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  1. OK, I understand. So in this case you have to edit the "fnc_ambientXXXXX" files located into the "scripts\Gemini" folder. For example, in the "fnc_ambientEnemyPatrols.sqf" file: _squad = [OPEX_enemy_side1, ["infantry", "infantry", "infantry", "infantry", "infantry", "motorized"], -1, _position, 10, "patrol", _position, OPEX_enemy_AIskill, 75] call Gemini_fnc_spawnSquad; In the code above, you can see that there is 5 times more chance to spawn infrantry squad that a motorized one. So simply decrease the amount of "infantry" to balance it. You can find this kind of code in most of ambient and tasks scripts (into the "tasks" folder). Another way to do it is to directly edit the script that spawns the squads "scripts\Gemini\fnc_spawnSquad.sqf". Simply replace this line: _squadType = selectRandom _squadTypes; By this one: _squadType = selectRandom ["motorized", "armored", "infantry"]; With that example, you have equal chance to spawn a motorized, armored or infantry squad. But please be aware that this method could lead to unexpected situations (for example: spawning a motorized squad during a task where there shouldn't have one). In both case, please note that the script is based on road presence (to avoid vehicles spawning into a dense forest or on a steep slope). So if your character is on a location far from any roads, you have almost 0% chance the script will spawn a vehicle. I hope these explanations will help to customize the mission as you wish.
  2. @stlassen It's strange: could you please check on a succeeded attempt if the goods are well delivered on the delivery center ? There should be 5 items. Otherwise, could you please check if your game is up to date ? Used items are bringed by last ArmA's huge updates and should work even if you didn't buy the last DLCs (I don't have them and it's working fine). I'll proceed to new tests by the way. @Tobur I'm not sure to understand. If you are trying to increase the probability of a spawn parameter (unit, vehicle or weapon), you can simply do it by writing the parameter several times. For example, this code means that you have 50% chance of spawning each kind of enemy armored vehicle: OPEX_enemy_armored = ["LOP_ISTS_OPF_BMP1", "LOP_ISTS_OPF_BTR60"]; If you want to increase chance of spawning a BMP1 (for example, 75% versus 25% for a BTR60) , simply do it like this: OPEX_enemy_armored = ["LOP_ISTS_OPF_BMP1", "LOP_ISTS_OPF_BMP1", "LOP_ISTS_OPF_BMP1", "LOP_ISTS_OPF_BTR60"] Tell me if that's not the answer you were waiting for.
  3. Hi Psychosocial, Unfortunatley I had to remove the Russian translation because the man who made the translation did some mistakes in the stringtable.xml file that it was not possible to fix by myself. I don't know if he will be able and motivated to do it again.
  4. Grrr sorry I fix it immediately. Thanks for the feedback. Edit : OPEX has been updated to version 1.241. Changelog: Fixed: both parameters for equipment settings are now displayed properly in the settings screen
  5. @Tobur I felt your pain, this information should be interesting for you OPEX has been updated to version 1.24. Changelog: Added: a virtual garage is now available in the delivery area (requires to be enabled at startup in the mission settings) - thanks to Tonic for his Virtual Vehicle Spawner (VVS) script Added: a "low" parameter is now available for the ambient features Fixed: the task "17 - Deliver humanitarian supplies" should not automatically failed anymore Fixed: there shouldn't be unexpected deletion anymore of friendly gear, vehicles or drones Fixed: earplugs and rangefinders are now available again into the support crate (for ACE users) Fixed: binoculars are now available again into the support crate (for non ACE users) Fixed: the correct language is now properly selected for civilians on Tanoa Tweaked: the density and frequency by default of ambient functions have been adjusted Tweked: the auto-cleaning function has been entirely rebuilt for better performances and results Removed: the Russian translation has been temporarily removed because it was causing some issues for other languages I hope you'll like it !
  6. Hi Voiper, Thank you very much for this incredible script. But it's causing an error message since a recent CBA update when I press a key once the map is open : { private _ke> 12:54:42 Error Type Booléen, Nombre attendu 12:54:42 File x\cba\addons\events\fnc_keyHandlerDown.sqf, line 71 12:54:42 Error in expression < }; } forEach (cba_events_keyDownStates param [_inputKey, []]); I know this thread hasn't been updated since a long time, I hope you are still there and you'll be able to provide some help. Thanks again !
  7. @Ronin2704 Thank you very much for your feedback, I really appreciate ! @Tobur As you said, the randomness of enemy amount is desired. But you can edit the mission by yourself to modify some parameters. For example, you can reduce the amount of maximum enemy patrols by editing the "scripts\Gemini\fnc_ambientEnemyPatrols.sqf" file: // DEFINING MAX AMBIENT PATROLS (DEPENDS ON HOW MANY HUMAN PLAYERS ARE CONNECTED) if ((count (allPlayers - entities "HeadlessClient_F")) <= 5) then {_maxPatrols = 3}; if (((count (allPlayers - entities "HeadlessClient_F")) > 5) && ((count (allPlayers - entities "HeadlessClient_F")) <= 10)) then {_maxPatrols = 5}; if ((count (allPlayers - entities "HeadlessClient_F")) > 10) then {_maxPatrols = 8}; Simply reduce the three _maxPatrols variables. Other paramaters (enemy IEDs, ambushes etc...) are built the same way.
  8. New small update to version 1.239. Changelog: New: OPEX now supports Jets and Tanks DLCs Fixed: vehicle music receiver is now working properly again Fixed: storage crates in the armory are not locked anymore Optimized: there should be less unexpected explosions due to the dynamical civilian vehicle spawn script
  9. @nikssims Thank you for your feedback. Well, it's not in my plans at this time but you can edit the files situated into the "settings" folder of the mission. @jus61 Thanks for your feedback too. It seems that some mods are not properly detected by the game. Did you try some other custom missions on your server that would use on or several of these mods to see if the issue still happens ?
  10. @Guillaume Massé I tried OPEX with C2 and even if I didn't play many hours it seems that the mod was working as intended. My teammates were properly displayed on the C2 tablet and on the radial menu. Anyway it would be hard to investigate deeper on that because this mod seems to be complex and I don't see anything in OPEX that would break it. The group system used in OPEX is quite basic and only uses simple ArmA commands. @baton1990 It shouldn't, may it may happens sometimes if the randomly selected location is too small. Did you try to cancel the task and to restart it ? It should be ok with a different location. The global enemy amount is random, it's totally volunteer. I don't like at all missions that are based on player amount because it's not the way I imagine war. But you can still edit the mission to limit and set parameters as you want. @rerem2 If you have selected the "Complete" edition from the startup menu then all friendly AIs should be French. Maybe R3F is not properly installed on the server: player units are local to players computers whereas AI units and empty vehicles are local to the server. I can only suggest to check again the server installation. If the problem is still there, please send me the .rpt file of the server. @all the community Thank you very much for all your feedbacks. I apologize about the late replies but time is going too fast. In order to avoid possible bugs with custom missions, please ensure that the game and all mods you are using are properly installed and up-to-date. If you encounter bugs, please report them with many details as possible (map, location, etc...). In some case (e.g.: flying vehicles...) please attach some screenshots. The more details you provide, the more I would be able to investigate and try to fix these bugs. Anyway, please note that OPEX has been updated to version 1.238. Changelog: New: OPX is now translated in Russian (big thanks to Meh44 !) Fixed: suspects loaded in vehicle should now not be able to disembark by themselves anymore Fixed: handguns are now properly loaded again in weapon crates Fixed: ordering drone at the delivery center is working properly again Fixed: various other minor things
  11. Hi Guillaume, sorry about this issue. I don't know how C2 is working, I'll try to take a look on it.
  12. You can bring him back to the medical center. Maybe I'll think about adding a function to bury dead bodies in a near future.
  13. OPEX has been updated to version 1.237. Changelog: Fixed: buying AI units is now working properly on dedicated servers Fixed: buying supplies is now working properly on dedicated servers Fixed: ALT key allows again to open/close bugged doors on Kunduz and Lythium maps Fixed: dependency to CBA in Altis and Tanoa versions has been removed again Fixed: double-clicking on food is working properly again Fixed: an AI ambient soldier was standing instead of sitting on a stack of pallets (Isla Duala) Fixed: a few minor errors in the .rpt file Added: new wheel action to get weapon on hand after it has been get on back Added: OPEX should now support VCom AI mod Updated: the maximum amount of active civilians has been decreased to reduce slowdowns on modest computers Updated: air vehicles are now exclude from the auto-cleaning function in order to allow compatibility with some extra mods (e.g.: ALiVE) Updated: FAQ
  14. In vanilla versions of OPEX, some features linked to additionnal items can't work properly so they are automatically disabled: Primary needs (because eating, drinking, sleeping requires some extra objects) Arrest function (because arresting people requires some cable ties) Task where you need to install a spy microphone (because a microphone is required) Etc... Also, vanilla versions are using vanilla content (uniforms, weapons, vehicles...) so the global atmosphere may be different from the original one. R3F's AiComTarget script is automatically disabled if bCombat or ACE mods are detected. I didn't know VComAI mod but I'll add a command line in the next update so R3F's AiComTarget script will be disabled too in case VComAI is detected. And yes, ACE medical system should only be enabled if the ace_medical pbo is detected. Thank you for your feedback :)