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  1. kilroy the nerd

    Vantage Point From Vehicles?

    Better yet, clamber on top of things in general. Such as in BadBenson's enhanced movement mod.
  2. kilroy the nerd

    Random though: why did CSAT not receive a MLRS?

    AAF also has tanks and multi-role fighters. I think the AAF could do with a single artillery battalion, or at least a few coastal guns for sake of defending the island from invasion.
  3. kilroy the nerd

    Random though: why did CSAT not receive a MLRS?

    Like the Shmel? For that matter, it'd be cool for AAF to have static artillery, the sort that could be lifted by a Merl- Mohawk.
  4. kilroy the nerd

    Would you buy a DLC with more UAV content?

    I'd rather see them replace the UAV models in the same way the Mk 18 got replaced by the Rahim for CSAT. I would be willing to buy a DLC adding more advanced artillery, or armored vehicles though. Seeing armored vehicles at the level of say, Iron Front, only more polished to BI standards. Not to say the people making IF did a bad job, but it's got some issues, namely wheels and things sliding along the ground after being shot off.
  5. kilroy the nerd

    Development Blog & Reveals

    If face paint is added, they'd have to get rid of the balaclavas already worn under the suits that have been there since Alpha.
  6. kilroy the nerd

    The Unsung Vietnam Mod 3.0 WIP THREAD

    Is this real life? All aboard a hype plane full of napalm to 'nam, boys!
  7. kilroy the nerd

    2000+ Hours

    Well Strelnikoff, I started with Arma 2 and I still love Arma 3 leaps and bounds more. It's not as clunky, for one, and that helps. Really, my only big problem with A3 is the damage, and lack of civilian vehicles. Personally, I only have 625 hours, sadly. EU IV, CS:GO, and then some have been eating up my time more and more lately. Still more than my hours in Arma 2: 570.
  8. kilroy the nerd

    OPX2/Middle Eastern Style Structures

    Reminds me of PR. Looks really good though, keep it up!
  9. kilroy the nerd

    What do you want to see in the expansion?

    An island that's not all male would be nice. Also, a revamped and improved medical system, medevac choppers, more civilian vehicles like police cars, ambulances, buses, or just stuff civs would drive like vans, motorcycles, and sedans or even a sports car. Also, a police station to accomodate the police cars and the existing police boats would be nice. Then, assuming the expansion takes place in the Pacific, we're gonna need a full army's materials to show it. Fighter jets, fixed wing transport, light vehicles at home base to compliment the MRAPs, a CSAT rocket battery, and shotguns.
  10. kilroy the nerd

    Where do I fly the new heli's to fly?

    BI actually has some of their own servers which run the afforementioned game mode. However, it seems these missions only take use of Ghosthawks, Littlebirds, Hellcats, and other non-DLC content so that everyone can play. There is a coop mission or two that use the DLC though. And of course, there's always Zeus missions, and a game master could always use a pilot capable of flying the new helicopters for slingloading purposes!
  11. kilroy the nerd

    A vacation on Altis - or - To Limnos and back again.

    I'm not sure which is more impressive, your ability to balance a motorcycle with a camera, drive offroad with a cruiser, or how amazing a job BI did on the island. Those cramped streets would definitely make CQB a bit more interesting though. I could see a multiplayer CQB mission locked in a blocked off neighborhood there being very interesting (and with lots of chokepoints)!
  12. kilroy the nerd

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Question: where can I find the BMP-3 besides the MSV squad? I tried looking in armored, IFVs, tanks, nothing worked.
  13. It seems the reason for the Network Fault is because you're trying to solohost without the launcher. The launcher doesn't work with the PWS version because the mod file is named @lt instead of LT. Nevermind that the launcher doesn't come with the PWS link. I had to install the mega to get it to work. On a different note, it might be better to have some sort of briefing or tutorial mission before getting into things. Going into it, all I know is some guys roll in and are shooting at each other with rifles. And, another bug. When I click incursion, the launcher crashes.
  14. kilroy the nerd

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Wow, this, Living Through, Bornholm, and iBuild all being released in the same month? Is it Christmas?
  15. kilroy the nerd

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    That's not a bug with the map, sadly, deleyt. I tried making a mission with Zeus on Altis where the small Diesel Powerplant had to be destroyed. It stood up to dozens of shells, I pressed end, and it still stood.