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  1. Thank you dude ! I'm currently working hard on the next update. It should fix many issues that appeared with the last releases and should bring much more reliability and stability. I hope you guys will enjoy it ! Stay tuned...
  2. Thanks for the feedback, I'll try to think about a workaround. In the meantime, I can only suggest to cancel the task and to start it again (it shouldn't happen twice a row).
  3. Thanks for this new feedback. It's good to know that disabling .rpt file makes the mission running better. Did you shut down your server between yesterday and today ? Or did you simply log out then log in again the mission ?
  4. Thank you again for this feedback ! Well, I don't know exactly but from what I've seen so far, many mods are not 100% properly defined and using many of them may amplify errors amount. But this report is a precious information to continue fixing/improving OPEX !
  5. Gemini

    "Pending approval" alert

    OK good to know, I can confirm I sometimes have to edit the first post of the thread.
  6. Gemini

    "Pending approval" alert

    Thank you for the reply, I didn't know that.
  7. Hello, Since a few days I can see a "Pending approval" alert on my OPEX user mission thread. Why is that ?
  8. Guys, please accept my apologies... I confirm I forgot to set up respawn on Kujari version ! 😒 So here comes the 1.251 update: Fixed: respawn on Kujari map is now working properly in MP Fixed: briefing is now properly displayed again at mission startup Again, sorry about the inconvenience ! I'll continue to fix and improve OPEX as much and as quickly as possible - but just keep in mind that I'm working on it alone on my free time, which is unfortunately not unlimited. Anyway, thank you very much for all your precious feedbacks and nice comments, I really apreciate ! @Arfour Thanks for the .rpt file. It's very strange because I don't see any script error, but your .rpt file seems to be spammed by messages telling that some mods are missing... Maybe this could overload your server and could cause the issues you reported this time. Could you please try to disable RPT on your server to see if there's any difference (using the -noLogs startup parameter) ?
  9. Thank you very mmuch for this feedback Arfour. First I'm happy to read that previous issues seem to be solved. Now, I think all issues you had with this new updated is because of a single script that broke the whole mission so I have to identify it. Would you still have the .rpt file before your restarted it ? So I could try to see if I can find something. Edit: For people that are not familiar with ArmA extra content installation, here is a very simple video to help you installing OPEX (please do activate subtitles to get full detailed information):
  10. Hi guys ! Thank you very much for all your precious feedbacks. Especially @Arfour, you have provided precise information that helped a lot, so thanks again. After many many many hours and nights trying to fix and improve OPEX, it's my pleasure to release 1.25 update. Here is the changelog: New: OPEX is now compatible with Kujari map ! New: added task "Protect the helicopter" New: added task "Evacuate civilians" New: Community Factions Project (CFP) can now be used instead of Project OPFOR (for people that would prefer this mod) New: it's now possible to buy supply trucks (medical/ammo/repair/fuel) New: added a basic function in the armory to quickly rearm player and AI teammates (only in SP - or if Virtual Arsenal is enabled in MP) Fixed: task "Attack the enemy camp" was randomly not working and was sometimes leading to major issues that was completely bugging OPEX Fixed: healing/reviving system is now working properly again Fixed: loading/unloading a suspect from a vehicle should now always working properly again Fixed: repair/refuel/rearm centers are now working properly again Fixed: OB-50 optic is not forcing night vision anymore Fixed: ammo boxes are not filled up again after a simple server reboot Fixed: error message caused by LIT script (for non ACE users only) Fixed: a non-existing EOD vest has been removed Fixed: friendly and enemy patrols are not turning around anymore Fixed: a few other minor things Tweaked: reduced clutter of some items (water bottles, food...) Tweaked: jail door on Kunduz was locked in MP - as a temporary workaround, it's now open by default Updated: switched back to vanilla supply trucks (repair and rearm ones) because R3F ones are not working Updated: added some items from last R3F mod update (weapons, uniforms...) Also, please note that : As this update fixes some important issues, your persistent save will be reset when you'll play this new version for the first time. I don't have access to a dedicated server anymore, so unfortunately I can now only perform tests on local SP environment. But as I'm now more familiar with MP environment, it should be ok though. Guys, I apologize for troubles you may have encountered with the previous versions of OPEX. I hope new games from now will be more stable and reliable... Please feel free to play and to enjoy this mission as much as possible !
  11. Thank you guys for your feedbacks and again, sorry about late replies. I played OPEX last Monday on my computer without any major issue but I have noticed your comments, I'll check all of this as soon as possible.
  12. @dalia Thank you for your feedback. The main goal of OPEX is to create dynamical and imprevisible situations, at the opposite of classic campaigns and classic task generators. But the mission finishes when all tasks have been succeeded ☺️ @Godis_1 Yes, thanks for your feedbacks, I appreciate. Are you playing a vanilla or moded version of OPEX ? The ID check functionnality requires Gemini mod to work properly, because ArmA doesn't include ID cards. Also, aren't these civilians saying anything ? Or can you read "?????". In that case, this means they simply don't understand your language. Anyway, I'll proceed to more tests as soon as possible.
  13. @holyorangejuice - In that case it's strange, they should have enough ammo. Could you give more details about your game (OPEX version, map, light or full edition etc...) so I could try to see if I can reproduce the issue. - I don't know how Command & Control works so I'm not able to say why it's not compatible with OPEX. - OPEX already includes R3F's AiComTarget script that improves a bit AI's behaviour. At this time, this script is automatically disabled in case bCombat, ASR AI3 or VcomAI mods are detected, to avoid possible conflict. If you want to use another AI mod that may cause issues, please tell me.
  14. @holyorangejuice Thank you very much for your message ! AI teammates should have enough ammo at mission startup. Don't be abused when they're shouting "I'm running out of ammo", it's because there's a script that modifies their loadout when the mission begins. It seems it's a famous issue caused by ArmA's engine, I'm not sure I can do anything about that but if someone has an idea, please feel free to share it. OPEX doesn't have custom script about infantry rearming at this time. But alternatively I can suggest to demobilize your out of ammo teammates and to enlist new ones into the delivery area. This is about ArmA's AI and it's not because of OPEX. But the medical system included in OPEX should allow you to call the medic by reporting you're injured with the radio (code 5-4 I believe). I think we all agree that ArmA's best feature is not the AI OPEX doesn't bring any new feature about that, it's vanilla built. Well, I'm still not able to reply to this question despite I'm playing OFP/ArmA since more than 15 years... It seems sometimes yes (unless it's only luck ?), sometimes no (or maybe they really see me through). @scimitar Thanks for this new message too ! Well, I was waiting for many feedbacks as possible to fix last bugs players may encounter. It seems that a few ones have still some issues but I start to think that it could be caused by a bad game/mission/mod installation. So if the mission is now stable enough, maybe I could consider to port OPEX to other maps. Now I just need some free time to work on it