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  1. I know - looking back on it was stupid for sure. Was an oversight from originally building this for personal use then going public after. I'm just disappointed in myself for not realising it sooner. Key is revoked and new version asks users to provide their own.
  2. New issue with FAST2 - I revoked my SteamAPI key which will have broken the app. I'm working on a fix. You'll actually get an update after all this time. Shocking I know!
  3. Unfortunately no fix, seems to be an issue on the SteamCMD side. Haven't found a way around it yet. Like you say mash the button each time it stops and you'll be good eventually.
  4. Have you taken a look at the file mentioned in the error - C:\FMIS\Steam\logs\stderr.txt This is a steam error rather than a FAST error. If you let me know what's in there we can see if we can sort it.
  5. Drop an issue in the Git repo and I'll mark as a feature request and add when I get a chance. As a general reminder guys, Git Repo is best place to report bugs and feature requests as I don't tend to trawl back through this thread or the Discord for issues from ages ago. If it's on the Git Repo i will get round to it eventually.
  6. I get what you are looking for - this is possible in FAST but it was not designed for it. If you completely ignore the steam part of FAST you can create a server profile and point it at the arma3server.exe in your client install. Then for the mods to be detected you can go to settings and add the hidden !Workshop folder in the arma 3 client folder as a place to look for local mods. These should then show up for you and allow you to launch with the mods you want without having to re download from steam.
  7. Top bit - yes I have noticed this too. I believe it happens when a mod changes its name or is removed from the workshop. I will try and find a way around this however not the quickest thing to replicate. As for Keys yes it's top of my list for things to add. I am going to sit down and work through the back log next week and get a release out as soon after as possible.
  8. Check this post for the temp fix. If the server says it is full when there are no players in it it is usually due to a mod mismatch.
  9. In that case you'd be best served to start a new thread related to your issues or try and find a similar thread. This one is specifically related to the FAST tool rather than Arma 3 Server's in general. This is a good place to start:
  10. @yokhanan @Stoasha Madjic Not sure why you can't see this - are you running the latest version? This doesn't get hidden in any circumstance. Could you try making the window bigger/ full screen? @TheNightstalk3r When large downloads fail just click the download all again and it will continue the download where it left off until the download is complete. As you mentioned this is a limitation of SteamCMD. I am working on a way to automate the retrying of failed downloads. @Brent Hachey Mission files come from where ever you get them - this can be from a download site, exported from the editor, steam workshop etc... Although this shouldn't stop the server showing up in the list. If everything is setup correctly as you say and you are hosting on your own PC rather than a dedicated server this could be an issue with your ISP.
  11. Flax

    Welcome to Glasgow

    @thebuckfastwine What ship is in that pic? Not the Brazilian one the civi tanker. Pic snipped for space.
  12. Yeah there seems to have been something that stops this from working. I am working on a permanent fix but for now download this exe and replace the existing FAST2 exe and run as normal. Steam CMD will open in its own window when updating and you can enter steam guard codes etc there. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ct02apkejk7man5/FAST2.exe?dl=1
  13. Good to see you both back and hard at it. Looking forward to seeing it all progress.
  14. Two instances of FAST? If you can give some more info behind why/ what you are trying to achieve I can probably work out what caused it. If it's not working go to "%localappdata%\KestrelStudios\FAST2......\\" and delete the user.config. Jump on the discord and I'll be able to help out more directly.