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  1. Gemini


    A huge update of OPEX is coming soon 😉 In the meantime, this error message seems to be related to R3F mods so downloading and enabling them should fix this.
  2. Gemini


    Guys, I need help from native english speakers. In French, "Opérations Extérieures - or OPEX" literally designates the military operations that are located abroad (outside the French territory). According to you, what would be the most appropriate translation in English ? External Operations (or maybe External Ops) ? Outside Operations (or maybe Outside Ops) ? Overseas Operations (or maybe Overseas Ops) ? ... For sure that's not important for the gameplay, but I'd like to use the most proper term.
  3. Gemini


    Hi, thanks for this message. Well, I already proceeded to something like that. More news to come soon 😉
  4. Gemini


    Hello, Thank you for this feedback. 1) The medical system will be completely reworked with next update. 2) Yes, this should happen as soon as possible but for now I'm focusing on the next update. For now I'm focusing on the next big update. I think you'll gonna like it guys 😉
  5. Gemini


    Thanks for this feedback. I'm still working on the next update, this kind of issue should be fixed then.
  6. Gemini


    Thank you dude ! I'm currently working hard on the next update. It should fix many issues that appeared with the last releases and should bring much more reliability and stability. I hope you guys will enjoy it ! Stay tuned...
  7. Gemini


    Thanks for the feedback, I'll try to think about a workaround. In the meantime, I can only suggest to cancel the task and to start it again (it shouldn't happen twice a row).
  8. Gemini


    Thanks for this new feedback. It's good to know that disabling .rpt file makes the mission running better. Did you shut down your server between yesterday and today ? Or did you simply log out then log in again the mission ?
  9. Gemini


    Thank you again for this feedback ! Well, I don't know exactly but from what I've seen so far, many mods are not 100% properly defined and using many of them may amplify errors amount. But this report is a precious information to continue fixing/improving OPEX !
  10. Gemini

    "Pending approval" alert

    OK good to know, I can confirm I sometimes have to edit the first post of the thread.
  11. Gemini

    "Pending approval" alert

    Thank you for the reply, I didn't know that.
  12. Hello, Since a few days I can see a "Pending approval" alert on my OPEX user mission thread. Why is that ?
  13. Gemini


    Guys, please accept my apologies... I confirm I forgot to set up respawn on Kujari version ! 😒 So here comes the 1.251 update: Fixed: respawn on Kujari map is now working properly in MP Fixed: briefing is now properly displayed again at mission startup Again, sorry about the inconvenience ! I'll continue to fix and improve OPEX as much and as quickly as possible - but just keep in mind that I'm working on it alone on my free time, which is unfortunately not unlimited. Anyway, thank you very much for all your precious feedbacks and nice comments, I really apreciate ! @Arfour Thanks for the .rpt file. It's very strange because I don't see any script error, but your .rpt file seems to be spammed by messages telling that some mods are missing... Maybe this could overload your server and could cause the issues you reported this time. Could you please try to disable RPT on your server to see if there's any difference (using the -noLogs startup parameter) ?