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  1. Will add to UI in V2 - for now just go to the generated config and add the line yourself.
  2. It's possible the Bohemia Wiki docs have been updated since I did the difficulty settings - I will adjust to the new params for V2 definitely, possibly for V1. You can use this on any Arma 3 server where you have access to use the Windows Desktop interface - IE dedicated boxes with RDP or VNC access. It wont work on hosted servers where you are given a web interface to manage the server.
  3. Sure thing, will add that as soon as possible. You could use the extra parameters box on the Performance Tab to achieve this. There will be a way to do it through the UI in V2
  4. Yeah seen mate, not sure what's causing that. I'll see if I can find the issue and fix.
  5. Yeah that's fine - FAST 2 will support local installs too. I'll add a tick box at the initial setup and a setting to hide/ not require the SteamCMD stuff so you can toggle as needed. It ended up being like this because the tool started as a substitute for manually installing/ using SteamCMD and only after that did I think about adding TADST type functionality. I'll make sure It can be used both ways.
  6. Yes and no - current version 1.x won't have this ability and I don't plan on removing the SteamCMD side of it from version 2.x. I am working on the ability to add "local" mods into the mods list. This will end up with you having a Steam Mods List and a Local Mods List. Little sneak peak of the new UI too:
  7. Did you install the mods using the tool or where they already on the server? The server mods tab picks up all mods in the Arma 3 Server directory. As for the error message on your second post that used to show up when other mods were loaded before CBA. Make sure CBA is at the top of your mod list.
  8. Thanks, using Google's Material Design for it. As for the issues with mods let me get a test server up and running to see if I can get this fixed - I believe it's a mix of using a slightly different command line option and a hard character length limit between the steam servers and the Arma. Once I've done some more testing I'll let you know.
  9. I've started work on FAST 2 so won't be adding any major new features to the current version. Happy to bug fix if you guys find anything. In the meantime here is an image of the new UI, I'm not 100% on it yet so let me know what you guys think. Happy for suggestions and criticisms, only a first pass so plenty of room for change.
  10. NEW RELEASE - V1.3.2 Minor Updates Minor release to address a few issues and add better error reporting. Added error report window Added ability to open new GitHub issue from error report Added full error message output Improved selecting of server file on New Server Tab Known Issues Large updates on slow connection time out (Steam Issue). Mods saying updated even if skipped. Server Profile mod sort order not saved. I haven't been able to test all server config options - if they are broke let me know and I'll fix. Downloads GitHub Release Update Instructions Download and unzip. Overwrite existing files.
  11. Good to hear you found the issue - I'll try and make the error message more informative so you don't have to search around in future.
  12. Sure, will add it in for V1.3.2
  13. @coolspy Hmm interesting not 100% sure on this. I'll give it a test when I get home tonight. It could be my fault or it could be the mods not implementing this system correctly. Can you screenshot what it shows as in the server browser for me?
  14. @baron556 Thanks for the feedback, glad people are using it and finding it worth using. I hadn't though about donations but won't be putting any link or PayPal up for now as I'm doing this in my spare time as something I enjoy so never looked to get paid for it. Plus the community has plenty of other causes more worthy of your money. As for your issue - yes the server tab pulls missions from the MPMissions Folder of the server path set on the "Steam Updater" tab. It will only look for packed (.pbo) mission files. Server should launch fine without any mission selected. Can you screenshot the settings page of the server tab and post it?
  15. Ah yes, just re-read. My bad! Still hopefully V1.3.2 will help with the other issue you are having.