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  1. alreadyused

    Real Armor Mod

    Hi i tried this mod and i saw problem all tank in this game can be destroyed by hitted in front of hull amv-7 40mm apfsds. I serched 40mm apfsds armor penetration most penetration round may have 170mm in 2000m but it can't penetrate MBT's in front of hull in third generation tank
  2. alreadyused


    How to use HQ system in Eden Edioter? I want to create HQ just start mission.
  3. Do Vasily.B have a plan that make AI crew fire HE or HEAT-MP round for Infantry? If you have it, how about to make a module that make AI crew use other mod's HE round. It have a Text box that user type classnames of tank HE in other mod.
  4. alreadyused

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    Hi hcpookie How about attach FCS to pook's modern aaa system from IFV-6a or ZSU-39?
  5. alreadyused

    Spawn AI Blacklisted Groups

    Now working correctly If i next see problem in modules i will try both thanks
  6. alreadyused

    Spawn AI Blacklisted Groups

    Thank you for reply hmm, Error appeared I don't have idea what it mean. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/843717562343338694/B4B9E6DA6F53AE9CA3CA46035D40044AA99D116F/
  7. How to blacklist group? I'm using Spawn AI module and i want to blacklisted artillery groups so I writed "class OIA_SPGPlatoon_Scorcher""class OIA_SPGSection_Scorcher" in Blacklisted Groups. But Scorcher platoon was spawned. It is my writeing miss?
  8. Thanks! My MP mission became more longrange battle!
  9. Hi, I just made MP mission and testing. But i saw my video setting is not reflected in MP Host., I searched MP Host video setting, but i couldn't. Where is it?
  10. alreadyused

    LEN - Weapons pack for IFA3 LITE

    Hi lennard I want to you make German anti tank rifle(Panzerbüchse 39). Now I dont know 7mm anti tank rifle in Arma3 mod. So it is worth making.
  11. alreadyused

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Where is my 20mm gun pod in dynamic loadout? Was it deleted? if it is deleted,will it come jets dlc full version?