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  1. Agreed, the post apoc fanboy in me woke up!
  2. Sif

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    Encouraged to see you keeping this up, I am curious as to what you may be thinking of adding in the future in your pack?
  3. I've been looking for the loadout configs for the Afrenians and Molatians, could you point me in the right direction? I want to go through them and make HLC compatible configs for both of them. I'd like to work on that and possibly release it so you don't have to waste your time, unless you have any objections?
  4. Sif

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    Just a little note I think the CDF should be able to use some of the other BTR's, aswell as probably two of the T-80 variants. From what I have read the T-80 will be phased out of the Russian Army soon to maximize T-72/T-90 logistics being available.
  5. Sif

    A new ISIS mod, picking up the ball

    If I might say you could do a Syrian Civil War pack and include all the large parties in the conflict. YPG Units, FSA, Al Nusra, ISIS, NDF, SAA, try to diversify the groups a little. Either way it's good to see someone will go down this route, can't blame the authors if they don't want to be unnecessarily hassled for a mod they made.
  6. Sif

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    It's his mod, if he wants to remove them to avoid getting hassled in real life then that's his choice. I'm enjoying the fact you've updated your mod and plan to continue it, thanks for that.
  7. This will be fun to play around with, the regular Chinook hopefully can be replaced with this beauty.
  8. Are there going to be any replacement packs planned for these units? I love the old fashioned BDU guys, truthfully.
  9. Not trying to seem like a scrooge here, but has anyone made a MVD replacement pack for these?
  10. That's a pretty neat idea, having an encirclement mission is always fun with zombies.
  11. If it were laid out as simple as I imagine this will make doing zombie missions more attractive imo. I'm really looking forward to this mod, hope you keep on with this.
  12. Charon's mod is great and all but it's 343 mbs, this addon so far is 1 mb. The whole purpose of this addon seems to be just cutting down on how much stuff you have to download in order for it to work.
  13. It's not meant to have factions that weren't in the original OFP campaign. Meant to directly reflect that storyline and the groups in the original series. It's done that way to pay tribute to the game that spawned this community.
  14. Says the camo type in the files, also from what I understand they come in all types of shapes and sizes too.