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  1. Kofeina101

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    So, modules will be updated more frequently. Old pack will receive update but later on, probably when they will update all modules to 0.8.0. @Tittoffer wait for ACE compat
  2. Kofeina101


  3. Kofeina101

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Maybe upload alone/add to DHI test version (1-2 uniforms in 4k) so people can check it. Imo 4k would be great.
  4. Kofeina101

    Improved game hosting

    1. Log into your router( try to find if you can enable UPnP 2. If yes, while setting up server select UPNP If provider is blocking it... change provider lol
  5. Hi, some ppl in my group experience bug which spawn them as seagulls when they try to connect after mission start (they are late/arma crashed/lost connection). Lets say if this person lost connection and he is trying to join back he spawn as seagull but his character (AI) its alive and working as normal, when he connects on additional slot with AI switched off he spawns without problem. Thing is this didn't happend before (2-3 months ago) and we didn't change mods in this time (image below). Mission was w/o any additional scripts in editor and inside mission folder only mission.sqm Server logs at the time of reconnection first player 21:30:49 Loading movesType CfgMovesBird 21:30:49 Creating action map cache 21:30:49 MovesType CfgMovesBird load time 23 ms 21:31:20 Client: Remote object 19:0 not found 21:31:22 No speaker given for 'Kyle Thomson' second player 21:32:28 Client: Remote object 20:0 not found 21:32:32 No speaker given for 'Ethan Hill' Any idea if mods are problem, maybe something with server(dedicated)? Or how can i fix this. mods
  6. http://cup-arma3.org/download
  7. Tigers somewhere in Poland, 1944. IFA3 Lite
  8. Behind enemy lines, Chernorus mods: Chernorus 2035, RHS(all), Military Gear Pack, ACE (NVG).
  9. Another day, another mission. PMCs somewhere. Mods: Pulau, RHS(all), NIArms HK G36, NIArms SIG p22X, NIArms M60, Extra RHS Retextures, US Military Mod, TAC Vests, TRYK.
  10. Kofeina101

    Community Factions Project

    I would rather see them in INDFOR
  11. Another job in Cherno Mods: Chernorus 2035, RHS(all), Military Gear Pack, NIArms SIG 55X/P226
  12. Another Night Op Mods Chernorus 2035, RHS, Military Gear Pack, NIArms AUG