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  1. I haven't played ArmA since I last posted hence the delay. I've fixed the issue, I had to do a profile rebuild to fix it.
  2. I'm having an issue with using Fast2 where it doesn't save any changes even after I've tried a reset. Initially I had an issue where it would crash immedtiately, I think I changed the folder and re-ran it to fix it. The problem now is it doesn't save any changes made in the application. For instance, if I import a new mod list and tick the box 'Check for Steam Mod Updates on Launch' then save to the profile. When I restart the app none of changes are applied. If I delete that profile and restart, the profile's restored. I've even tried doing a reset (using the 'Reset Fast' button) and deleted the folder then copying back. I'm not sure where it's saving my old profile data. I'll raise it on the Discord server. Cheers
  3. mach2infinity

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Hi guys, I've added the excellent VME PLA mod (Chinese armed forces) to my server. However, when I tested the latest mission (0.96.6) on Tanoa, none of the enemy AI spawn. In the KP Liberation config file I've changed the OpFor arsenal preset to '0' so it's custom. In the OpFor preset folder I edited the custom.sqf and swapped everything with PLA class names. I've ensured there's no missing/misplaced characters or spaces. In my experience if it's the latter the map won't run properly. But I shouldn't assume. The PLA come under the 'Independent' group in the Eden Editor. But given there's a NATO.sqf in the OpFor preset folder this shouldn't be an issue? Anyone willing to quickly check the SQF: Custom.sqf Much appreciated. --EDIT-- Nevermind, my fault. I had entered "." instead of "," after one of the class names. Thanks again to veteran29 for help in the Discord chat.
  4. I keep coming back to ArmA and the one thing that's always circled in my mind is the idea of a server event/mission where an alien force/monster begins assaulting key positions across the map (perhaps population centres) and the job of the players is to delay/halt the advance of the enemy before eventually killing them. You'd get to deploy FOBs and forces as you see fit, command your own units and work with others with a Commander role to co-ordinate things. Perhaps there's a capital city you must defend at all costs to prevent losing the round. As you progress, you gain 'prestige'(*) which is the currency you earn to spend on upgrades and unlocking new and powerful weapons and units. For the antagonists, the aliens could be the Tripods from War of the Worlds and the monster could be Cloverfield monster. The enemies would have a lot of 'hit points'. The Tripods obviously have the shield but unlike the 2005 film their shield weakens with each hit and the bigger the ordinance the more that shield decreases where they'll then march towards your 'HQ' and you have to stop them. The Cloverfield monster would have a hardened armoured skin or carapace which you have to chip away at with heavier firepower. Also in Cloverfield you had those arachnid-like parasites which are extremely fast and mobile so they could be a threat for the towns and cities. In amidst all this there'd be an element of having to save civilians and refugee caravans or something just to heighten the challenge and difficulty. From an addon making perspective, the size of the Tripods can vary a little but they max out around 150ft so I'm hoping this is within the presumable poly-limit of ArmA? I suspect for Cloverfield monster being between 240ft-300ft this would be more of a challenge? Just wanted to run the idea by you guys and see what you think. Personally I've always been really keen to see an Independence Day or Battle:LA type scenario so if there's an appetite for it then it would definitely be worth looking into (and for me to start learning how to use Blender and make addons for ArmA!) *There was a good turn-based strategy game called People's General (yeah I'm old) and it had the UN (Basically NATO and Russia) vs China and I thought a clever money system was prestige. Because the more objectives you complete, the greater the recognition and the more money would be given to the military right? Which feels a bit more ground than earning money from captured towns or whatever.
  5. mach2infinity

    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    Just to second this post that I'm also unable to access the AWS arming menu as well. Great addon though!
  6. I run my own server for KP Liberation which is small but runs 27 mods, all of which you can subscribe to on Steam Workshop. The mods include BWMod, CUP, 3CB BAF, POOK SAM Pack among all the others. I run the Altis map so obviously there's lots of locations to liberate and there's a ton of equipment, weapons and vehicles for you to prosecute the liberation war against CSAT! Some of the kit you can use includes the Challenger 2 MBT, Leopard 2A6 MBT, Patriot SAM Launcher, C-RAM truck, F-18, Eurofighter Typhoon, Harrier Jump Jet and many others. I'd say I'm looking for a relaxed environment for players so we can all have fun but also for those who like playing coop games and working with others for a common objective. I've got the server details below in my signature so you can easily find it. Look forward to seeing you on the battlefield .
  7. mach2infinity

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Yes, you can do this yourself by un-PBOing the mission file then editing the Custom.sqf file (Presets -> Blufor). You just need the class names which you can get from placing the objects in the editor. Example
  8. Has there been a recent update to SteamCMD which only lets you download mods to a different folder than the Steam install directory? I know about a year ago, if you had the bat file pointing mod installs to any random directory (i.e. E:\Games\ArmA3\A3Files\Test), it would still install to the Steam directory (i.e. E:\Apps\Steam). Later on, they updated it so this stopped happening and it would install the mods to your specified directory. When this happened I changed the bat file to specify my Steam install directory to which it installed the mods despite it saying 'install content to a directory other than the Steam install directory'. However, recently this has stopped working for me and I've had to update the bat file to install mods to a non-Steam install directory. The issue here is I now have duplicate data in the Steam and Test directories. In the Steam install directory, if I were to create a SymLink 'Steamapps' folder pointing to the Test folder, would this work? Old bat file New bat file
  9. mach2infinity

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    @SSG Garcia-506th IR a bit of a longshot.. 1) Have you tested with a new 'dummy' profile? Just to check it's not your current player profile. 2) Have you checked the server log files? I'll test KP 0.963 for Napf and see if I can replicate the issue.
  10. mach2infinity

    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    I have searched the thread but apologies if there's a duplicate post on this. I tested the EF on my KP Liberation on Taunus and noticed the afterburner kept kicking in, even on low throttle. Sometimes the AB would be on but on the scroll menu it's showing "afterburner on" (as in to turn it on). But love the addon, attention to detail and all the functionality! UPDATE In addition when I use the advanced targeting MFD and lock in GPS co-ords and drop the GBUs/JDAMs they don't track to the target. I get the errors below:
  11. mach2infinity

    Dedicated Server - Keeps Crashing

    I think I have resolved the issue. I initially thought it could be an O/S compatibility issue. To test my friend setup an ArmA server on his Windows 2012 server with no issue using the same mission and mods. So I setup Windows 2012 as well on my machine but had the same issue; even two BSODs - one for a memory error. I then went into the BIOS and remembered I had set the memory profile to XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) on my Asus motherboard. I put it back to automatic. I've since had long games and in one session there was 4 of us and it hasn't yet crashed. Fingers crossed!
  12. When you say you can't connect. Do you mean no-one can see the server at all? Or that players can see it but it won't let them connect? If it's the former, check: 1) the arma3server.exe has been allowed on the Windows Firewall 2) the required ports have been port forwarded - see here. If it's the latter, can you share a screenshot of the error.
  13. mach2infinity

    BattlEye Initialization Failed

    Hi mate, a little late but have you tried the below? 1) join a server through the Steam ArmA3 launcher rather than the in-game server browser? 2) port forwarded port 2306 in your router like below? By the way, following the last update for ArmA 3 (1.8?) you may need to update the port forwarding rules on your router to include port 2306 (BattlEye traffic, +4) if you run your own dedicated server. You can see details on this here Steam Community Thread
  14. mach2infinity

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    This looks to be a fantastic mod, thank you @SGT Fuller to you and your team for all your hard work. I understand that you are waiting until you have the first full release before it goes on Steam Workshop, which will make server admins like me very happy! In the meantime, like others have done I'll report any unauthorised uploads directly to you.
  15. mach2infinity

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Thanks for that man! I've edited the mission as following: Custom.sqf [Presets -> Blufor] I'm running my modified KP Liberation mission on the Taunus map. It has about 25-27 military bases. But only 19 of them have an unlockable unit despite my list above with 24 units. When I try to open the mission in Eden Editor, it won't open and just says it cannot open the scenario. But if I load it on my server I can play on it? In init_presets.sqf it has the below which I'd think would load custom.sqf as default: --EDIT-- @Applejakerie I figured it out. Just updated the kp_liberation_config.sqf with the below: