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  1. target_practice

    Checking for terrain angle

    There is also the (somewhat buggy) isFlatEmpty command, although I am yet to test it myself.
  2. target_practice

    Mission File Error

    Your mission.sqm looks like it's binarised, and judging from the error, you've rather haphazardly deleted a section out of it. Unless you have some way of undoing your change, I don't think this is salvageable, sorry. You should never try to edit a binarised mission file; it's not meant to be human readable, let alone modifiable.
  3. target_practice

    UI Event Handlers

    Are UI Event Handlers destroyed when their parent display or control is destroyed? Just a quick question, as the BIKI doesn't seem to say.
  4. target_practice

    'Dammaged' EH stops firing.

    The vehicle I have been testing with is a vanilla IFV-6c Panther (B_APC_Tracked_01_rcws_F). I've tested the EH with a hint being used to return the damage of the vehicle, and now I believe I have determined the cause of my issue. The documentation doesn't make this very clear, but the 'Dammaged' event handler only fires for damage sustained by vehicle parts, rather than for the entire hull. I have confirmed this by using system chat to coincidentally report the damage returned by the EH (which I have found to be damage to the given vehicle part) and found that the EH ceased firing once this value reached 1. It looks like I may need to use the 'Hit' EH instead, which is annoying as it will be difficult to ensure proper locality. Also, for some reason not disabling serialization never caused any problems for me, despite me manipulating UI elements.
  5. target_practice

    'Dammaged' EH stops firing.

    I'm not sure what you mean by 'bracket error', since to my understanding there are no syntax problems in this code. EDIT: Sorry, I didn't realise you were referring to the first code box. That bracket error is only shown because I didn't copy-paste it properly and in the actual code it is not present. As for syntax highlighting, I use NP++ with SQF highlighting. As mentioned in the OP, while I haven't tried it outside of an EH, when used in conjunction with an EachFrame handler, the desired outcome is produced. Do keep in mind that the Dammaged EH works with the function for a few seconds before stopping. I also haven't used the damaged passed by the EH itself as I am unsure as to whether it refers to overall damage or the damage to the specific part.
  6. target_practice

    'Dammaged' EH stops firing.

    I do still need some help with this if anyone has some insight.
  7. target_practice

    'Dammaged' EH stops firing.

    Ah yes, sorry. Event handler executing the code: _target addEventHandler ["Dammaged",{[_this select 0,116,117,20042] call BTP_fnc_sovproUIUpdateCVHealthBar; And the function itself: if (!hasInterface) exitWith{}; params [["_indicatedCV",objNull,[objNull]],["_progressBarIDC",nil,[0]],["_statusTextIDC",nil,[0]],["_displayIDD",nil,[0]]]; //Check that the passed object is a Command Vehicle if !(_indicatedCV getVariable ["sovpro_attr_isCV",false]) exitWith {["Indicated object is not a command vehicle"] call BIS_fnc_error}; //Get the actual display private _display = findDisplay _displayIDD; //Get the controls from the display private _progressBar = _display displayCtrl _progressBarIDC; private _statusText = _display displayCtrl _statusTextIDC; //Check that the indicated controls are the correct type if ((ctrlType _progressBar != 8) or {ctrlType _statusText != 0}) exitWith {["Invalid control type"] call BIS_fnc_error}; //Retrieve the current damage level of the vehicle _currentDamage = damage _indicatedCV; //Convert damage into a percentage string, and set the text display with it _healthPercent = 100 - 100*_currentDamage; _healthPercentString = [str _healthPercent,"%"] joinString ""; _statusText ctrlSetText _healthPercentString; //Use damage value to transition CT_PROGRESS colour from 100% green at 0 to 100% red at 1, and set its position to reflect the damage level _progressBar ctrlSetTextColor [_currentDamage,(1 - _currentDamage),0,0.7]; _progressBar progressSetPosition (1 - _currentDamage);
  8. I've been using the 'dammaged' event handler to run code to update a healthbar for a vehicle. Initially it works fine but after a second or two it seems to stop triggering. I've tested it by having various AI-controlled vehicles attack the vehicle in question. I know it's the EH and not my code that's causing the problem (as I substituted dammaged with eachFrame and it worked fine) and while the biki mentions that the EH wouldn't fire for minor damage, in my tests the source remained consistent.
  9. target_practice

    Controlling the volume of specific sounds

    To give context, the reason I'm trying eliminate the vehicle ambience is that it is still audible to a player who is accessing a controllable camera from within the vehicle when that camera is near to that vehicle. In any case though it's apparent that I can't affect the sound itself using scripting and so I have devised an alternative solution.
  10. target_practice

    Controlling the volume of specific sounds

    The player should still be able to hear sounds other than that.
  11. Is it possible to acquire and control the volume of specific sounds in the environment? In my case I want to mute the interior ambience of a panther.
  12. target_practice

    SQDev - SQF Developing in eclipse

    Are there any future plans for this plugin or is it basically abandoned at this point.
  13. target_practice

    Apply radio protocol filter to custom dialogue.

    I've found that I need to use the conversation system for full audio simulation, including the filters.
  14. target_practice

    Apply radio protocol filter to custom dialogue.

    I know about them, but their usage seems to be hardcoded with no way to apply them directly via script.
  15. I've been trying to use the radio commands to get a unit to say a message defined in CfgRadio. They say the message but the radio filter effect usually applied to radio messages is absent. How can the filter be applied to scripted dialogue like this?