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  1. @Percy Thrillington The "Steam download timed out" message is an error from Steam - it usually means it's taking too long to download the mod. Are you trying to download large mods? If so try it will a smaller number or smaller mods. CBA or TFAR to test and see what happens there. The messages that appear in the box on the first tab of the tool is just a printout from SteamCMD if it's a program error it'll come up in a popup box. @Berni Kleiner This tool hasn't been tested MPMissions on the steam workshop as they are handled differently. This just works with .pbo mission files added manually to the MPMissions folder.
  2. Is there any chance of the autobrake being an optional config value, or have the ability to turn it off? Might even allow for the ability to tow things with ropes if that was turned off?
  3. Thanks, will look into it.
  4. Forums Upgrade

    Likewise same here. We had a similar issue at work was resolved by increasing buffer and timeout size for fastCGI in the NGINX Config.
  5. Yea sorry, should have put that in the release post - didn't make it into the beta release. Working in my current build.
  6. Yea i'm looking at adding an extra list for server mods. Expect a stable version of 1.3 by the end of the week, found a few more bugs that need squashing first.
  7. The FPS drop is likely caused by many markers being present on the map. As for locating players can you describe how this is done.
  8. I'm doing some testing regarding the ALiVE issue but the next version will have an option to launch HC's separately so that should solve it in your particular instance. As for the mods not showing up to the user, yea that is because the tool is using the -serverMods line. I'll see if I can get way to separate out server only mods and client required mods.
  9. @Arghbra I can split out the Server and HC launching into separate buttons but what you are saying is incorrect. Headless client's can join a server or mission at any point regardless of if the mission is ALiVE or not.
  10. Hot Fix - V1.3-beta You can download from GitHub or here. Thanks for the feedback - mods not launching was my issue I was using the wrong startup option... Fixed in beta release now. @eric963 - yea I plan to add the extra options but only noticed them after I'd finished the UI for this build. Will be sure to add them soon. @Arghbra - sorry for causing you to reinstall the whole server! That issue is fixed as said above. I really like the idea of a server monitor built in. I'll see what I can do.
  11. NEW RELEASE - V1.3-beta Testing release for new feature set: Add server and save settings. Launch server and up to 3 headless clients. Minor fixes for other features. Downloads GitHub Release Update Instructions Download and unzip. Overwrite existing files.
  12. Check your launcher startup parameters - it's possible you have a profile selected in the launcher that doesn't exist which can cause the above. Just untick the profile option or select your correct profile.
  13. For realism's sake, as far as I'm aware the L129A1 (LM308MWS) has a standard 5/8-24 muzzle thread so it should accept any 5/8-24 muzzle thread attachment.