'm not aware of any bug
  2. lifetap

    3CB BAF Weapons

    @oksman You probably want something like this private _proj = createvehicle ["UK3CB_BAF_Smoke_81mm_AMOS", [_xPos, _yPos, 500], [], 0, "none"]; _proj setVelocity [0, 0, -100]; [_proj, ["mortar1", 500]] remoteExec ["say3D"]; [_proj, "UK3CB_BAF_Smoke_81mm_AMOS"] call UK3CB_BAF_Weapons_Ammo_fnc_check_for_smoke_round;
  3. lifetap

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    @wansec_6 Unfortunately not. The containers are not attached to the vehicle, they are actually part of the vehicle model that is hidden when the container is not loaded. A little bit of scripting swaps the real container for the unhidden vehicle container at the start of the loading process.
  4. lifetap

    Sangin WIP

    Lovely looking map, excellent work. Is there a separate download for the bikey?
  5. lifetap

    3CB BAF Weapons

    I do not recall ever using blank rounds with AI. It's entirely possible that the AI hold fire as they would be unable to damage the opposition.
  6. lifetap

    3CB BAF Weapons

    We'll revisit the rails to pick-up the change in RHS rail definitions. Also, the naming of our rails goes way back to our earliest mod (5+ years ago) before we were familiar with the standard naming conventions.
  7. @Temppa Really excellent job on the updated winter version, thanks 🙂
  8. Temppa, we use your maps extensively, as they're both visually excellent and ideal for small scale infantry combat. So a big thank you. I noticed that you mentioned you'd gone for the partial snow coverage in Hellanmaa. Whilst this is great for variety, there does seem to be a graphical issue (perhaps texture resolution?) in the placement of the snow. The thawed patches look a little regular (square) in some places. Is this an engine limitation?
  9. lifetap

    3CB BAF Units

    Check that BAF_Weapons is in the mod pack. BAF_Units requires: BAF_weapons, BAF_equipment and BAF_vehicles
  10. lifetap

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Yes, an L85A3 is planned
  11. lifetap

    3CB BAF Equipment

    There are vanilla signs in-game that you can add your own custom textures via Eden.
  12. lifetap

    3CB Factions

    We use @CANS, this gives rocks etc to hostile civilians
  13. lifetap

    3CB Factions

    @Laumi, that is working as intended. The mod uses the same loadout mechanics as our BAF units.
  14. lifetap

    3CB BAF Units

    @sentryuk If you double click on a 3cb unit in EDEN, we have added 3 properties. If you un-tick ""Enable 3CB unit randomization" this will stop the loadout script from replacing your parachute with a random backpack