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  1. target_practice

    Condition OR

    The value that the statement produces. Run it in the debug console: it displays the return value of any expression executed in it underneath the text field.
  2. This unfortunately seems to be a rather opaque topic with essentially no documentation on the BIKI that I can find. I understand that saving the game records the position and status of objects in the game world, along with the time and other environmental factors. However there seems to be an indication that it can also record the execution status of some scripts (or at least the values of variables), but not others? In short, I essentially don't know what a savegame does and doesn't record the state of.
  3. target_practice

    Condition OR

    By all indications that statement should work, what does it return when you run it?
  4. target_practice

    New joiner PvP questions

    A reasonably large segment of the playerbase engages with various PvP gamemodes, with unofficial mode KoTH, and official mode Warlords seeming to be the most popular currently. I can't tell you much more though, as I hardly ever play public PvP, though be warned the quality of gamemodes and servers can vary drastically, so your mileage may vary. Can be both, depending on server difficulty settings.
  5. target_practice

    Best RTS camera

    Now that I think about it, I believe you may have to manually activate the associated UI and their scripts to get it working in a camera.
  6. target_practice

    Best RTS camera

    I'm afraid I'm not sure then 😕. All I know is that I was able to implement a lot of stuff while using the camera, so It's certainly possible. For the reason above, I can't really help directly right now, so you'll just have to try some stuff until you get it working (i'd suggest using the BIKI page for the above command as a starting point). If you still haven't worked out how to do it when I get back to working on my project (and therefore remind myself on how to do everything) I'll update this thread.
  7. target_practice

    Best RTS camera

    Sorry, I forgot to mention you need to execute the command "cameraEffectEnableHUD true" to get many UI elements to display when using a camera. I wrote this code ages ago and the project its part of is on a bit of a hiatus, so I don't quite remember how the whole thing works. 😉
  8. target_practice

    Best RTS camera

    'camCreate' command with the 'camcurator' camera type. Here's an example of where I've implemented it myself (ignore the undefined variables, this is a snippet from a larger function): _commandCamera = "camcurator" camCreate (_target modelToWorld [0,0,5]); _commandCamera cameraEffect ["internal","back"]; //Define parameters for the curator camera _commandCamera camCommand "maxPitch 40"; //Maximum pitch of the camera, in degrees, relative to the horizontal plane _commandCamera camCommand "minPitch -89"; //Minimum pitch /*_commandCamera camCommand "speedDefault 0.1"; _commandCamera camCommand "speedMax 2";*/ _commandCamera camCommand "ceilingHeight 500"; //Maximum height of camera above terrain or sea level _commandCamera camCommand "atl on"; //Determines whether camera height (and ceiling) is adjusted relative to terrain (on) or sea level (off) _commandCamera camCommand "surfaceSpeed on"; //Whether camera speed is decreased (on) or increased (off) by proximity to terrain
  9. target_practice

    Best RTS camera

    No, don't use zeus itself, just the camera. If you do that, I see no reason why it wouldn't work with HC, as all it does it changes the player's viewpoint in the same way that getting into a vehicle or using a turret does.
  10. target_practice

    Best RTS camera

    For the camera itself you can just use the Zeus camera. You'll still have to make the UI yourself but in terms of movement it does everything you need.
  11. target_practice

    Future plans to continue "The legacy"

    Four years is hardly enough to make an engine 'outdated'. Given their complexity, modern engines are usually developed with an expected lifetime of at least a decade.
  12. target_practice

    Future plans to continue "The legacy"

    I don't speak from first hand experience either, but from what I understand enfusion's animation is considerably improved compared to RV's, with it incorporating animation blending and various other bells and whistles.
  13. target_practice

    Dead animations?

    Unless I am mistaken, arma 3 does not have any such animations as, unlike previous installments, it implements ragdoll physics for killed units.
  14. target_practice

    Blank UI? Blank/empty window?

    It depends in what context you want to this blank UI to appear. You can put the code in numerous different places, all of which affect when and where (as in, on what machine in a multiplayer session) it is run. Yes, but as I've already told you, a blank UI alone will not allow you to recreate that firing range/free aiming thing from VBS. That requires more work.