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  1. Seth SOCOMD

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Can I make a suggestion that the search unit by name also searches unit tags and unit url as well? People are having difficulty finding our unit > https://units.arma3.com/unit/socomd We can't fit SOCOMD in to the name because of character limits but I would suspect that because our unit tag is SOCOMD and our url is also SOCOMD it should show up when someone searches for SOCOMD. Cheers. Joe
  2. Greetings, My unit used to get the issue with the Atlas LHD mod roughly a year ago, where the deck guns were spawning under water. I may be remembering incorrectly but I believe the culprit was the ALiVE mod, because of some AI initialisation.
  3. Thanks for implementing addon search priority system, been quietly waiting for this release :)
  4. Seth SOCOMD

    Paddle Mod - RELEASED!

    Great mod. My unit was going to include this in our next mod overhaul, however the key bindings don't show up under configure addons. This is probably due to the change CBA made a while ago, any chance of seeing that update soon?
  5. Since the update to Arma3 i've noticed our members need to load the game through steam and the arma3 launcher to accept the battleye license before arma3battleye.exe works properly through Arma3Sync
  6. That would be great if you can add that, then I'll update our how-to to make sure that the proper directory is at the top of the list. If you do this can you make sure that when you add a folder it never takes the top position by default? Especially if auto added by selecting the .exe, that way what ever one they set manually will stay there unless they specifically change it.
  7. I can see that working, one issue though is whenever someone selects their arma3.exe or changes to arma3battleye.exe it auto adds their arma3 directory as an addon search directory and this can cause the problems again until they remove it. As an alternative to removing the functionality of auto adding the folder, can we set a priority for addon search folders? Where Arma3Sync will prioritise using mods within that search directory over others in the search list? The arma3 folder always adds to the top so that would need to change for this priority system to work. Thanks
  8. Greetings Major Shepard, and thanks for the work you have put in to Arma3Sync. Our unit recently made the switch from PlayWithSix, so that we could have more control over mods. The above problem has been our main issue, as members seem to have mods all over the place (and all different versions) which cause havoc for our servers. Is it possible to look in to this solution more? It gets much worse when you have multiple repositories from different units, here is the issue we face... Once our members download the mods, we tell them to use the "Modsets" button under the "Addons" tab to create the addon group for the repo, this is nice because it auto updates if the mods in our repo change (less interaction required for the end user is better), unfortunately it doesn't add the "*" characters unless you add the mods manually (click and drag from the left), so we still have the issue of wrong mod versions being loaded. Is it possible to sync the folder location from the repo to the addon group as well? I think the same issue is faced for event modsets as well. Thanks for your time.