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  1. maybe rpt gives some clues whats happening
  2. What is considered "good sales" for a CDLC - to have a reasonable return for the time invested (ie not below minimum wage)? GM according to their own statement was done working almost two years full time - next to their normal full time job. Both are professionals for VBS for many years as far as I know. Yes it's good to get recognition/return also in terms of payment for your work, yet I seriously doubt the return can match their job salary in any meaningful way. I am sure they were aware of this likely outcome, as should be all our CDLC participants. However to state this is a financially successful outcome is very likely far from reality.
  3. stburr91 some flaws in your arguments: 1) Creating lower res textures can be done with a BI tool (pal2pace) via command line in a matter of minutes. One could even offer a smaller download as result / would make the integration into the base game less of a "burden" (download/HDD/SSD wise). 2) The CDLC compatibility pack is in the current form practically useless, besides trying stuff in Arsenal before you buy, or otherwise to make any use of it, you have to use additional mods as player(s) with the CDLC content for the enemies (or friendly AI). Also you need to use a 3rd party terrain or BI terrains. In simple words it create a huge entry barrier. Adoption rate matters as it means sales both for the CDLC developers and BI. One cannot compare BI DLCs to CDLCs one-to-one as: 1) Way earlier in the product life cycle 2) Even though BI acts as publisher and provides its promotion channels, the outreach is not the same. In addition CDCLs are seen way more critical as "paid mods". 3) DLCs have the Arma 3 base game as platform - CDLCs do not (really) unless they use the same 2035 future setting. 4) CDLCs are an optional download 5) Steam sales matter a huge deal, but also mean considerable less revenue per copy sold 6) CDLCs are not supported in the Arma 3 launcher and the ingame server browser for MP play (aka you should only see servers for a CDLC when you have it selected) The Arma 2 LITE approach was flawed as: 1) Not (properly) communicated - Arma 3 did way way better with the new strategy 2) It aligned with the dayz mod hype 3) The quality reduction was far too much (128x128) and also affected audio (bad choice) The bottom line is the current CDLC approach suffers considerable from three issues: 1) No trial/demo - people might buy it if they would be able to check it out ingame first hand themselves in a meaningful way 2) Discourages group/MP use big time 3) Due to low adoption and very critical community reception there is low incentive to be supported by the modding community as outlined by Sparker
  4. .kju

    Patching bad Stairs

    try the rvmat and texture used in arsenal for the transparent vehicles
  5. @Smootie please join our discord and upload the rpt log file
  6. Already familiar with Iron Front LITE, jump directly to what's new below. Want to contribute, go straight to how to participate. Preface This project has the agreement of all involved parties: AWAR (developers of Iron Front) X1Software (managing director) Bohemia Interactive (engine licensor) DeepSilver (publisher) Logo by Lennard Trailer by EvroMalarkey Trailer by Metalvenom Promo by J g0re MP mode "Blitzkrieg" - Official teaser by Kenwort "Omaha" D-Day - Short Film by IIN8II . # What is Iron Front It is a tactical shooter video game set in World War II Eastern Front built by AWAR - a group of former OFP and Arma modders. It was released mid 2012 as a standalone game using the Real Virtuality 3 engine also powering Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead. The highlights: Five outstanding terrains of various sizes A large variety of very high quality and historically accurate units, weapons and vehicles A German and Russian singleplayer campaign across eight missions in an authentic setting Advanced gameplay features like the high level tank simulation, gun towing and artillery system or the realistic mine system Great gameplay with its low tech world war 2 setting Detailed content overview: 5 factions Germans: Wehrmacht, Panzerwaffe, Luftwaffe, Sturmtroopers, Tank Sturmtroopers Soviets: Red Army (RKKA), Tank troops of USSR, USSR Airforce Polish troops: Home Army Americans: US Army, US Tank Troops, US Airforce 32 weapons 9 rilfes 10 machineguns 2 sniper rifles 3 rocket launchers 8 pistols 53 vehicles 3 cars 21 trucks 3 wheeled APCs 10 tanks 5 planes 1 boat 10 static weapons 5 terrains Ivachev (128 x 128) Panovo (512 x 512) France (1024 x 1024) Baranow (1024 x 1024) Staszow (2048 x 2048) Recommended videos to give you some more insights about Iron Front: Weapons and infantry by Sibiluss Armor and tanks by Sibiluss Exclusive gameplay preview by SideStrafe Multiplayer gameplay by SideStrafe Exclusive units, settings and maps preview by fusionpoo Exclusive unexpected visit, air scenario preview by fusionpoo Exclusive tank armor preview by fusionpoo Our check out our Iron Front: Liberation 1944 - Youtube video channel. . # What is Iron Front in Arma Our development team has ported the assets to Arma 3 to be used in the latest RV engine. This most recent version supports many of the new technologies and features of Arma 3 and is continued to be made more complete. . Thanks to: tierprot all infantry units support the A3 clothing system. Shvetz weapons support the new A3 muzzle flashes, weapon effects and other new features. Fabio Chavez terrains shine in the new A3 lighting. tierprot all cars and most trucks support PhysX tech. Shvetz all tanks support PhysX tech. Lennard weapon resting and bipods deployment, Winter and Desert reskins, improved existing textures, as well as several new models. Megagoth1702 new sounds with latest Engine tech. Red Phoenix PhysX assistance, contributions and sharing templates. El Tyranos upgraded tanks, planes, infantry hitboxes and many other various assets to A3 standard. El Tyranos additional variants based on existing models. El Tyranos contributions from Lennard, reyhard and Joarius integrated. El Tyranos ACE compatibility. J g0re promotion creation and twitter presence. Dmorok testing as QA lead, our YouTube channel with many small info videos and doing steam community management. Reyhard bolting system and civilians. Joarius civilian and various reskins. Adanteh rifle grenade system. mikero and his tools suite - without him this whole project would not have been possible! In addition this version allows you to: Mod Iron Front itself Extend it with your own mods Combine it with community made mods Play in the most recent Real Virtuality engine In an alive and vivid gaming and modding community # Media Gallery Images by Fabio Chavez and Lennard. . More: Top rated videos on steam Top rated artwork on steam Top rated screenshots on steam Most views on youtube Most relevant on youtube # What is the LITE version Free version with lower quality textures and sounds. SP missions and campaigns are not available. # Why is it called Preview version This version is WIP until we deliver the FULL version. # More Known issues: Check out our issue tracker. Recommended content, class lists and more: Visit our wiki. Servers: Search via battlemetrics. Joining the team: Learn more here. # How to participate Try it, play it, enjoy it Tell your friends if you like it Share your screenshots and videos Tell streamers to try it or stream playing it yourself Give feedback/report issues Join our discord server for assistance, discussions or just to have a chat Create new missions or new content yourself! Join our discord server and we will have a chat!
  7. @Smootie 1) did you have IFA3 installed before? 2) did you use repair mod in the Arma 3 launcher?
  8. looks pretty nice mate! you should promote it on the different WW2 discords and upload to workshop
  9. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_AI_Skill
  10. Lets see how it goes: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T153299 https://feedback.bistudio.com/T153300
  11. try lockXXX vehicle positions otherwise getOut EH + move back in doFollow is to cancel subgroups. units in vehicle (cargo?) are seen as subgroup cleaner would be new SQF commands to: 1) dissolveSubGroup(s) 2) returnToFormation(Position)
  12. check via config browser or config dump
  13. still getting improved: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T152567
  14. see: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/fleeing 1. courage only matters for the group leader 2. setting allowFleeing makes courage irrelevant 3. courage is influence by overall unit skill and cfgSkill settings (aka determine actual value with skillFinal)
  15. AttackTarget = what unit the AI currently goes after AssignedTarget = what the AI(?) GL has assigned - however AI engage targets also without assignment
  16. allowFleeing is a threshold. so how early the AI is to flee - it overwrites the threshold set by skill courage otherwise
  17. the skill is just a multiplier. its basically down to current percentage of health+armor(of transport) of the whole group - pretty sure it remembers also dead units (assigned vehicles?) as when units die and the group gets small(er), they start to flee. however more variables may play into it. and pretty sure helicopters may also flee (possibly also planes) when damaged too much
  18. there are a couple of mods that implement AI info share like DAC and some other AI mods react on dead bodies should be in various mods too
  19. change it via init.sqf https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setTerrainGrid
  20. should be to make subteams rejoin the main group (see https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/enableAttack and https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setCombatMode)
  21. .kju


    To be more precise/specific: The benefit is not needing extra 3rd party mods to expose/places models from A3 itself/other mods loaded already.
  22. .kju


    why not create as simpleObject directly from the (path+)model?
  23. not possible (you would need to loadFile the wrp, parse manually via sqf.. or via some extension) - easier to get via DeWrp and hardcode
  24. .kju

    XIM - MP Dynamic Music

    interesting concept - what variable do you use to determine the situation the player is in?