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  1. Ihe definet scalar IDD_DISPLAY3DEN is unknown without including "\a3\3DEN\UI\resincl.inc" in UIs from 3DEN Addon I guess, but I do not know. I'm, not familiar with RSCs, yet. Sry.
  2. solved!!! I copied in 3den Editor this code snippet and changed a bit. #include "\a3\3DEN\UI\resincl.inc" // Code ... if ( !is3den ) then { "The function can run only in Eden Editor workspace!" breakOut "#all"; }; uiNameSpace setVariable [ "Display3DENCopy_data", [ "Test Functions", str __results ] ]; ( finddisplay IDD_DISPLAY3DEN ) createdisplay "Display3DENCopy"; // Code ... It worked in 3DEN Editor only. Thank ou anyway 🙂👍 mb
  3. Sry, Thread doublicate 😬. My mistake!
  4. Hello Arma Developers, Coders and Fans, I finished a script to test each arguments and expected result for functions and its diagnostic results in very easy way. e.g: // ---- PROCESS ---- [ [ "Test Datatypes", [ // ---- TEST NIL [ "MB_IS_NIL( VAR )", [ [ "should be nil", { true }, { nil } ], [ "should not be nil", { false }, { _typeBoolNull } ], [ "should not be nil", { false }, { _typeBoolContent } ] ], { MB_IS_NIL( _this ) } ], // ---- TEST BOOL [ "MB_IS_BOOL( VAR )", [ [ "should be boolean", { true }, { _typeBoolNull } ], [ "should not be boolean", { false }, { _typeSclNull } ], [ "should not be boolean", { false }, { _typeSclContent } ] ], { MB_IS_BOOL( _this ) } ] ] ], 10000 0 ] call MB_fnc_testFunctions; All worked fine. Now I need a simple way to display in RSC format the output array is like this [ _header, [ _desc, _args, _expect, _return, _result, _diag ] ] "Display3DENCopy" I like to use, but I realy do not know how to use the BIS defined RSC and could I use it anyway??? I look forward for asweres :
  5. thank you very much!!! That will help 👍. See you then in my first presentation of my first Arma 3 DEV FW - in Dec/Jan I hope 😬.
  6. Hi Larrow, thank you very much. I will test it and reference it to your FW, if I use it or parts of your code. can you list up builtin simple BIS script functions as I asked please? I'm very sure you are professional in this case, simply because wrote your actionMenu FW, no doubt 😉. My intention is that my framework should contain as few external scripts as possible and rely on builtin script functions. So you can simple use It on Arma 3 Core. That is why I asked. good night
  7. Hello Arma 3 developers, scripters and gamers, What I'm doing: I'm develope a framework to validate datatype subjects like pairs, indices, unit vectors, unit intervals, rgb colors, paths and so on. It will display in a simple message at gameplay in different code colors, if an validation message ocurre. I developed a dynamic tiny template engine for this FW. The version of Arma 3 must be at least 1.82+. Right now I develope test cases. What I need: I need - as the topic sais - a navigable interactive action menue in form of a GUI Menue. My Question: Are there BuitIn BIS Scripts do to that? thanks, mg PS: In the future, I will finish the development of a FW that can import and export compositions with random items, 3D positions, appearance and other attributes. But first this FW to develope that FW that.
  8. Postscript: The Tokens (like {{#VAR:%x}}) I created must be displayed in formated text. // Subject(s) UNIT VECTOR(s) in the UNIT CIRCLE to validate in an associative array // UNIT VECTOR = [ 0, 1, 0 ] means azimut 0° (degree) as the object direction [ 'UNIT_VECTOR', [ localize STR_MB_sub, // "{{#VAR:%1}} with the value {{#VALUE:%2}}" localize STR_MB_prd_be, // "must be" localize STR_MB_obj_type// "of the type {{#TYPE:%3}}" ] ]
  9. Hello Arma 3 Scripters, What I've done I wrote a simple advanced validation script framework to validate Datatypes, Objects, Data behaviours and soon in develompent for Mission Builders. The Framework is used by another project I developed and its not finished becouse of this descripted framework where-upload-custom-scripts-for-general-use What I want I search for necessary BIS scripts to help me to present my work ... ...to Mission Builders ...in interactive dialogs (kind of UnitTests) ...in Gameplay ...with the help of BIS Scripts Personally I look around in EDEN Editor and in this BIS Wiki for necessary BIS Functions which i'm searcht for. I found GUI Functions, Debugging Functions, but it would took me weeks - nearly months - to use them in the right way and I woun't start another script Framework to solve this described problem. I aim to a fast way. Doese anyone have experienc of the problem I stuck in or solved it in a comfortable way with BIS Functions? thanks! lgmb
  10. I'm very sorry! I found out by now, that the script command vectorModelToWorld with the parameter PositionRelative "seems" to do what I exacly needed. I don't need the rottion matrix anymore, because it is all in the described script command. I'm realy sorry for bother. mg
  11. Hi killzone_kid, yes I did, long ago. The combination do what I expect. But it is a combination of two script commands. Because of the script that does it, there will be a loss of performance, for sure. I've not benchmark the combination in script, sry. I wish for one script command that does the rotation for better performace in the mission runtime and not in the mission inititialization, as I said. I developed Rotation Matrix with the use of vectorWorldToModel and shrinked and expand unit circle vector. trigonoetric commands sin, cos and so on and the rotation is integrated in the command vectorModelToWorld. I think it is a better way with the given commands by now, but I'm really not sure as a user not as an Arma 3 Developer 😉. PS: It's a shame that I never lerned eulers angles and rotation matrix 😭, only awesome Curve sketching and Integrals in detail 👍 and superficial vectors and matrices 🙄.
  12. Update! @Done Bugfix @Todo optimaze & structure the sourcecodes in Framework PS: I'm realy very sorry, that it takes me sooo long to get things done!
  13. Hello awesome Dev Guys 😀, I'm working on an export/import compositions surrounding an object. The framework can exclude/include categories of classtypes wich will be grabbed in further. Situation: It bothers me that not any of the script commands is used for the calculation of the position relative to the center. modelToWorld/worldToModel or attachTo needs an anchor object - an heavy parameter - and not a position which is just a vector - a lightweight parameter. The parameter or return value is the PositionAGL, depending on the situation. For many reasons it surely be usefull. But not in this case that I described. I have found a few scripts to serve that what I searched for in the Arma 3 Function Library. Slow Solution: I developed a simple script that exacly do that in but not so fast. It uses vectorWorldToModel for PositionRelative and PositionWorld with a unit circvle vector and dose not use PositionAGL. In that case my script should be used at the mission init and not in runtime. I present my framework later, it's not ready. Wish: Can you develop the descriped script command which uses PositionRelative Vector e.g. and Orientation Vector of unit circle e.g. as parameters. It returns a new PositionRelative calculatet from the rotation matrix, relative to the two vectors, no matter which positiontypes, to increase the performance? It is justg a wish 😉. I hope to see more awesome stuff of you all like Arma 3 Contact 🤩. bi_mg
  14. Update! @Done script MB_fnc_compositionSpawner to spawn the composition changed from MB_fnc_compositionExtrtactor, MB_fnc_compositionSpawner to MB_fnc_compositionExport, MB_fnc_compositionImport) Searched for comfortable Helper functions which my code makes simpler Validations of each part @Todo Bugfixes & optimaztion Code upload and write a big instruction for use 🤮 search for testers