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  1. target_practice

    Single player campaign

    I don't know where you got this idea, it saves fine on custom profiles.
  2. target_practice

    Is "old man" dead ?

    Did it work as well though?
  3. Yeah that sounds about right. From what I've gathered, the original AI programmers left the (very complex) AI code in a poorly documented, rather spaghettified state which made it largely incomprehensible to later programmers. This leads to current BIS members having to contrive half-working SQF-based solutions for most problems, as every time they try to venture into the dark and foreboding depths of the engine they risk triggering a proverbial cave in at the higher levels. I have to assume that a major motivator for BIS developing a new engine is the fact that RV is at this point, as you describe, an overburdened, lopsided house of cards whose inner workings are held together by half-forgotten arcane magic.
  4. target_practice

    ACTA2 voted today by EU

    If that truly is the case then I agree, it is a serious concern. I would however hesitate to describe youtube as the only source of independent media. Given the kind of people they have focused most of their efforts on banning, I can't help but feel this is stretching the meaning of 'patriotism'.
  5. target_practice

    ACTA2 voted today by EU

    ACTA2 isn't about politcal censorship, it's an aggressive copyright enforcement policy. That doesn't make it any less ill advised, but misconstruing its nature and basis is not constructive.
  6. target_practice

    Is "old man" dead ?

    I wouldn't be surprised if the AI code in OFP had less spaghetti heaped on top of it, which likely made it easier to improve. The lesser complexity of the environments probably helped too, not as much stuff to trip up the pathfinding, vision system and what not.
  7. target_practice

    Is "old man" dead ?

    Pardon me for being uncultured scum, but what did this SLX mod do?
  8. I don't know how accurate this is, but I heard somewhere that the problem stems from AI-controlled tanks pathfinding as if they are infantry.
  9. target_practice

    Is "old man" dead ?

    BIS said in a SITREP that it has been delayed due to "design challanges". I'd assume it's still in development but not a priority.
  10. target_practice


    Because it's unbalanced in the context of warlords?
  11. target_practice

    Dialog controls documentation?

    While this thread is still open, does anyone know how the class ControlsBackground differs from Controls? And finally, where can I find the config for the display used by the EG spectator mode?
  12. target_practice


    I thought remoteExec abuse like this was a thing of the past, why is it still happening?
  13. target_practice

    Old school, but so old I might as well be ancient.

    What exactly do you mean by templates in this case?
  14. target_practice

    Dialog controls documentation?

    The biki lists it as type 46, if that's what you mean: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DialogControls-Menu Since you said it's from the eden editor, I had a look through the configs to see if I could find it in use anywhere but I didn't see anything of the sort. Would you know where to look? EDIT: Nevermind I wasn't looking hard enough, I found it in the form of "ctrlMenu". I'll have to test it later and add any findings I have to the BIKI.
  15. target_practice

    What was your Gateway Arma?

    Like most newer players I heard about Arma through DayZ. The mod really appealed to me, and I initially had no interest in Arma itself, but needing to buy an entire seperate game just to play it put me off somewhat. Even so, I saw that Arma 2 had a demo on steam and thought "why not" and gave it a try. I quickly found it to be far more interesting then DayZ, which I soon forgot about, but still decided not to buy it at the time. A few months later I was intending to buy OA, but then steam sent me an ad about the Arma 3 alpha, and on impulse I bought that instead. I spent the next few months being horribly confused by everything in the game. To make matters worse, my then-dreadful internet prevented me from playing multiplayer, and the editor appeared impossibly arcane, limiting me to the small selection of scenarios which came with the game at the time. All in all, this left me thinking I'd made a terrible mistake buying it, and I didn't touch the game again until near the end of Beta. Six years on though, now with internet fast enough to play multiplayer and plenty of time spent mucking around in the editor, I can confidently say it was one of the best purchases I've ever made.