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Spearhead 1944 - Changelog

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Heavy Ordnance Works will use this thread to provide information about the future updates to the Creator DLC: Spearhead 1944.


Discussions about the updates are welcome in the relevant forum thread:



If you have any questions about Spearhead 1944 make sure you visit our FAQ page

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Spearhead 1944 - 1.0.1


Content Fixes


Fixed: Minor Localization issues.



Fixed: AI Tanks/AT Guns instantly switching ammo type when running out of ammo.
Fixed: Unknown author for Frag Grenade Mk 2.
Fixed: No icon and inconsistent name for German Radio Protocol dummy voice.
Fixed: Panzer III N AP ammo classname was incorrect.
Fixed: Reload system caused AI to rapid fire when main muzzle magazine was empty.



Fixed: explosionShielding values on barbed wire and other objects - made them partially indestructible as mission editor placed objects.
Fixed: Office Small (01) having the wrong ruin on destruction (Land_SPE_Office_Small_01).



Fixed: Animated Briefing - Failsafe if a player does not load the mission in multiplayer.
Fixed: Der Zahnarzt - Script error when ai cannot enter infiltrate truck.
Fixed: IFS - Emergency incoming message and voice over shown only for the caller and not the whole group.
Fixed: General - captureArea.sqf no longer throws an error if initial group size was 0.
Fixed: M2 - Respawn vehicle function no longer throws an error if respawn position is a marker.
Fixed: M3 - Script error if the ai engineer at the roadblock was killed prematurely.
Fixed: M7- Mission name text going into new line with "Very Small" UI settings.
Fixed: Multiple low impact script errors on the server for the campaign missions, Combat Patrol, Escape and Warlords.
Fixed: Warlords - AI Mutiny issue from destroying empty or friendly vehicles.
Fixed: Warlords - Arsenal issue to be able load non WW2 stored loadouts - saving/loading loadouts will be brought back with WW2 gear and weapon filter.
Fixed: Warlords - Reduce excessive income down to 100 CP per minute for main base - additional options for mission parameters in return.
Fixed: Warlords - On Hardcore player was missing the map and thus is unable to vote on sector choice.
Fixed: Warlords - Singleplayer - Player unable to open warlords interface after loading savegame (saving disabled as not supported by Warlords).
Fixed: Warlords - faulty too high StartCP down to 1000.
Changed: IFS - Removed incoming CAS/ARTY messages in command chat channel - to be replaced with voice over in the future.

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Spearhead 1944 - 1.0.2


New Content

Added: Concrete trench wall set

Added: German Casemate set

Added: Maintenance Crane

Added: Multiple different compositions

Added: Nametags module

Added: US haversack/assault vest beach landing variants

Added: Additional HBT uniform variants

Added: Additional dday landing variants for haversacks and assault vest


Content Changes


Main Menu

Added: Ability to toggle the main menu track.

Added: Operation Cobra campaign in main menu spotlight and singleplayer submenu - as hosted version with unit/slot selection, respawn and mission parameter.

Changed: SPE banner in main menu to have a slight background for better visibility



Changed: Converted normal map from NOHQ to NO.



Changed: AI manning Flak 38 will switch ammo type depending on target

Changed: Added vehicle respawn module eventhandler to reinit customisation and ammo for vehicles

Changed: Added hideTurret/turretless wreck option to M10

Changed: Disabled muzzleImpulse for Flak38

Changed: Improved plane frame pitch handler to not exit too early

Changed: Improved tank sight zeroing now works for more than just keyboard keybinds



Changed: Spread and velocity of sawn off fusil robust shotgun


Changed: Civilians to use German watches rather than Arma 3 Vanilla watch

Changed: Matched BC611 radio colour to SCR300



Changed: “Naked mound” roadway optimisation.

Changed: SPE Bridges exposed to editor.

Changed: SPE Bridges stringtable entries.



Changed: fn_ambientAnimations will exit if no CAManBase was provided

Changed: Module init functions now use native _units variable to get synchronized objects

Changed: Nametag function will exit if no interface is present

Removed: Debugging from fn_ambientAnimations



Changed: Bolt Action sound effect to use playsound when in first person for better stereo audio

Changed: Decreased volume of subsonic shell flyby sounds




Added: 2d map unit map markers as mission parameter (active in cadet mode by default).

Added: “Hold space” skip video functionality to Newsreels. 

Added: “Hold space” skip video functionality to prologue and epilogue. 

Added: Mission parameter to set the duration of the vote phase in the briefing.

Added: Possibility for all players to force skip videos also in MP if not admin is present.

Added: "Skip videos" mission parameter (allows skipping the SITREPs, newsreels or both).

Added: Specific main forces to have toolkits for vehicle repair or defusing mines along with their skill in cadet mode.

Changed: Debriefing icons to higher resolution.

Changed: Disabled AISuite, RFS, Unstuck and MHI in hosted play for better performance. 

Changed: Ensured all tanks and halftracks have two toolkits in cadet mode.

Changed: Improved vehicle respawn orientation coding

Changed: Lower sandbags inside a stack of sandbags should not longer get destroyed

Changed: No mission name to be shown in debriefing of prologue and epilogue.

Changed: Set respawn tickets to unlimited by default. 

Changed: Subtitles were not immediately hidden when skipping a video.

Changed: Unified group loadouts and removed inappropriate toolkits


Animated Briefing

Added: Skip animated briefing as mission parameter.

Changed: Can skip AB also via uiNamespace or profileNamespace variable SPE_ForceAnimatedBriefing.

Changed: Coding - made AB skip check more robust.Changed: Improved admin skip button is to be enabled for the server/admin in a hosted play environment if more than one player is present.



Changed: Improved debriefing look.



Changed: Improved voting image one for Able, Baker and Charlie



Changed: AT gun not chosen by Fox gets removed in non cadet mode.

Changed: Behavior of German rushing infantry groups to be more aggressive.

Changed: Doubled the amount of German artillery shelling in non cadet mode along with additional impact position randomization.

Changed: German units no longer mass feel or surrender automatically in non cadet mode after a wave ends.

Changed: Improved randomized waypoint position in relation to difficult level for assault groups.

Changed: The higher the difficulty level the more German rushing infantry groups will be spawned.

Changed: Tweaked position of defend tasks for Able&Easy.



Changed: Improved debriefing look.

Changed: Voting image one for Able, Baker and Charlie



Changed: Improved debriefing look.



Added: Customized versions of vanilla respawn menu functions.

Added: Respawn spectate failsafe if `SPE_CadetMode` is undefined.

Added: Respawn tickets function to respawn a specific player without using a ticket.


Extended Briefing

Changed: Background music volume can now be defined via description.ext property 'SPE_OutroBackgroundMusicVolume' in custom debriefing

Changed: Coding - Allow empty titleText.

Changed: Coding - moved variables to uiNamespace and cached all playSoundUI references to abort them reliably.

Changed: Extended outro to no longer plays automatically and added play outro button instead.

Changed: Outro text width reduced in custom debriefing UI

Changed: Pressing 'Continue' will now mute the outro in custom debriefing UI

Changed: Small icon does no longer overlap in custom debriefing UI



Added: SPE_Arsenal_MinimumScopeGear and SPE_Arsenal_MinimumScopeRandomGear variables to customize WW2 Arsenal content filtering.

Changed: Added SPE_Arsenal_WhiteListedClasses to easily make certain classes available in WW2 Arsenal.

Changed: Coding - made Arsenal filtering variables look for mission parameters (SPE_Arsenal_ModFilterTags, SPE_Arsenal_AuthorsFilters, SPE_Arsenal_ModFolderFilters) for customization.

Changed: Coding - moving shared Arsenal filtering code to a separate function.

Changed: Coding - skip unnecessary cfgVehicles classes in WW2 Arsenal.

Changed: Made WW2 arsenal group items by mod by default.

Changed: WW2 arsenal filter variable names.


Faction Showcases

Added: Frontline function to both showcases and additional scenery markers.

Changed: Debriefing icons to higher resolution.

Changed: Disabled saving.

Changed: Disabled team switch.

Changed: Made showcase missions also listed in standard Showcase mission list.

Changed: Removed "subtitle" from titlecard videos.

Changed: Unified task and 2d map location naming.

Changed: Updated both factions showcase missions.



Changed: Debriefing icons to higher resolution.


Combat patrol

Added: 2d map unit map markers as mission parameter and active in cadet mode by default.



Added: 2d map unit map markers as mission parameter and active in cadet mode by default.



Added: 2d map unit map markers as mission parameter and active in cadet mode by default.

Added: Working savegame loading for singleplayer and hosted play in Warlords thanks to Kanas!

Changed: Added mission parameter override/skip (with -1111 value) and thus allow scenario configuration used instead.

Changed: Added mission parameter to allow artillery type of vehicles in Warlords.

Changed: Added mission parameter to customize the kill timeout (maximum presence in a hostile protected sector).

Changed: Added mission parameters to customize ammo truck availability.

Changed: Added mission parameters to customize costs per vehicle type and side.

Changed: Added mission parameters to customize engine artillery feature (2d map click) availability.

Changed: Added mission parameters to customize non mobile artillery availability.

Changed: Added nametags feature and as mission parameter.

Changed: Fatigue is disabled by default

Changed: Fatigue mission parameter made available again

Changed: Improved coding of BIS_WL_factionAppropriateUniforms.

Changed: Made artillery type vehicles not available by default (ie Calliope).

Changed: Made it possible again to customize the maximum number of subordinates via mission parameters

Changed: Planes are spawned like regular vehicles in zones under control.

Changed: Planes are to spawn at nearby airfields only if the scenario description.ext has set 'SPE_WLUseAirports = 1;'.

Changed: Player in a plane is not triggering sector violation and air raid sound.

Changed: Players in a bought plane can beam it into the air via "Start plane" useraction.

Changed: Re-enabled 2d map click artillery computer and ammo trucks by default.

Changed: Re-enabled Arsenal loadout load+save ability - with working WW2 filter.

Changed: Recently purchased assets disappear once a player enters the bought vehicle.

Changed: Recently purchased assets only visible within 250 meters.

Changed: Reduce safezone around bases and Canisy.

Changed: Reduced maximum number of subordinates from 9 to 5 in Warlords.

Changed: Reduced zone sizes and border area within the WL scenario to avoid overlap.

Changed: Static weapons in placement mode are placed in front of the player.

Changed: WL scenario to use nearby location names for zone names.



Changed: CreateVehicleLocal coding to new syntax.


Custom Difficulty Adjustment

Added: "SPE_DisableTargetIndicator" variable to disable the system altogether at any moment.

Changed: GPS is to be available in cadet mode in SPE missions in singleplayer.


Indirect Fire Support

Added: Blacklisted areas can now be defined by synching triggers with the IFS Module

Added: Conditions to IFS module

Added: Custom attribute control for the IFS module debug options

Added: Debug attributes to IFS Module

Added: New function for new IFS module attribute control

Changed: Attribute control for radio backpacks

Changed: Attribute display names for IFS conditions

Changed: Clicking the checkbox in the backback control of IFS module now works on all resolutions.

Changed: Coding - in case multiplier array definition is empty.

Changed: Fixed wrong translation for BLUFOR in modules.

Changed: Group leader has only access to IFS in cadet mode (if without radio himself or other radio coms nearby)

Changed: IFS incoming notification text structure.

Changed: IFS module description along with BI wiki link

Changed: IFS module init to handle new condition attributes

Changed: Improved translation for IFS condition.

Changed: Moved variables from missionNamespace to logicNamespace

Changed: Multiple improvements and additions to the IFS module

Changed: Parameter names so it's more clear what they do

Changed: SPE_IFS_AmountMultiplier would always get rounded

Changed: SPE_IFS_CASAvailability_Side was not set correctly by the IFS module

Changed: Selection behavior for backpack attribute controls  of IFS module.

Changed: Some static animations that weren't working properly.



Added: Better communication for FAK requirement

Added: Handling for group joining.

Added: Handling for spawned units.

Added: Revive injured unit in vehicle action

Changed: Disabled check for ACE medical to disable Enhanced Revive by default if found.

Changed: Introduced optional SPE_PlayerSideFinal boolean to be able to delay adding additional FAK to players (i.e. when side switching is done).



Added: Add explosive Action module

Added: Module to adjust vehicle dispersion

Changed: Made order of sides consistent in attribute controls

Changed: Made translation and linking to biki consistent



Changed: Adjusted column width to avoid text overlap in QP/ASB.

Changed: Button List's width is now reduced on ultra wide and super ultra wide.



Added: Ability to adjust position of vehicle hud independent from Arma 3 one

Added: New UI color presets for GUI, IGUI, Map and Subtitles

Added: Support to change marker colors of Spearhead 1944 specific markers

Added: The option to adjust marker colors for allied, axis and animated briefing markers to aid color impaired people

Changed: Adjusted default presets to match Spearhead 1944 theme. (Affects only new profiles)

Changed: Animated briefing markers now show correct color in Eden Editor

Changed: Many code improvements regarding custom debriefing UI

Changed: Moved Revert Button to the left one grid to better separate it from Clear Button

Changed: SliderInteger attribute would show 'm' behind value



Changed: Added optional notification about placement mode when switching to custom composition in Eden Editor

Changed: Disabled smoke occluder particles and reenabled blockAIVisibility on regular smoke for smoke grenades

Changed: Re-enabled editor feedback sounds.


Content Fixes



Fixed: Multiple LOD issues with various objects

Fixed: Multiple incorrect editor previews and inventory images

Fixed: Multiple object placement fixes on Normandy terrain

Fixed: Multiple typos and missing strings



Fixed: 116th Panzer Division "Greyhound" insignia naming.

Fixed: Multiple decal issues



Fixed: Equipping a rifle grenade/bayonet attachment would duplicate a magazine

Fixed: typicalSpeed and caliber macro for HEAT projectiles was incorrect leading to slightly higher performance overall



Fixed: Adjusted cheekbones of the Albert Davidson face to reduce clipping with facewear

Fixed: Civilians wearing vanilla watches

Fixed: HBT Coverall underarm geometry stretching

Fixed: Misassigned hiddenSelections texture path for shovel on assault vest

Fixed: Multiple clipping issues

Fixed: Multiple ground model issues

Fixed: Multiple texture issues

Fixed: Multiple wound texture issues on many uniforms

Fixed: Rather excessive and visible LOD changes with some uniforms and headgear

Fixed: Shading issues on SCR300 models

Fixed: Sturmtrooper Command section wasn’t appearing in Zeus



Fixed: Added Flamethrower ammunition to ammunition box



Fixed: Editor placed Wall mounted street lamps now sink into the floor instead of falling over.

Fixed: Missing resolution LODs added to river parts models

Fixed: Removed buildingPos in bocage models

Fixed: Typo in SPE_Dugout_Pile_02 model path.



Fixed: Static weapons were not detected by createVehicleListOfGivenFaction function.



Fixed: Bad title definitions for binaural sound effects

Fixed: Positional (bullet) ricochet sounds had no speed of sound (SoS) simulation activated




Fixed: Missing German translation for credits quote.

Fixed: Missing space before colon in French localization for a few strings.



Fixed: Blocked respawn button during mission intro phase.

Fixed: Campaign JIP players no longer require a ticket and do not have to wait for the entire respawn delay to spawn for the first time

Fixed: Dedicated server - Server plays only intro and skips the mission

Fixed: Disabled problematic setPos to bottom left for JIP.

Fixed: JIP player could get stuck in SITREP no video waiting phase.

Fixed: Missing binocular for Baker squad leader in all missions.

Fixed: Overset vote text for German/Russian localisation.

Fixed: Removed all radioItem from unit equipment in mission.sqm as handled by scripted system

Fixed: Removing array position based respawn positions shows script error.

Fixed: Waiting screen for late JIP if the SITREP video start was missed.


Animated Briefing

Fixed: Incomplete frontline filling in certain situations.



Fixed: Voting texts for Able and Charlie were switched/mixed up.



Fixed: Missing space between + and text in voting text.



Fixed: Unknown enum rpt error if trigger activation is set to `"INDEPENDENT"` instead of "GUER"



Fixed: Fox voting was using Dog images

Fixed: M3 HT levitated from the ground

Fixed: Waypoint handling from voting for Able and Easy.



Fixed: Ammobox should no longer explode.

Fixed: Positions and content of a few German ammo crates



Fixed: Mines on a road are no longer floating.

Fixed: Sandbag stack.



Fixed: Removed inventory items from Opel Blitz which had simulation disabled

Fixed: Unit order in Baker and Charlie.



Fixed: Mission end handling to be more robust in MP.



Fixed: forceRespawn is now remote exec'd to where the unit is local.

Fixed: Re-enable disabled units as respawn positions in the respawn menu if they respawn before the player does.

Fixed: Reset serverHandled variable one the server when a client respawns.


Extended Briefing

Fixed: Continue button / leaving the extended debriefing doesn't stop the voice over.

Fixed: Extended debriefing voice over should now stop playing if lobby is shown.



Fixed: ItemRadio, ItemMap, MediKit, MineDetector not visible in WW2 Arsenal.

Fixed: WW2 Arsenal doesn't automatically group items by mod.


Faction Showcases

Fixed: Faulty debriefing color definition

Fixed: Faulty, non SPE_GER_ItemWatch for a few GER loadouts.

Fixed: Partially invisible units in US faction showcase.

Fixed: Player is invulnerable and may get stuck in a crashed plane.

Fixed: Too long German text in mission end message.


Combat patrol

Fixed: Disabled teamswitch.



Fixed: Disabled teamswitch.



Fixed: Arsenal is to be enabled by default

Fixed: Creating units in the air triggers freefall animation.

Fixed: Default playable unit class from A3 to SPE in Warlords scenario.

Fixed: Join in progress players have incorrect gear.

Fixed: Player unable to open warlords interface after loading savegame.

Fixed: Purchased vehicle marker remains indefinitely.


Custom Difficulty Adjustment

Fixed: Disabled CDA activation/deactivation via profileNamespace/options menu.

Fixed: ItemRadio availability is to be based on cadet mode setting for the difficulty based parameter.

Fixed: IssueRadios needs to be run also on AI units.


Indirect Fire Support

Fixed: clientside support messages when incoming fire from IFS.

Fixed: Faulty variable in artillery detection.

Fixed: Indirect Fire Support Module ->Autonomous CAS Script Error.



Fixed: Change jip target for remote execution.

Fixed: Disabled __EVAL check for "ace_medical" being loaded as mikero tools can't deal with it.

Fixed: Double execution of fn_SPE_reviveToksaInitPlayerLocal.

Fixed: Early exit in parameter function execution.

Fixed: On-screen error if "Take FAK" without a weapon.

Fixed: remoteExec of setSpeaker - must be applied on all computers.



Fixed: Code case for game mode type identifier.

Fixed: Ensure Editor button/entry remains visible in the vanilla menu main when SOG is loaded next to SPE.

Fixed: No more duplicated buttons in the main menu.

Fixed: Non enabled buttons need to be listed too in the standard main menu.

Fixed: Overlapping of last played server widgets.

Fixed: Text display width for serverShowCDLCsLabel.

Fixed: Wrong button order in main menu.



Fixed: Replaced custom font for mission loading screens to support all languages

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