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  1. TAW_T-Bone

    destroy obj special

    Yeah i saw that but what does it mean. Like the "T=%1 : %2" for in-stand where and how should i put in the maverick. and does 1 mean dead or destroy? Do you know how to use it?
  2. TAW_T-Bone

    destroy obj special

    Sorry Kylania can you explain what all parameters mean? cause i can't figure it out - i am probably thinking i an other direction then the script is.
  3. TAW_T-Bone

    destroy obj special

    I tested it but couldn't get it to work. _this = radar addEventHandler ["HandleDamage",radar,"",3, player,"15Rnd_9x19_M9"]; I place this in a Anti-air radar in the initialization box. the radar in named "radar". To test it i wanted it to take it down with one shot with my M9 so the 15Rnd_9x19_M9 is the class name of the magazine. can you direct me a bit here?
  4. Hi, i want to know if it possible to set a object like radar that it needs 5 satchels charges to destroy it. Or that it can only be destroy by a maverick from an apache. I was thinking of making a trigger with in the condition something like this == "HandGrenades_West"; and on act: radar SetDamage 1; But this isn't working i hope you get the idea.
  5. TAW_T-Bone

    Looking for ArmaII OA Clan Ladders...

    A good place to search for PvP is at the PvPscene forums dedicated to multiplayer Team versus Team missions mission making and leagues. check it out !!!!
  6. are the note and tasks shown in this mission?
  7. Ok as i said in my other post i would come back to give a full report. Well we player the mission tonight on the server, first of all it attracted quick good number's that is always good for a mission and a clan server. I will just give a line up here. missing note and tasks missing the blackhawk vehicles like humveys, moters, quad were not respawning only Bradley and stryker respawned sidemission was nowwhere to find objective was nowhere to find These are things that wasn't like written in de description. Specially the Task and notes was bad - if i hadn't read it out from the forums we didn't knew what to do. Transportation needs to be better organized in the mission. It also needs more medic's. Some player like the fact that you didn't knew where to go to find Aziz, but a direction for the sidemission would have been nice. island is very good we liked that. So it isn't all that positive but i do can tell you that we had fun playing it, part form the transport. If you have more questions i'll be checking back here.
  8. We will be giving this a go and off course report back - its still beta right.
  9. TAW_T-Bone

    Dale's Missions.

    Any volunteers?????
  10. TAW_T-Bone

    Dale's Missions.

    Is this a single player mission or can you play it as multi too?
  11. Looking forward playing this mission. We are always looking for good coop mission with a revive script in it. do you have anyidea in what time range this mission could be completed?
  12. TAW_T-Bone

    Dutch Army

    Finally a real army in Arma2 - good job mate.
  13. No ACE is not working with this launcher i heard the earlier version did, somehow it is loading not all things. Also i tried to delete addons but that didn't worked either.
  14. TAW_T-Bone

    MP Mission settings

    I thought i have heard that this will be fixed in patch 1.05, cause i think i have seen this in the beta testing section of the forums.
  15. TAW_T-Bone

    addAction and Trigger

    Thats great shk - working like a charm. Thanks guys for the help.