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  1. A little something I've been wanting to do for a while. Everything has been done from scratch, trying to mix well with artist conceptions, as well as the model I have sitting in front of me. I'm getting the basics of the craft down first, then I will start adding details such as: -Armored plates to protect vital systems -Rivets (where they belong) -Various parts of the cargo bay to include the interior running lights, random hoses -External sensors and weapons arrays Please critique but don't be to harsh.
  2. Firehead

    Slow is smooth, Smooth is steady.

    Its all fine and dandy if you're a "CQB/*FISH/FIBUA/OBUA specialist", as you're claiming, but not everyone is. The way I look at it for stuff like this is not every soldier is that "well trained". Yes, they are proficient at MOUT, but they are hardly competition shooters. You gotta look at how Army and Marine doctrine for warfighting has shifted over the years. It used to be fire and manuever based, with aimed fire being needed, not 100% required(take a look at US Army qualification standards). Over the years with recent conflicts like Iraq, we have slowly started to shift towards individual marksmanship, and more complicated subjects like our MOUT doctrines, and COIN(Counter Insurgency) strategy. The older NCOs and Officers are finally starting to understand the complete need for the focus on advanced close quarters fighting because of these things. A lot of the things we are learning from those conflicts have completely changed our techniques for close up fighting(compare say 1999 MOUT training with 2010 MOUT training, you'll see a huge difference in techniques). Not every shooter on the battlefield is a hooah-hooah-ranger-special-forces-sniper-operator. Since not everyone is a highspeed gunfighter, and game limitations allow only certain animations to be used for EVERYONE, they have to make it more realistic on an overall scale. This kind of thing is just like the stamina-based arguments for ACE2 when it was coming out. There are also a lot more considerations when comparing flat ranges to the 2 way shooting ranges that really determine how the game should play out than just how the individual is walking. Tankers aren't going to be skilled like infantryman, and infantryman won't be skilled like tankers, so on and so forth(pilots fixedwing/rotarywing, gunbunnies(artillery), ect). *Fighting In Someone's House On the note of AI: They do need to have something to keep the AI from proning out in towns. You'd never catch me laying down in a city, unless I was dead, bleeding, or extremely exposed(like on a rooftop where I'm silhouetted).
  3. DaSquade, excellent reply. You have managed to clear some of this up for me. I was thinking to narrow. Now... Based on what you're saying its more about aesthetics than function? The game isn't complex enough(I'll elaborate) to require a lot of these features. Now, there are some things that I am all for, for instance, using a magnifier on an Aimpoint/EOtech, and flipping down/removing the magnifier for close up fighting. Grenade launcher sights? I don't feel the need to have those animated, when you pull up the leaf sight for it(the optics key, whatever you may have it at) thats good enough. Personally, I'd be more concerned with complex character animations. Proper reloads of machine guns, various loading sequences for non-M16 family(AK variants, FALs, ect) weapons, better fighting stance, not holding machineguns like rifles while in the prone, correct IMTs(individual movement techniques), and down to a simple thing like correct ejection pattern for spent casings for each weapon(ex: pistols have terrible ejection pattern, I didn't know my Glock ejects rounds that just clear my hand, and the 240 ejects spent casings from the bottom, not the side). I could go forever to be honest. Stuff like that should be more of a concern to the community than making it so you can "personalize" your weapon(there are only so many places you can put stuff on a rifle).There are only so many parts on a rifle that move, versus movements of a human being while using said weapons. There are tons of things that set this game aside from other games, but I mean, down to simple stuff like the ability to look a different direction than where your rifle is pointed. Most games can animate a weapon more than it needs to be because in most FPS', its the only thing that needs animation from a player perspective(other than player models). At what point do we decide what is nitpicking and what is necessity? I think this is nitpicking. Now to elaborate on "complex". My idea of complex would be electronic sights that fail(dead batteries, ect), things that can be destroyed(taking a hit from a rifle round to your ACOG), weather/environmental conditions that affect the use of weapons. Having irons along with an optic, are useless until something like that is added(why use Irons when you have a CCO?). Making the game too realistic like this makes it less fun(I'm a realism whore, but even I'll admit to this). Soon enough people will be complaining that you can't lubricate your weapon or something. There are just WAY WAY WAY too many things that go into combat to make this game/simulation perfect. I, along with many others I would imagine, are perfectly happy with having an animation that cycles the bolt on the weapon. All I'm saying is this engine is WAY too modular to get into complex detail.
  4. In the sense of realism, I don't see a point in having a feature like this at all. When you're out in the field, at least in the US Army, sensitive stuff like ACOGs, PEQs, CCOs, and any other attachment(other than vertical grips), are dummy corded to the weapon, to prevent it from being lost if it were to fall off for any reason. With that being said, its also rather pointless in the fact that just about anything that can be attached needs to be zeroed(even 203s) or confirmed. Yes, I understand the concept/purpose of the rail system, but stuff gets bumped around, or if the shooter fails to put the item in the same exact spot, it can lose its zero. If its not zeroed, you're wasting your time even having it on your weapon, because at distances, even being slightly off can determine whether you hit, or miss. Besides, What would you really need to attach to your rifle that isn't already on it? You got your PEQ, an optic(ACOG or CCO), a weapon light, and maybe a 203 if you've been issued one. Its not done in the real military because it doesn't serve a purpose. Give a soldier what his Paragraph and line number says he needs, and leave it at that. Name one thing that an infantry soldier needs that isn't on a weapon already, that you would need to add? I also don't know a single soldier that would want to carry any additional equipment that takes up valuable space, when he could carry ammo,water, batteries, or pogey bait. Now some humor: For those of you who have been in the US Military, if you had ALL this crap, can you imagine the time on the range you would spend zeroing?!
  5. Okay, I see what you're getting at. I'm not saying it for just myself, I'm thinking about others as well. Let me explain: using mod launchers, installing mods, getting everything to work together is a PITA, using this fix. I would have to modify this batch file every time I wanna run something different. Not everyone launches it using the Steam UI. I can't even really set up multiple shortcuts like I would for different things if I wanted to. Also, not everyone is necessarily "savvy" like some of us(not saying I am), and might want to do various things that they can't really do with this fix. I mean, cmon, some people couldn't figure out how to use the SixUpdater to get ACE working. Its kinda like having a car that squeaks every time you put on your brakes. Yea, it works, but its still really annoying.
  6. You're not reading what I said. If you didn't notice, I used bold, and italicized the word "hope" in his post. As a customer, I don't want to hear this. This goes for any company, game related or not. Too harsh? I hardly think so, I didn't even use bad langauge for cryin' out loud. I'm trying to be respectful as I can, while expressing my unhappiness with the way I am forced to launch my game and make them work together. Besides, man up if you can't take criticism, the real world hurts. I think their products are great, and so far this is the only issue I've ever had with them. Yes, I do have a problem with continually running this game through their batch file. Temporary? Cool, as long as you are trying to correct it. Permanent? Unacceptable.
  7. I'll be quite honest here: This is unacceptable. I don't want to hear HOPE, I want to know for sure you are going to correct this issue. I am giving you some leeway, but your first priority once seeing this was an issue should be to fix it. This temporary fix is the only thing keeping the customers that purchased this from posting something like I am right now. I can deal with some bugs, or imperfect performance. What I cannot deal with is purchasing this game to enhance a game I already owned, that adds content official content not work with what I currently have. Had this been advertised as a standalone game, not a standalone expansion, I wouldn't be bitching. You're failure to test compatibility through Steam digital distribution, is causing much disdain for your customer base that uses said Steam software. Had I known I was going to have this issue, I wouldn't have purchased it through Steam. Not having problems with any games in the past gave me confidence to purchase through Valves digital distribution software. With all that being said, I hope that you will correct it so I can continue with the wonderful gaming experience I've had up to this point with your products, past and present. Thanks.
  8. I had "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Bohemia Interactive Studio\ArmA 2" and "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Bohemia Interactive Studio\ArmA 2 OA". I fixed the file that DWarden posted. Just run drop the file into the Arrowhead folder and run it. It works after that. This is for Vista 64Bit users with the SAME EXACT registry as me. You can also edit it yourself and make it work for you. But if you are lazy, or don't want to mess with it Here you go. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOUR STUFF GETS MESSED UP. Dwarden are you saying its a problem if you have it on, or if you have it off? I have it off and it didn't work for me.
  9. Been doing some work in the 3D editor lately and I'm using several tools available to convert the 3D editor work into the 2D editor. The problem I'm running into is that all the conversion tools result in objects moving around in any number of directions. The goal is to create a Vietnam style firebase. For instance, I'll place a bunker, with earthen ramparts on 3 of the 4 sides(front, left and right), next to that OP on both sides is a "trench" formed by earthen ramparts(on the left and right). When I do the conversion with several tools, I get the same result. The result being that the bunker, along with tons of other objects are not in the place I put them. Using my example, the bunker will be several meters back from the position I put it, creating a gap between the ramparts and the bunker. It does this with lots of other objects I mentioned. Is there a way to correct this, or am I "S.O.L"? Is it possibly because of the inherent nature of the 3D editor, thus making it non-correctable? Any advice would be appreciated.
  10. While making a mission using SecOps, I determined I need multiple firebases. The current way I have it set up is so that you need to "switch freqs" to the appropriate firebase in order to call it(0-0-#). Once you switch it, the ability to call arty from that firebase is added to the player. I ran into a problem: Lets see you are in need of some fire support, and for whatever reason, the firebase you are tuned into can't bring rounds down. So you switch freqs to the next firebase. Once you do that, you still have the option to use the other firebase, even though you can't call in a fire mission, and you might not be able to use it for a while. How can you delete the ability to use that one firebase? Here is an example of the code I am using: This is put into a trigger using radio Alpha. This selects the firebase "Viper", and allows you to call a firemission. If I can't call it from there I use another radio trigger that "switches freqs" to another fire base. Is there a command like "BIS_SOM_deleteSupportRequestFunc"? or remove? or anything like that which can cancel the comms with the firebase I'm not using?
  11. Safety first, roger? "c'mere you! What? You don't think you need to wear your PPE inside the wire? How about you get in the front leaning rest, until you learn the importance of your PPE". I hate when the fobbits tell you what to do period. Ran into a 1SG at the PX in Bagram, just come off my FOB, en route home for leave, and he yelled at me for having my cuffs rolled up. What he didn't yell at me for were my unauthorized patches. Some people...
  12. Gloves are an issued item, and usually "required" by the chain of command as proper PPE before you leave the wire. It all depends on the NSNs your supply sergeants have. Though some Soldiers/Marines choose to ignore it, it is required. Believe it or not, having more of your skin covered is actually more ideal, as it keeps direct sunlight off your body, and allows your body to cool. Your body sweats to keep you cool, if you're retaining the moisture and not allowing it to evaporate you don't get as hot, dehydrate becuase you continued to sweat more than you could drink, and die(the ultimate killer of the desert, not the heat). Look at pictures of Afghans, they wear fricken wool hats, scarfs, and man jammies in 140 degree heat. I rolled up my sleeps for comfort, and so they didn't get snagged on stuff. I rolled the cuff inward, usually once or twice(though many first sergeants have yelled...damn pogues).
  13. Looks more like an LWH, due to the chinstrap and the NOD mount drilled into the helmet(with PASGT you had to use the one that secured via a strap) . The PASGT helmet doesn't have the chinstrap with the 4 point X-Harness at the back, in simply has a single strap coming from the screws above the temple of each side of the helmet. I suppose you could say its the Oregon Aero BLSS upgrade kit for the PASGT, but you'd have to model an H-harness. Still looks good though, I hate helmet covers.
  14. Firehead

    8 Digit coordinates

    I've been doing landnav stuff for about 5 years now. And with that, you're telling me that hundreds of thousands of US Army infantryman have been trained incorrectly, and don't know how to read maps? In urban environments, 8 digits is the preferred method, because you want to reference specific targets(buildings, street intersections, ect). A 6 digit grid will get you where you want to go. If you are any decent at landnav, you understand "terrain association", and that makes a 6 digit good enough. Sometimes 6 might be as good as you can get, and you'll have to figure out the rest on the fly.
  15. Firehead

    8 Digit coordinates

    You're all sorts of jacked up. If you are using MGRS with the typical 1:50000 scale, 6 digits is within 100 meters, 8 digits within 10, and 10 digits within 1 meter. I think you are trying to multiply those numbers (IE 100 times 100 equals 10,000). When instead you should be seeing it as its 100 meters long, and 100 meters wide, giving you a 100 meter radius around where you want to be.