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    Former Infamous European Division - Delta squadron leader.

    Software engineer, proficient in C++, C#, SQL, Information security.
    Long time OFP/ArmA series fan.
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  1. John Kozak

    X-55 stops working after opening controls

    Upgrade to win10, that should solve it :)Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  2. John Kozak

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP_Terrains

    Sounds like any option would find someone unhappy
  3. John Kozak

    Ukraine General

    Legally elected government, you mean?
  4. John Kozak

    Ukraine General

    You said they were fighting for a good cause, not me. Can you please explain what you meant, then?
  5. John Kozak

    Ukraine General

    So, you're essentially saying you can put up with Nazis as long as they establish order. I have no more questions for you, thanks.
  6. John Kozak

    Ukraine General

    If NATO is so bloody warmongery as you say, why do other countries like Ukraine/Belarus still exist?
  7. John Kozak

    Russia General

    I believe that a rating agency or a bank who gets paid for prognoses are very accurate in them. I know because I work in one. Of course there are scandals with manipulations, but those manipulations are like "putting 14.2% instead of 14.1%", not "20% instead of 80%". Which, for our means, is sufficient. P.S. and I'm a rich person by Russian standards - top 5% quantile of earnings last time I checked, and I work in a big western bank. Does that make me "f* greed for money"?
  8. John Kozak

    Russia General

    Well, all I can say is good luck in that.
  9. John Kozak

    Russia General

    Well, I guess not only Russia has biased government media. And this wiki article is precisely the reason why sometimes you should not trust Wikipedia. It has "hate propaganda" spelled on it
  10. John Kozak

    Russia General

    Sorry, but I believe Credit Suisse more than word of mouth. Objective data says inequality situation in Russia is much much worse than in Ukraine. I do understand you might have read that somewhere, but after all, it's internet - you may find "proofs" that Earth is flat here
  11. John Kozak

    Russia General

    Speaking of vilas's favorite topic, the oligarchs: a January analysis based on Credit Suisse numbers If you want to find a country ruled by corrupted oligarchs, that's not Ukraine. The article asks: Now we know the answer: we find more fascists in neighboring countries.
  12. John Kozak

    Ukraine General

    What you say are motives, not justification. Whatever are the goals - what justifies annexing part of another country?
  13. John Kozak

    Ukraine General

    I am sorry, but you have to provide some stronger arguments than those empty accusations if you want to have a discussion. Shall we start again? On a related note, DNR/LNR claim to have started unilaterally withdrawing armor from the frontline. It's interesting whether there's a link to the renewed MH17 interest - as this seems to be the only related event which happened recently
  14. John Kozak

    Ukraine General

    Indeed, let's get back to basics. How does a coup (even if it was orchestrated by someone else) warrant annexing territories from that country? If Russia wanted to support Ukraine, perhaps it should have supported it, not starting to take it apart? Any government changes are this state internal affairs.