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  1. target_practice

    Future plans to continue "The legacy"

    Four years is hardly enough to make an engine 'outdated'. Given their complexity, modern engines are usually developed with an expected lifetime of at least a decade.
  2. target_practice

    Future plans to continue "The legacy"

    I don't speak from first hand experience either, but from what I understand enfusion's animation is considerably improved compared to RV's, with it incorporating animation blending and various other bells and whistles.
  3. target_practice

    Dead animations?

    Unless I am mistaken, arma 3 does not have any such animations as, unlike previous installments, it implements ragdoll physics for killed units.
  4. target_practice

    Blank UI? Blank/empty window?

    It depends in what context you want to this blank UI to appear. You can put the code in numerous different places, all of which affect when and where (as in, on what machine in a multiplayer session) it is run. Yes, but as I've already told you, a blank UI alone will not allow you to recreate that firing range/free aiming thing from VBS. That requires more work.
  5. target_practice

    Blank UI? Blank/empty window?

    I suggest you try pasting it in something like Notepad++ first, see if that helps. Bloody hell you beat me to it. To corroborate with @Von Quest though, given that you seem to be enough of a scripting novice to not even know how to really use your code, we'll need to know exactly what you desire to achieve here in order to give the right advice
  6. target_practice

    Blank UI? Blank/empty window?

    Could you please repost that code using code block object? Presently you've posted it onto a single line and made it extremely hard to read. Even so, you still haven't said where you want this code to be run.
  7. target_practice

    Blank UI? Blank/empty window?

    Where you put the code depends where and under what circumstances you want to run it. So what exactly do you need this for?
  8. I believe so, but I've never used it for this specific purpose my self.
  9. File patching will only allow for the loading of unpacked data from within the A3 directory. I think this used to be different, but not anymore.
  10. target_practice

    Multi variables

    It also has the difference of being slower and harder to read, so there really is no real reason for it.
  11. target_practice

    Multi variables

    Or just assign as a global variable by omitting the underscore, which does exactly the same thing in this case if I'm not mistaken.
  12. target_practice

    Can't we put vehicle weapons in Infantry?

    Out of interest, do you know how the command now determines if a weapon is intended for vehicles?
  13. target_practice

    Limit of light sources..?

    You can't. It's hardcoded.
  14. target_practice

    Limit of light sources..?

    You can't. As stated in my previous post, the 32 light limit is hard coded. Lights beyond that limit will still have a flare sprite, but will not cast light onto surfaces.
  15. target_practice

    Future plans to continue "The legacy"

    I do know that, but I thought there were no physics in DayZ at all.