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  1. This will have to be sorted on a networking level - nothing you can do in FAST or Arma 3. This will depend on your provider and OS that you are using.
  2. @Arghbra Can you jump on discord so we can have a chat?
  3. Hi, can you try with the latest version just released please.
  4. NEW RELEASE - v2.1 Most of the 2.1 features were added in the last update - this just bring the last couple online. Update Instructions To get the new release please just open your existing versions of FAST2 to auto update. Changelog Added Mod Counts in Profiles and Mod Tabs Launch Headless Client's Independently Additional files for Error Reporting Direct Download LATEST VERSION
  5. NEW RELEASE - v2.0.3.0 Lots of minor fixes and some new features. Mostly to bring in line with all the updates to the game and it's settings. New features will be added in future releases. Update Instructions To get the new release please just open your existing versions of FAST2 to auto update. Changelog Added Server Profile Duplication Added Copying Mod selection between Server, Client & HC Added "Enter Key" handling for some dialogs Added ability to see SQM missions in MPMissions Added scroll bar to Server Profile list Added support for Creator DLC branch Updated Voting System, allows all commands and types Updated Steam CMD output format Updated Theme Packages Fixed Server Profile Name Validation Direct Download LATEST VERSION
  6. Hey guys, sorry for the long absence. Back on this now. Had a generous offer from two mates to get though the back log of issues. So thanks to @tom.tucka and @xaithe for the help. 2020 Hot Fix ( will be inbound in the next few days. 2.1 in next week or so.
  7. Sorry for the delay guys - it's back up now.
  8. My bad, site migration gone wrong - will be back up by tomorrow.
  9. I know - looking back on it was stupid for sure. Was an oversight from originally building this for personal use then going public after. I'm just disappointed in myself for not realising it sooner. Key is revoked and new version asks users to provide their own.
  10. New issue with FAST2 - I revoked my SteamAPI key which will have broken the app. I'm working on a fix. You'll actually get an update after all this time. Shocking I know!
  11. Unfortunately no fix, seems to be an issue on the SteamCMD side. Haven't found a way around it yet. Like you say mash the button each time it stops and you'll be good eventually.
  12. Have you taken a look at the file mentioned in the error - C:\FMIS\Steam\logs\stderr.txt This is a steam error rather than a FAST error. If you let me know what's in there we can see if we can sort it.
  13. Drop an issue in the Git repo and I'll mark as a feature request and add when I get a chance. As a general reminder guys, Git Repo is best place to report bugs and feature requests as I don't tend to trawl back through this thread or the Discord for issues from ages ago. If it's on the Git Repo i will get round to it eventually.
  14. I get what you are looking for - this is possible in FAST but it was not designed for it. If you completely ignore the steam part of FAST you can create a server profile and point it at the arma3server.exe in your client install. Then for the mods to be detected you can go to settings and add the hidden !Workshop folder in the arma 3 client folder as a place to look for local mods. These should then show up for you and allow you to launch with the mods you want without having to re download from steam.
  15. Top bit - yes I have noticed this too. I believe it happens when a mod changes its name or is removed from the workshop. I will try and find a way around this however not the quickest thing to replicate. As for Keys yes it's top of my list for things to add. I am going to sit down and work through the back log next week and get a release out as soon after as possible.