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  1. Finnish Forces Pack The spring patch Greetings everyone! We have prepared a beefy patch for you all to enjoy, and loads of new content. Now, some of this content is indeed a placeholder asset (The Kamaz trucks for example) and are not in fact used by the FDF as of now. We saw these necessary in order to enable Cti gamemodes and such. Some highlights from this patch in terms of new content: Infantry: Rk-62 Main issue rifle of the FDF M05 equipment (first iteration) Vehicles: MRAP Nh-90 (HAMF Dependency Updated MLRS Updated BMP2 SUSI 420 Cargo(Fictional, Vanilla A3 asset, finnish livery) SUSI 420 Fuel(Fictional, Vanilla A3 asset, finnish livery) SUSI 420 Repair(Fictional, Vanilla A3 asset, finnish livery) SUSI 8x8 Ammo(Fictional, Vanilla A3 asset, finnish livery) Ambulance (Fictional, Vanilla A3 asset, finnish livery) Gripen (Fictional, Vanilla A3 asset, finnish livery) Along wiht these fine new additions the team fixed loads of bugs and issues. Feedback is always valued, so should you encounter a bug or other hinderances, feel free report! Only way we can fix something, is if we know its broken 😉 KNOWN ISSUES We wanted to give these out for the community to play with, but that is not to say they are without issues. At least the M05 has clipping and weighting issues. Also some texture issues (normal maps lacking or inverted, some textures have a "plastic" look to them" and so on. They are the very first iteration, and will be improved upon. We hope you find this patch enjoyable, and the new assets fun to play with! With best regards on behalf of FFP Crew, -Kristian
  2. Kristian

    25 KKiv Model 2035

    @kiory Finnish naming standard detected, scanning pictures... "Laku Finland" Detected, commencing lol procedure. In all seriousness, really neat looking package! Extra props for finnification :D
  3. Kristian

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    [ramble] My two cents that I wish at least someone agrees with: Nices: -New planes > *boris_nice.png* -The carrier and its deck crew animations, and automated AA systems > very nice indeed! -New radar and damage models > best shit ever -Dynamic loadouts, good stuff. Wish it'd be more integrated with existing systems like ammo trucks (switch on the fly) To imbroves imo: -Stop. Recycling. Please. The deck crew vest is just the "Tactical Vest" with pouches removed from the model. The helmet is the default tanker helmet, and the uniform is the heli crew uniform. You made the incredible, beautiful new carrier and its assets, but the crew part seems half-assed. Missed opportunities: -I know I said to stop recycling, but the one part where it could have been done, its not. The stomper could have been retextured to be a carrier tractor thingy Ghosthawk and Huron could have received "NAVY" grey skins -In apex you simply retextured the NATO (but not vehicles, meh). Simple retextures could have been made here to broaden the available assets. For example, the NATO Combat uniform, but in digital woodland or desert, to create them 2035 marines to be used alongside the new carrier. I know its sort of a tall order, but considering APEX, which was a paid DLC had half of its vehicles and units being simple retextures, I was kinf of hoping at least some of it here. Sure, community can do it, but I'd like vanilla game to give me options to create a story :) [/ramble]
  4. Since you pulled your content from them (which, as a creator, you have the full right to!), will you be releasing them on your own? :) They are amazing pieces of community content, and it would be a shame if they would be lost from the public :(
  5. Put a PM to your inbox, I will not allow myself to stand idle, while this glorious task is being worked by others!
  6. Kristian

    Marksmen DLC Weapon Feedback

    Well BIS managed to make a workaround during the Helicopter DLC devbranch voyage, so I was also expecting it to work. But I'm not mad or anything, I can still mess around in virtual arsenal, and when the time comes I'll get proper access just like everyone else :)
  7. Kristian

    Marksmen DLC Weapon Feedback

    Well they ARE Premium content, and they have been made way after game was initially released, hence better outlook. Mk14 is basically m14, so of course it should have full auto.
  8. Dear comrade toadie2k I would like to inquire about the state of the rifles we discussed via PMs? :) I have sent you two (2) Private message in regards of this discussion, but seems like they are lost in the flood of PMs you must receive. I hope to hear from you soon, and my apogises if I seem puhsy.. or something, not sure what would be the right word. Anyhow, hoping to hear you from you :)
  9. Kristian

    JSRS: DragonFyre -- WIP Thread

    Have a good one mate! Can't wait to hear back how the "provisional work around" worked out :D
  10. Ey fellas. Um... a simple question for everyone who does little bit more editing than me.. or at least more advanced editing. I'd need a helicopter to come pick up a squad ater a certain condition is filled. lets call the condition shits_done for the purpose of this example. After that condition is done, a helicopter will come in to a position and land, and wait for the squad (or whats left of it) to board it, and then transport it to another location. Helicopter is obviously an AI piloted one. The infantry squad will be led by a human player, so I'd prefer NOT to use any waypoints in this, since the mission follows certain kind of "free movement", where player is simply given an objective, and player must decide how to complete it. I remember doing such thing once in A2 with switch triggers and but the code above was writteb by a friend, so I had no idea how it actually works.. my guess is that it counts the units left in squad, so the heli takes off when the leftovers are inside. Hehe... leftovers.. anyways, halp? :(
  11. Squadleader advancing after ambushing hostile convoy;
  12. Kristian

    Custom voices pack

    Surelly its been done, loads of times. FDF mod did so for ArmA 1 and 2, and now for A3 there are at least 2 or 3 mods that add the A2 Russian voice profiles. Just gotta ask the right people... which I am not one of btw. Best of luck with your search :)
  13. Kristian

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Comrades! This is a most glorious day! da? Dear developers of this modification / addon. I would hereby like to say, that this is just.. mind blowingly epic. Sure, some vehicles have CSWs that the vehicle commander / loader is unable to use, and maybe there are a few funny things like the AKs using MX reload animations, but those things aside, this mod is by far, the most epic in its scale for ArmA 3. I was a little confused with the amount of menus for the Russian side in the editor (I just went.. "WHERE IS ZÉ SOVIET ARMOR?!") US Side was very clear because... well... for obvious reasons. Now here is hoping that next releases will see some more love to the US side, especially The Marines. (Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion, anyone?) Maybe ask Toadie2k nicelly, if he'd like to make some godlike reload animations for them weapons? And a top-down attack mode for the Javelin. (I know, it seems like my requests are mostly for the US side, but rest assured, I love each side equally. One would be boring without the other). Anyways... I once more would like to thank everyone who contributed and helped you guys achieve this! This (IMO) should win the Total conversion mod! (So you can get dem monies and keep on doing this :3) Best regards, -Kristian Suominen