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  1. Hi there, OPEX has been updated to version 1.235. Changelog: Added: OPEX now supports Xnooz's Press Pack - this is optional and only usefull for users of this mod Added: some OPEX data are now saved into .rpt file to help solving possible issues Fixed: gear at startup is now properly loaded for every team leaders Fixed: player is not considered as a renegade anymore after destroying the UAV (task 18) Fixed: there shouldn't be any conflict anymore between AIS and ACE medical systems Improved: vehicle spawning script Improved: incognito script Improved: a few other things Updated: ACE, TFR and ACRE mods are now supported with the light edition (if they are installed and enabled) Updated: some vanilla GPS are now available into support crates
  2. Well, in these ones there's no error message linked to ACE anymore but in both case it seems that you server is blocked when trying to registering player in BattleEye (EServer: registering a new player). Check if you server configuration is ok (if defined ports are the ones used by BattleEye) or try to disable BattleEye from your server. Maybe I'm wrong but as I don't see major errors due to OPEX in your .rpt file I think the issue is not linked to OPEX itself but to the way you server is set up that may block something in OPEX initialization.
  3. Thank you for sharing this file. You said you're running OPEX without mods but it seems that a lot of error messages in your .rpt file are linked to ACE mod. Did you try to start OPEX without ACE to see if there was a difference ?
  4. @HuTcH_GER 1. You have to manually start tasks - it's voluntary because most people prefer this way. But you can select the random parameter to select a random one. 2. To use HC, you have to buy a squad from the delivery area and select the "Enlist squad" option. This should add the whole squad to the HC menu. 3. Every units and vehicles included in OPEX can be customized in the "settings" mission folder. There are templates available in the "settings\custom" folder that are ready to use, with the instructions to enable them. @ab_luca - ACE and TFR are automatically disabled at this time if you select the light version. But I'll update it as soon as possible to allow this, so this should solve these issues. - I didn't think it was usefull to add some GPS into any crate because every player has a GPS. But OK, it's not a problem to add a few ones with the next update. Thank you for your message, I'm glad you appreciate OPEX !
  5. OPEX has been updated to version 1.233. Changelog: Fixed: CUP is not essential anymore to play on Altis and Tanoa Tweaked: players should not see flying civilian vehicles anymore Post edited a few hours later. OPEX has been updated to version 1.234. Changelog: Fixed: enemy AT soldiers have now again loaded RPGs
  6. Hi, Yes, Altis and Tanoa versions of OPEX can be played without CUP. Edit: it seems there's an issue, I'll fix it quickly.
  7. OPEX has been updated to version 1.232. Changelog: Fixed: French vehicles should now be loaded everytime (for full version) Fixed: AI ambient patrols shouldn't spawn just nearby players anymore Fixed: toolkits are now available again in the armory
  8. Well, it seems there are no errors in your .rpt file caused by OPEX or scripts. There are 9726 warnings/errors listed before the mission initialization, I think there's a problem with your game installation or with at least one mod installation. Check it again on your local computer (and your server if you are trying to play online).
  9. There is nothing but the basic information into your .rpt files: please remove the "-noLogs" command from your game shortcut or untick the box in the game launcher to allow logs on the .rpt file.
  10. Could you please check if your game and all mods are up-to-date ? If they are, could you share your .rpt file ?
  11. You are right, thank you for this feedback. I just released a small hotfix to update OPEX to version 1.231. Changelog: Fixed: ACE medical objects are now loaded as intended Fixed: backpacks are now loaded into uniform crates as intended
  12. Hey there, Thank you very much for all support I'm receiving, I'm still very happy you're all so enthusiastic about OPEX ! All your feedbacks are very precious to continue enhancing the mission. A few issues appeared with last 1.22 update because of the amount of things that were modified/added, I apologize about that. But I'm happy to inform you that OPEX has already been updated to version 1.23 ! Changelog: Fixed: task "13 - Install a spy microphone" is now working properly again in MP Fixed: jailing civilians is now working properly again Fixed: ordering vehicles is now working properly again in MP Fixed: predefined loadouts are now working properly again in MP Fixed: music receiver is working properly again Fixed: tents and sleeping bags are available again in the armoury Tweaked: mission is now automatically reset in case of critical update to avoid issues and manipulations for players* Updated: default Virtual Arsenal is now replaced by ACE one (only for ACE users) Updated: ARC uniforms and vehicles are now automatically loaded (only for ARC users) Updated: contributor's in-game panel (thanks to Louis !) * Please note that persistent saves will be automatically reset with this update to make sure everybody is now running the proper version. Enjoy !
  13. Hi guys, I'm a few days late, but happy new year to everyone ! After a very long and hard work, I'm pleased to announce that OPEX has been updated to version 1.22. Changelog: New: OPEX is now compatible with Crazy Mike's Winter 2035 mod New: it's now possible to select between light and complete edition of every OPEX versions directly when mission starts Removed: the dedicated light edition of OPEX for Altis is not available anymore on Steam (because it's now included on standard version) Added: new AI units can now be recruited (radio operator and drone operator) Fixed: many bugs/issues caused by last ArmA and some mods updates Fixed: doors are now working properly on Kunduz and Lythium maps (thanks to pierremgi for the script !) Fixed: markers are now displayed properly in Zeus interface Fixed: map cleaning function is now suspended when a player is logged as Zeus, to prevent unintentional objects deletion Fixed (partially): most of the decoration items on the armoury walls are now spawning much more faster on dedicated servers Tweaked: civilian people spawning is now faster Tweaked: vehicles spawning is now more reliable and should limit cases of unwanted explosions Tweaked: AI is not selecting its handgun anymore if it can use its rifle Tweaked: some ground lights have been removed from heliports because they were sometimes causing some collision issues that may damage helicopters Tweaked: autosave progression has been disabled to allow possibility to play "on the fly" Tweaked: both mission and unit persistent save action have been merged into one (because I'm not sure it's usefull anymore to split them) Tweaked: the composition in the editor and the global script organization related to OPEX customization have been reworked to facilitate modifications and updates (big thanks to Jack Ost for his time and for his suggestions !) Tweaked: parameters screen at startup now includes tooltips to help newbies Tweaked: many scripts have been reworked to allow better performances and easier maintenance Tweaked: many global variables have been renamed with OPEX prefix to avoid possible conflicts Tweaked: HQ is now better protected (if the feature is enabled) Tweaked: many other things Updated: JackFrench mod is not required anymore (French vehicles have been replaced by R3F ones - until OFrP ones are available) Updated: players squads composition Updated: contributor's in-game panel (thanks to Magnus !) Important ! As this new update deeply modifies the engine of OPEX, you need to manually reset the mission by selecting the "Reset mission" wheel action attached to the whiteboard into the Tactical Operation Center. Then start again OPEX: the persistent data should have been cleared. I spent a new night working on OPEX, I hope you will enjoy this new version. Anyway, thank you so much for your precious feedbacks and for your support ! But now I really need to sleep !
  14. @pokemon77 Thank you for your message. Unfortunately I have currently no time at all to work for releasing features included in OPEX as standalone, so this shouldn't happen soon. But feel free to un-pbo OPEX and to extract/modify/customize what's inside as you like. @magicbus 9 Thank you too for your message. Yes, unfortunately, every version of OPEX should be more or less broken. @all Next update is almost ready and should be released soon. Please just be a little more patient :)