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  1. Blaque

    Naval Special Warfare Command

    I'd like to announce NSWC taking up a role in the fight in Operation Arrowhead. We have purchased a new server for this and currently have members in the process of getting the game. We are still recruiting for Naval Aviators and Navy SEALs. Come check us out at our website: http://navsoc.org/ and join us on our teamspeak, info found on our website. We look forward to playing with you.
  2. Blaque

    Naval Special Warfare Command

    Hi JayRiot, I'm glad you decided to head over our way! Go to http://7cmbg.com/ and register on the forums. There you will be able to fill out an enlistment application and you'll be in once someone approves it. If you need any further help please just private message me here or at the NSWC website.
  3. Hey all, I am having issues with my game as well: Intel Core 2 duo 2.4 GHz 2.00 GB RAM Windows 7 64 bit Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT It looks like me specs more then beat out the minimum requirements, so I turn all of my settings to Low/Normal to the point where the game is starting to look a bit ridiculous, and it is still choppy as hell. Normally, running around with a few people out in the open or in a forrest isn't too bad. But once I get in a town city with a ton of buildings/enemy units to render, it gets unplayable. Also in a chopper it gets a bit choppy, lol. I've applied most of these fixes and tweaks I can find around these forums(VSync Off, run in -winxp, prerenderedframes=0, etc.). IS there anything I may have missed that I can tweak or is there something really lacking in my specs? I haven't read through all these pages so maybe I missed something. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: I also have run on many different resolutions, and am not set on just one. My native resolution is 1920x1080.