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  1. According to the official documents on the BI community website, when a unit is killed, he will be removed from his group and changed to neutral side. I don't think the engine will regard a killed soldier as a living entity because the "alive xxx" returns false. Yes according to BI document, info sharing and commanding are both limited in a group. And I personally even think the reaction of the remaining squad members is linear because they just change their CombatMode. The only thing that's viable to be shared among different squads can only be enemy position via the "reveal" command.
  2. There are 3 key scripts in this addon and I'm sure they can offer some help for your module. They offer easy ways to use in the code comment. Usually you need to place a few triggers to define some lists required in the script. The only problem I can come up with when porting them to ArmA 3 is classnames may be different if there are any.
  3. Some unique features: You can specify the max distance between 2 squads within which they can share info. Upon seeing a friendly on the ground, AI will walk closer to check it out before triggering any alarm.
  4. My background: I used to be an OFP/Arma1 mission editor who spent 3 years on learning to design immersive singleplayer scenarios back then. After I went to college in 2017, I upgraded my laptop and stopped to play other games because my laptop still cannot run Arma 3 without heat problems. Topic: During the corona-virus pandemic, I downloaded and played all ArmA installments and found 2 common issues both in Singleplayer and Multiplayer that still haven't been solved 20 years after the release of OFP. And many mission makers also ignored them (maybe for better performance). First issue: No body detection. Can you believe that a group of soldiers can walk past a dead friendly killed by player like nothing has happened? Whatever you think of it, I think it's stupid and ridiculous, especially in an infiltration mission. They don't even change their CombatMode! Luckily I found some tutorials on youtube on how to address this issue by coding, as well as a few discussions about ways to solve it. But in many missions on Steam Workshop and Armaholic, mission makers didn't include this feature. Second issue: No info share between different squad. An enemy squad is engaging player, while another squad positioned next to the first one remains idle. This is the often case in OFP. In ArmA, things improved with the second squad entering alert mode. But they still don't share hostile info (real time position of every enemy spotted) with other squads. A common scene in coop multiplayer is, player squad is engaging a hostile position. And other enemies hundreds meters away doesn't react to this event. They don' t reinforce their friendlies, they don't shoot at players, they don't even change CombatMode! Solutions: I remember I got a glimpse of some scripts in an OFP addon a few years ago about above problems. So I searched for this addon on Google and found this: OFP Wizzywig tomahawk pack (I will permanently keep this addon because this site could go down anytime just like ofp.gamepark.cz . ) You don't have to install OFP and load the addons. Just open the second mission folder in the archive and then you will see different scripts in different folders concerning different topics in either SQS or SQF. The script author provided simple ways to include these features in your mission. Typically you just need a few triggers to set them up. Check out author instructions in comment section of a script file. I can use these scripts in OFP. Hope you guys port them to ArmA 3. (Since sqs script still work in ArmA, I don't think there will be too much work.) Conclusion: These scripts were not written by the addon maker. They date back to 2003 but similar features still don't exist in ArmA 3 without modification. These scripts do have an impact on the performance. But in missions where there are not too many units, it doesn't make any difference. You need to check if it slows down your game bu yourself. Hope I can see more serious missions!