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  1. Hi again guys, having a problem with mission persistence for a campaign we are running. Seems the server save and exit works, but when we restart the server and the mission starts back up, everything has reset, including profiles. Here's what I've know/done/tried so far: We do persistent ALiVE's every month and am using the same framework from a working mission. Checked the alive and AliveServer mod are up-to-date Checked the alive cfg is up-to-date (it is the game directory) Checked stats are recording to the war room When doing Server Save and Exit, it works fully, telling me it has saved Checked the ALiVE War Room has the up-to-date IP, server name and hostname Can't figure out for the life of me why it's not working, hopefully you guys can :wacko: Here's the server RPT file from server save and exiting (sorry about the download, trying to paste it into pastebin caused the window to crash): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2YvcsQ9lxhsemhiN0J0SWVlbGM/view?usp=sharing
  2. eaglestrike999

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP_Terrains

    So our group just spent an hour re-key signing all the pbo's because we thought it was an error on our side and then I saw this :rolleyes: Would it be possible to keysign all PBO's before final release for people who like to keysign their servers? Btw loving CUP so far, can't get over how good the ponds and rivers look! :D
  3. Thanks spyder, I'll give it a try out later, hopefully Mogadishu will be at a stable release by then so I won't have to but that's pretty handy to know, thanks! :D
  4. Hi guys! Looking to start up another ALiVE campaign around the end of next month and the map isn't indexed, just out of curiosity, the wiki mentions you can still use ALiVE if you manually place military custom objectives. Is this just for military objectives, for example the map is Mogadishu, would the civilian objectives spawner work or would I have to manually place the enemy units and sync them up to the virtual AI system. :)
  5. Just tested it, realised it was working when I started taking potshots followed by 2 T72's rolling up the hill ending in my demise, thanks for the help guys. :)
  6. Do I need to have another TAOR placement module covering the rest of the map? It's for a joint operation between 3 units so I don't want any BLUFOR AI placement on our side of the island, just players. Edit: Well you learn something new about ALiVE every day :lol: , I assume you put down the TAOR marker for the other half of the map and put down Military and Civilian placement modules as Objectives only so they don't spawn units. Correct me if I'm wrong, will test tomorrow.
  7. Hi guys, testing out a Russian invasion styled mission on the ArmA 2 map Podagorsk. I left the server running for an hour with the profile speed monitor on 125% and the enemy didn't try to push out of their TAOR to capture the rest of the island, they simply defended what they already had and didn't move. Is there any way I can get them to push to conquer the entire map? Also, since you guys mentioned the Adv Markers, we can't seem to get them persistent on restart. We do Server Save and Exit however when we start the same mission back up, although persistence works, the markers are all gone. Is this a known issue or just on our end?
  8. eaglestrike999

    Paddle Mod - RELEASED!

    Same as Finesseseth, would love to include this in my units mod pack but am waiting on the update to use the rope features, amazing mod though! :)
  9. eaglestrike999

    [WIP] Terrain Diyala province Iraq

    Looks amazing mate, can't wait to play on it!
  10. The idea is to have scroll actions to various functions of the ship. One thing we are hoping to include is floodlights for the flight deck. We haven't really thought about any other actions but hopefully the interiors will be nicely detailed and textured.
  11. There aren't any interiors at the moment, there is a hangar below the flight deck which is accessible via the two elevators and that's it. As for interior that we are adding -
  12. We are planning to do an interior for the ATC at least but that's further down the line. As for an interior for the bridge, haven't really discussed it. Here's a quick pic I took of the interior of the ATC that we have right now. The idea eventually is to have various scroll wheel functions you can turn on and off from the ATC, so possibly flood lights for the flight deck would be one.
  13. Work continued last night and into the early hours of the morning with both of us working on the new Bow and Stern Islands. Here's a quick WIP shot.
  14. Working on adding extra model detail to the two islands tonight, here's quick screenshot of the models so far.
  15. Thanks for the comments guys, here's some screenshots of the work done today Changed out hull textures Re-did Flight Deck and Hangar floor textures to reflect asphalt Removed lights that weren't needed and added new ones that were Changed brightness of lights to make sure they can be seen clearly when coming in to land http://i.imgur.com/f0SVbZE.jpg (118 kB) http://i.imgur.com/1gVryuA.png (338 kB) http://i.imgur.com/PCjsNLh.png (223 kB)