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  1. Okay, I am really glad you wrote here! Headset microphone is enough. I have wrote a PM message to you.
  2. Hi! I am finishing my new single player mission (to be released separately soon and also as part of future campaign later) in which there is one short moment, when the player meets German/Danish unit from Global mobilisation DLC. So, I am looking for very short voice acting in German or Danish language, where actor would record only one or few sentenses for German/Danish soldiers. If someone is a native speaker of German or Danish and has age approximatelly between 18-45, please let me know here or by PM. Thank you!
  3. Hey! I can offer Czech or English voice acting with Czech accent. If somebody needs help, just PM me.
  4. tslava

    Tank Hero

    Did you see any bugs or something like that?
  5. tslava

    Tank Hero

    Tank Hero Hi there! There is my new funny singleplayer mission;) Take your M1A2 and find the pilot.... Northern area is full of Russian and Takistani enemies... Logo: Description: An American Blackhawk was shot over northern Takistan by militia. One pilot survived the crash and he has to be rescued. Unfortunately the weather doesn't allow an helicopter evacuation. You are a Captain of M1A2 and you are commissioned to rescue him. However, most of Takistani area is controlled by russian expeditional forces, who instead of keep peace, cooperate and supporting takistani militia. There are three possibly routes to the pilot, but Takistan is full of enemies and there are also two eneny main bases. Let's go Captain, we don't have much time! Changelog: v 1.0 • Full SP mission • ReadMe files (English/Czech) • Logo of mission v 1.1 • added identity, artilery attacks, end music • fixed debriefing, positions Install: Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder. To run is neccessary download this addon: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=10903 Special thanks to: Maturin, eikson for testing Download: Enjoy it!
  6. tslava

    [CAMP] Chasing Grim Reaper

    I think on that campaign is still lot of work to do, but Its great and funny campaign. All cutscenes are excellent and missions are also very funny. I had only little problem with eliminating tanks in 1st mission. There arent any anti-tank guns (only one missile soldier in my team, who died me), so, I had to kill allied guerilla missilesoldier to get that RPG.
  7. tslava

    Dale's Missions.

    Okay, I only informated about it ;)
  8. tslava

    Dale's Missions.

    I played it 3 times and now once again and always it was with this bug.
  9. tslava

    Dale's Missions.

    I havent a cause to lie ;) when I came to house, task was done, but she always knelt and didnt anything
  10. tslava

    Dale's Missions.

    Yes I running addons, but didnt run any addons when I played this mission. Maybe could be problem in scripts.
  11. tslava

    Dale's Missions.

    Hi dale! Mission called "Medical Energency" was very funny, but there was one bug - when I emergenced the doctor, she stay and didn´t come with me. Are you able to repair it?:) I can translate this mission to Czech language if you send me stringatables files ;)
  12. Assasin Hi guys!:bounce3: There is my new singleplayer mission for Arma II Arrowhead called "Assassin" - 0.9 beta version. To run you need only datadisc Arrowhead (1.57) without BAF/PMC or other unofficially addons. Logo: Description: Col. Aziz celebrate his birthday in Zargabad. Our command decided about give to him a present. Zargabad is full of Takistani soldiers, militarists, armoureds and planes too. You are a lonely night US operator, who have to infiltrate to mosque and kill him. Second objective is destroy Scud launcher in the military base near Zargabad. The last task is destroy Aziz's helicopter on the airbase. (You haven't any explosives, so you have to find other way to destroy them :-P) Let's go soldier! Version 0.9 including: -Full SP mission -overview, debriefing and hints in Czech lang. -ReadMe files (English/Czech) -Logo of mission Download: Mission is available to download here: Enjoy it! This mission is the first and the last beta version. If you will find any bugs or you will have any comments I hope you write here. ;)
  13. tslava

    SP Mission: Alca Tank Hunter

    Of course, Its good idea, but now I am working on new mission for Arrowhead. So, probably this was last update for this mission. :D
  14. tslava

    SP Mission: Alca Tank Hunter

    Yes, it could be possible, but somebody could have problems with landings.
  15. tslava

    SP Mission: Alca Tank Hunter

    Hi seelix:) I would like add second task, but there i one big problem – Addon L-159 Alca have (in real too) only 2 anti-ground missiles (Maverick) and 2 anti-air missiles (Sidewinders). So, I can make mission with two anti-ground targets and two anti-air targets, when I used this addon. What about languages? My mission have three languages – English, Czech and Finnish. In the file called "AlcaTankHunter.Chernarus.pbo" is mission with English and Czech languages. A Finnish language is in file called "AlcaTankHunterFin.Chernarus.pbo" (It was written in "ReadMe – FIN.txt").;) Hi GTDAWG:) Maybe both tanks were hit, but they neednt exploded. Try it once again.;)