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  1. Warlords

    What error do you get?
  2. Warlords

    I'm relatively new to scripting my self so I can't guarantee any advice I give to particularly good, but for for delayed removal you could do something along the lines of: [_markerstr] spawn { sleep 180; deleteMarker _this select 0; }; I don't know know if event handler expressions are run scheduled, but I assume not. I'd also add that since MP Event handlers execute their code on every machine according to the BIKI, you'll probably want to create the markers locally or add an !isServer condition to prevent duplicate markers.
  3. Warlords

    They do, most of my time in Warlords is with just AI in fact.
  4. Can this AI behaviour be fixed?

    From my understanding, DayZ is essentially a hybrid of RV3 and Enfusion, with BIS using it as an environment to test components of the engine, such as the renderer. As for it being a new engine, I refer to this post. As the linked post mentions, Enfusion is meant to be a modern engine capable of being scripted to run essentially any game (a la Unreal and Unity) , rather than being limited by hard coded systems. That is true, but if all they wanted to change was the scripting language was the only thing they wanted to change they wouldn't be making a new engine; Enfusion will in all likelyhood have notably different architecture and design from RV, making it impossible to simply port code over. I think BIS have stated on a few occasions that DayZ currently only supports basic AI systems like that of the zombies for this reason. All in all, BIS is much bigger company than it used to be, if they have the resources to build an entirely new engine while maintaining and developing several other games, I really doubt it'll be hard for them to improve the AI in the future on their new platform.
  5. Can this AI behaviour be fixed?

    Given that Arma 4 will almost certainly be an Enfusion game, I don't think they'd be able to copy over old code even if they wanted to. I wouldn't be surprised if BIS does try to use it as an opportunity to redo the entire AI system. After all, they're making a new engine basically scratch, so I doubt they'd refrain from doing that if they believe it to be sufficient benefit. I definitely hope they don't try to go the easy route and dumb down the AI as you suggest in any case, as that would be removing half of what Arma is.
  6. Can this AI behaviour be fixed?

    I have to wonder what Arma's AI code looks like for BIS to have so much trouble tweaking it without breaking things. I imagine it must be nigh-illegible spaghetti at this point.
  7. Warlords

    Can we not try to nerf things like the Rhino? BLUFOR needs to be able to have something to counter CSAT Ankara spam; not to mention that CSAT fast air has a field day blowing up NATO hardware, especially on Altis, so they can't be around for long anyway.
  8. Can this AI behaviour be fixed?

    While I confess I haven't made many mission relying on consistent AI behavior, when I have they haven't really caused that much trouble for me. Sometimes I feel like the AI I have and others have is completely different, as many problems talked about on this forum rarely if ever materialise for me.
  9. Warlords

    So what's this for then? _trackerGrp addGroupIcon ["selector_selectable", [0,0]]; _trackerGrp setVariable ["BIS_WL_dangerState", ""]; _trackerGrp setGroupIconParams [[0,0.8,0,1], "", 2.5, FALSE];
  10. Warlords

    I hope you don't mind me asking but how did you implement the player map markers in warlords? Looking at your functions it seems you've done so by using group icons, and I've been trying to implement similar tracking system with the same method in my own scripts. I'm just confused by the locality of them, as in my testing the commands associated with them seem to be local, but in your scripts you seem to have created all of them on each client. Does it have anything to do with you creating the markers on attached gamelogics (that's what it looks like you're doing anyway) or is because of some of the variables being broadcast (eg. "BIS_WL_playerTracked")?
  11. Can this AI behaviour be fixed?

    Just ran a scenario involving lots of vehicles moving near several squads of infantry, I only saw one soldier get run over, with the vehicles stopping and driving around the rest. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I can't help but feel like some people exaggerate some of the AI's problems.
  12. A question about BI Studio and BI Sim

    The reason I posted this thread is because I already read those pages. As far as I know BIS/A was still a subsidiary during the development of VBS1, and neither articles say when they became an independent organisation.
  13. Can this AI behaviour be fixed?

    Personally I've noticed that the AI will try to avoid running over friendlies, but when it tries to drive around them it seems to act on the assumption that they haven't moved, and so often ends up running them over when doing that.
  14. Warlords

    @Jezuro, are you using groupIcons to give players scene visible nametags? If so, how are you giving them a limited visibility distance?
  15. No, this isn't a question about tech sharing or anything similar, I'm aware that doesn't and never will happen. I'm just curious to know when and why (if it is knowable) BI Sim separated from BIS. From what I understand using RV to develop military training software was what saved BIS from going bankrupt, so I wonder why BI didn't try to hold onto them.