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  1. Marechal Lasalle

    Hermes Airlift Services Mod

    (via the script 1.91) absolutely all works flawlessly, I even put the dialogues in French, but for the night signal whether it is the ACE_Flare or an IR_grenade it does not detect, too bad for me. Otherwise, hermes airlift is just unique and easy to use via script or module. I even use displacement for parachuted insertions and it works great! SP Hermès Airlift has become indispensable for me. Thanks for this ! (and sorry for my English)
  2. Marechal Lasalle


    OPEX --> Script --> Gemini --> fnc_dynamicsimulation.sqf --> "Group" setDynamicSimulationDistance 1000; "Vehicle" setDynamicSimulationDistance 1000; I'm not sur I looked tomorrow if I find
  3. Marechal Lasalle

    Hermes Airlift Services Mod

    Very useful mod. Thanks for your work!
  4. Marechal Lasalle


    thank you for all your work that you offer us with OPEX for a long time, I wish you a good continuation, a big thank you for all the friend! ------------------- merci pour tous ton travail que tu nous offres avec OPEX depuis longtemps, je te souhaite une bonne continuation, un grand remerciement pour tous l'ami !
  5. Marechal Lasalle


    @Guillaume Massé L'ami, tu peux changer de toi même ce n'est pas compliqué, j'ai fais personnellement pas mal de modif (base intégralement refaite en beaucoup plus petite, ajout de matériel que nous utilisons beaucoup, ajout de mine à fil aléatoire sur la map, ajout de véhicule, uniforme, etc etc) pour mon groupe car nous jouons beaucoup OPEX. Les modifications sont très accessible même ceux qui ne connaissent pas grand chose comme moi. Cordialement ---------------------------------------- Friend, you can change it yourself, it's not complicated, I personally made a lot of changes (integral base redone in much smaller, addition of material that we have a lot, addition of lead mine on random the map, addition of vehicle, uniform, etc etc) for my group because we play a lot OPEX. The modifications are very accessible even those who do not know much chosen like me. Cordially
  6. Marechal Lasalle

    "Pending approval" alert

    Thanks a lot 😉
  7. Marechal Lasalle

    "Pending approval" alert

    I cannot see the topic "Opex" for 2 days also.
  8. Hi ACE team, I would like know for the Winter 2035 mod, how can we change the temperature? is that possible. Because we have temperatures incompatible with a snowy environment Cordially
  9. Salut OFRP, Merci pour votre mod, ça va faire du bien. simple petite question (c'est vraiment du détail), envisagez vous dans le futur de mettre des gilets plus léger ? Merci encore de votre boulot, et bonne chance pour la suite. ------------------------------------ Hi OFRP, Thank you for your mod, it will be good. Simple little question (it's really detail), do you plan to put on lighter vests in the future? Thank you again for your work, and good luck in the future.
  10. Hi Ace team, I would like to know if there was an 82mm firing table only in metric system. For the distances and the difference in altitude I have all the elevations noted for metric system, but for the corrections according to the winds and the temperature I struggle a little more.
  11. Marechal Lasalle

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Thanks for answer
  12. Marechal Lasalle

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Ah sorry, i hadn't seen it. Really nice job for the FAMAS, it is really well done ! Thanks for the French 😉 I also have a small question, do you plan in the future, to embellish the mortar ? for example adding new shells (like the BAF mod and the phosphate shells), and new mortar? (Sorry for my English), Thanks for your work !