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  1. Sorry for the inconvinence, it's related to the Huey fleet update. `BIS_fnc_UnitCapture` does not save which turret fired the weapons, during the playback it always tells the vehicle gunner (`gunner _vehicle`) to fire the weapons. After the 1.2 update, the vehicle copilot is considered the vehicle gunner (can be recognized by the icon in 3den). Switching the pylons to the gunner will make it work.
  2. something like this should work for missions (you need steam with the account that owns the workshop items logged on same pc): kpsteam upload --app 107410 --item WORKSHOP_ID --path "C:\path\to\mission.pbo" --legacy
  3. New 1.1.1 update: https://github.com/KillahPotatoes/KP-Steam/releases/tag/v1.1.1 * Fixed Arma 3 missions not working after upload * Prevent UGC uploads over Arma 3 scenarios which are using IRemoteStorage
  4. Unfortunately since the last update the mission is crashing arma quite frequently for me. I was unable to finish any campaign mission. Here's archive with crashes. Maybe @Dedmen could be at help to analyse them. 😁
  5. KP-Steam is a simple command line utility which can be used to upload mods and missions to Steam Workshop. Why _another_ app for Steam Workshop uploading? Over the time amount of supported maps for KP Liberation has grown a lot and having to upload all of them with one by one with Eden started to be a pain. Contrary to BI Publisher CLI this app supports legacy Steam Remote Storage Workshop items, this allows to use this app to update missions on the Workshop. Download: https://github.com/KillahPotatoes/KP-Steam/releases/latest Usage is explained in readme (app needs steam running in background): https://github.com/KillahPotatoes/KP-Steam Warning: I've found out that after doing Steam UGC upload on legacy item you can't reverse that.
  6. veteran29


    Update 1.3.1 - Fix interaction not appearing with ACE 3.13
  7. veteran29


    Update 1.3.0 - Add option to require servicing vehicle nearby for unflipping - Increased maximum unflipping time setting to 600s - Increase next unflip force on unsuccesfull unflip (@McDiod) - Unflip can be canceled by pressing ESC (@McDiod) - Simplified Chinese Translation (@GoldJohnKing)
  8. veteran29


    Update 1.2.2 - Fixed calculation of required amount of people (it was always one less)
  9. veteran29


    New update 1.2.0 - Add toolkit requirement option (@Bosenator) - German translations updates (@Wyqer) - Spanish translation updates (@corp-0) Update 1.2.1 - Russian translation updates (@topden)
  10. veteran29


    New update 1.1.0: - Russian translation (@topden) - Spanish translation (@corp-0) - Unflipping action available only if not in vehicle - Add maximum unflip weight limit option (can't unflip at all above this weight )
  11. veteran29


    I'm not sure what do you mean by polling. I'm mostly using `canMove` command to display the action and also I'm checking the pitch and bank of vehicle when player tries to unflip it.
  12. veteran29


    I think push action could help you in situations like that, I will try to add this when I'll have time. Thank you for kind words! I've added this to my backlog on GitHub and I'll try to add this when I'll have some spare time: https://github.com/veteran29/vet_unflipping/issues/6 Thank you for your contributions and for reporting issues on GitHub.
  13. veteran29


    I'm not planning to allow unflipping of vehicles by vehicles. However I want to add an option which will disable weight restrictions if any repair vehicle is near vehicle that is being unflipped. Thank you for all positive reactions everyone!
  14. Ever got in trouble because of Splendid physics? Fear no more! VET_Unflipping This small utility addon allows players to perform Unflip on vehicles that are on their side or upside down Download (Steam) Requirements - CBA_A3 - Installed both on clients and server Settings By default single infantry unit can unflip vehicles up to 3000 mass. Default value was balanced to allow unflipping of smaller vehicles by single unit. If vehicle is heavier than amount that can be lifted by single unit then multiple people can join unflipping process. Amount of people needed depends on weight of vehicle. If you would like to configure the addon to behave somewhat more "realistic" you can tweak following values in CBA Settings in `VET_Unflipping` category: Unit mass limit - How much can be unflipped by single unit (default: 3000) Man limit - Maximum amount of people that can be needed to unflip vehicle (default: 7) Unflipping time - How long does it take to unflip vehicle (default: 5) Maximum unflip weight - Vehicles with weight above this limit will be not unflippable (default: 100000) Require toolkit (default: false) Require servicing vehicle nearby (default: false) Vanilla / ACE Actions If ACE3 is detected unflipping action will be available in ACE3 Interaction menu, otherwise vanilla interaction menu will be used. Source: GitHub Media Feature requests As it's getting really hard to keep track of both BI Forum and Steam Workshop comments section please add all of your feature requests on GitHub: https://github.com/veteran29/vet_unflipping/issues Known Issues - Some vehicles might be a little bit wonky to unflip, try a few times, eventually they will unflip.
  15. Sure, at the time I was creating the addon issue tracker url was pointing to blank page 😛 that's why I decided to create small fix addon. I'll soon give you detailed info about where the issue is.