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  1. LAV-25 is in the ever-so-elusive roadmap, so we hopefully get that coming someday to combat the BTR. HMMWV Turrets have been turning 360 degrees since day one of Reforger. Mouse controls the weapon in the mount, A and D turns the mount horizontally. I love this system as it gives the gun the heavy feel it needs.
  2. Battlefield runs on a game engine that is considered finished. Arma reforger does not. The game is not finished, the engine is not finished and conflict as a gamemode is propably not finished. Also, I wouldn't call Reforger "Super basic"
  3. I for one do not think this should be a vanilla feature in any way, or at least not in a way proposed here. Towing wrecks, repairing on field or having recovery vehicles for this, sure. But any number of players being able to turn a flipped BTR or a 5ton and I begin to heavily question the reasoning behind it. If you got a vehicle flipped you dun goof'd and your team SHOULD be at a disadvantage. Should a server want this, there are mods already that do this, and Arma 3 had this mission specifically coded if the mission was arcade focused in its playstyle. I think by default vehicles should be an advantage that can be lost due to negligence on players part. Reckless driving should be discouraged, and if all it takes in a few players to unflip literal tons of equipment, there's no risk to losing it by driving it down a hill.
  4. Kristian

    jog speed is way too fast

    Right. I did some crude testing. I downloaded the waypoint mod, gave myself a 100 meter run, took it 4 times to get some spread in results as I clocked it manually. Here you have the results: Here is a quick and dirty excel calculating speeds: So about 13-14 km/h. Pretty fast boi, one might say! Let's remember this is at max-non-sprinting speed. Not light job, but the max the character can do without springing. Now, what is the average jogging speed? Well, according to my research, there isn't one. It depends on goals, heart rate and desired result, but let's have a quick dive into what the military might be using as a standard. Well, according to https://www.military.com/military-fitness/running/prepare-for-2-mile-army-run (which is an article on how to prepare for the US Army Physical Fitness test. According to this article, the min and max pace for this test are: min: 12.44 km/h max 14.87 km/h If we take average from those two we get 13,65 km/h. I'd say my 10 min test has proven that the jogging speed is indeed splendid, accurate, non-immersion-breaking and indeed, not accessabiliztzed'd. Thank you for joining this seminar on "How BI propably has thought of this and based this game mechanic on some real life data or information" EDIT: Went to test Arma 3 to get more date. Arma 3 has almost exactly same speeds at jog-pace. 26,xx seconds for 100 meters. Reforger is not any different in this regard.
  5. You are asking for a gamemode. I think Arma 3 already has multiple Capture-the-Island -gamemodes where it can take the server multiple days to complete the "campaign".
  6. Kristian

    I buy drink and snack

    huh? Like, you played a custom mission on a custom server and it crashed? Even the vanilla servers are still suffering as the netcode is being developed, I wouldn't count on custom ones right now 😅 It's a game engine and game still in development, it's bound to be broken for a long time in multiple places. Point of it all is to find the bugs, squash them, learn from them and make the most splendid™ Arma 4 there ever could be I suppose.
  7. Kristian

    AI sees too far!

    More complex AI behaviour and ability to command them has been confirmed. https://www.gamestar.de/artikel/der-lange-weg-zu-arma-4-wie-geht-es-jetzt-mit-reforger-weiter,3381140.html GameStar: Will we still be able to issue commands to AI soldiers in Arma Reforger, or is this a feature that will only come back in Arma 4? Ján Dušek: Yes, that will come with one of the later updates for Arma Reforger.
  8. Finally found it! It was older video than I thought so it took me a while. I'll add this to my previous link-collection too for future reference. So this is running on older version of VBS, running on a VBS variant of RV engine. It has apparently always been possible, but never a priority.
  9. Kristian

    Feature request on feedback site?

    I think it already works that way:
  10. Kristian

    Shots do not register

    There's a troubleshooting subforum here https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/404-arma-reforger-troubleshooting/ and a feedback tracker for reporting bugs here https://feedback.bistudio.com/project/view/66/
  11. Kristian

    Bullet Velocity Low

    Dragunov has a muzzle energy of about 800 m/s. As the bullet exits the barrel if will start to lose energy immediatly. I want to guess you'veen spoiled by CoD as you speculate yourself, but I did not go in-game to test shot-to-impact times 😅 Assuming you are shooting at a target around 500 meters away from you, it'd still take the bullet ~0,6 to reach the target if it was magical and did NOT lose any energy. Now when you approximate things I'd say it should take the round between 0,6 and 0,7 seconds to reach the target. Might do testing later 😂
  12. My guess is that truck beds, helicopter interiors and such where "walkable interior" for players would be feasable, the AI would get in and sit in a specific seat as it currently is. Although I'm sure if vehicles supported this, some absolute madlad would propably make them work with AI jumping in and staying in until "get out" command is issued 😅
  13. You guys do realize the current stamina system, weapon bracing and deployment was added to A3 years after release? It wasn't in the Early Access, it wasn't in full release. I'm sure they'll get to it, just give 'em time. "Overall there seems to be a tilting of the dial towards a more "arcade" style of play" in what way? This argument keeps popping up and I have no idea how or why. There is less hud than A3 weapons are deadlier (or rather, there is no miracle armor values as in vanilla A3) vehicles are interactable for the first time ever load bearing equipment has volyme and weight restrictions Equipment itself is modular weapons are more modular (GLs can be detached, for example) sights are animated 3D scopes... Being able to fire shoulder fired weapons while prone Geez the list is so long and yet people will find a reason to think that now that the game is on consoles it's somehow more "arcadey". Hecc you can even manually safe your weapon now, and it's all animated! Firemode changes and everything. Compass isn't just and overlay but an actual thing you have to look at, map doesn't show where you are anymore by default. How is Arma Reforger more arcadey than Arma 3 at release, please, elaborate cause I'm dying to hear it. [/rant]
  14. Kristian

    Arma Reforger my thoughts...

    I'd say BIS is doing really well actually. A3 has (so far, if content is directly compared) almost more actions than A3. (comparing a HMMWV to a HMMWV, for example). Already in this pre-release testbed of sorts you can turn on lights, high beams and hazard lights. A3 had a single keybind for "lights or no lights". A3 had lots of keybinds because "that's how it's always been", but boy am I glad BIS is going trough the trouble of making actions contextual or otherwise simply work better or more intuitively. Walking speed adjustment is no longer an awkward toggle switch, but seamless transition with the roll of a mousewheel. Grenade launchers work as independent weapons, without having to press F for certain amount of times, only to misclick it once more and having to browse trough rifle firemodes again. Reforger's LAW is an actual single shot weapon, unlike A3 NLAW which for some reason could be reloaded. Reforger is already so much more immersive, and it's only getting better from here on in and towards A4. Realism and immersion isn't measured by the amount of keybinds available 😉
  15. Kristian

    First impressions and feedback

    Weapons can be manually put to safe, I think default keybind on PC is DEL. It also has nice details, like when you engage safety on an M9 the hammer decocks. I think it could be a gameplay option. "Automatically safe weapon upon lowering" or something.