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  1. Yes it will! I didn't even know that command existed, so that'll definitely make it easier than trawling the community wiki for spare classnames lol Thanks for the help and for the awesome mods, they're a dream to run dynamic missions with!
  2. I am an idiot. CARS was disabled. I tried again and got an actual list, which looks very much the same as yours:
  3. That's odd, that's what I was trying and it's not showing me anything at all.
  4. Where should I put that? It doesn't appear to do anything in the debug console (though to be honest I've never used it before lol)
  5. I'm using the Steam version of the mod, trying to exclude vanilla vehicles from spawning as part of the CARS and PARK modules (because it's pretty immersion-breaking to be driving through Vietnam and suddenly have a modern hatchback pull out in front of you!) I've successfully managed to exclude the vanilla vehicles from PARK, I'm only seeing the bikes and jeeps that come with SOG spawning there, but CARS is proving a more difficult one. Every vehicle CARS spawns currently is an orange Zamak truck- I appear to have managed to exclude all the other vehicles for the most part. However, when I specifically excluded the Zamaks, suddenly I began to see the generic Trucks again. I'm at a loss at this point as to what I need to do, aside from going through and blacklisting every single vanilla classname. I'm not sure if I'm missing something in the blacklist, or if this is a bug. I'll spoiler my current blacklist (which allows the Zamaks somehow) below.
  6. osterizer8

    itsDonJon´s Golan Map

    If the creator hasn't said anything since 2015, the map is almost certainly dead and unfinished.
  7. On Armaholic, there was a Modules tab where large addons like Vilas' factions could often be found. Without it, there's quite a bit missing from the database unless the items in that tab were put under Addons somewhere.
  8. I've been using the ALIVE ORBAT creator to make some custom factions and I've put the resulting configs into pbos to use as mods. I've gotten them to where they work when I have a single one of them loaded, but when I put multiple faction pbos into one mod, or load more than one of them in separate mods, only a single one of the factions shows up in-game. Is there anything special you have to do to get factions made in the ORBAT creator to play nice with each other?
  9. Thanks, that's my plan! They're just going to be ORBAT mods.
  10. CUP Team- I'm hoping to create some faction mods using your content, and I was wondering if you guys would be cool with that. I'm pretty sure it's kosher just from the amount of mods that use your stuff, but it's always best to make sure!
  11. osterizer8

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    Alright, makes sense. Thanks for checking! And that sounds like it'd be really cool. Having a dynamic AI-run CTI campaign where the player is a cog in the machine is something I've wanted for a while, and with HAL's implementation in HWS, this would be ideal for it except for the issues you stated. And I second Scimitar's thanks- your dynamic missions are consistently my favorite ones to play, and HWS is probably my favorite Arma mission ever, thanks to its variety and customization ability. Your missions do a lot to put the player in a living battlefield, which is Arma at its finest in my opinion.
  12. osterizer8

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    I'm loving the new features! Allowing us to pick a battle location is very nice, paired with the territory control it makes War Stories a very fun "campaign" generator. The multi-faction feature is great too, it adds a ton of variety to the missions. My only request for that is to add some way of scrolling through the list when choosing the factions- I have a large number of faction mods and they actually go past the end of the list, making it impossible to select any factions below a certain point for the multi-faction feature.
  13. osterizer8

    ARZUELA Project

    Ooo... Mirage! ;-) Looking great guys, keep it up! I'm looking forward to the release.
  14. osterizer8

    DIH 1970s Generic African Units

    I looked at the download links on the first page, and they have not worked. They also don't appear to be the same addon that was required, as they are for the later versions of p85 and are divided into nation packs.
  15. osterizer8

    DIH 1970s Generic African Units

    I have a similar problem as jhashselivar. I have searched all over the place, but I cannot find a download link for the mod he is talking about. Can someone post a link please?