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  1. Gemini


    Thank you for your kind comments guys, I really appreciate. Take care of yourselves and of your families.
  2. Gemini


    Hi everybody, As my personal life has recently evolved, I inform you that I don't have time anymore for continuing OPEX development and support. Maybe I will try to fix a few things later but do not expect any new update or help soon. If something is going bad with OPEX, you have to deal with it. I can only suggest to read the in-game FAQ and all the comments on the Steam Workshop or on the official forum: maybe the answer to your question is already there. If necessary, just restart or reset the mission: in general this solves most of the issues. I would love to have more time to continue this project I started and developed alone since 2012 but there are things much more important in a man's life: if it's not already the case for you, I wish you to become a dad someday 🙂 I hope you'll continue to enjoy OPEX as much as possible despite the possible bugs and issues 😉 Thanks again to the ArmA community for all the help and support ! Long life to ArmA !
  3. Gemini


    Yes. Everything is explain in the FAQ. Using the persistent save system disables the vanilla save system. So if you want to use the classic one, reset the mission and do NOT use the persistent save.
  4. Gemini


    @shi4stone This is already the case, demobilizing AI units in the delivery area funds back the intel. @terrydraper I don't understand, can you say it again with an understandable syntax ?
  5. Gemini


    @shi4stone Everything outside the HQ is dynamic and regenerated each time a player leaves the area so there is not sector to control. Getting intel allows to recruit extra supplies, supports etc... At this time the persistent save doesn't allow to save AI teammates because it requires to much work and I have no time left to work on it. Maybe someday Bohemia will add a save system compatible in MP, so we won't have to try to do it by ourselves. @Guillaume Massé Sorry I don't have time left to update it. @otarius-big What recommendation about mod list and mission settings do you need ? To install OPEX on a dedicated server, just do it as any other MP mission.
  6. Gemini

    "Pending approval" alert

    Great, thank you !
  7. I already did it on the Steam Workshop, but thanks again for this great mod guys !
  8. Gemini

    "Pending approval" alert

    Hello, I had to edit this post again: I have reported it with both IE and Chrome, I hope one of them worked: if not can you please help again ? Thanks in advance.
  9. Gemini


    This check is case sensitive so if mod folders are not exactly the same, this happens. But if mods are properly installed I suppose that should work. Anyway, did you try to reset the mission, or try the other versions, to check if your issues happen every time ? If yes, can you please use the "Report bug" action from the same laptop in the game, and send me your RPT file ? So I could have more details about what's going on. Anyway, OPEX has just been updated to version 2.06. Changelog : Added: phronk's Addon-Free Arma Radio script (AFAR) - for people playing in MP without TFAR or ACRE Added: compatibility with the French faction from the combination of OFrP + FAF + AMF mods (thanks to Mikelima) Fixed: camo selection based on played map Fixed: wheel action to join/leave a player's group should now work as intended Fixed: the AI guy who was moving through the TOC shouldn't do it anymore (Kunduz) Updated: increase IED probability Updated: Tanoa has been virtually relocalized in French Guiana Edit : OPEX has been updated to version 2.061. Changelog : Fixed: no more error message when using AFAR radio
  10. Gemini


    Hi Stan, thanks for this message. I can't visit the picture URL, can you please provide a functional one ?
  11. Gemini


    Thanks for the feedback. It seems that most of the times, possible issues encountered with OPEX are because the server is overloaded by remote scripts execution. So restarting it may help a lot. In addition, even if the persistent save should avoid losing progression, resetting all can help too, as it assures you to play with 100% fresh data. There is probably many ways to improve all scripts included in OPEX, especially because I'm developping it since 2012 (so some scripts and way to think are totally outdated) but as I said previously I have unfortunatly almost no more time to work on it agin. There will probably be a last update in a few days to fix last things I've noticed but after that do not excpect much more and frequent updates. In case of troubles, just apply the two tips above.
  12. Gemini


    No, nothing changed about that. Simply keep in mind that this is ArmA: some unexpected things may sometimes happen. Also, maybe the one who called for the transport did a missclick.