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  1. After hours of testing I've found one little thing that is hard/annoying: I can't order to a unit do deploy an UAV. Or at least I didn't find a way to do it, unless I switch to that unit. Can't wait for the SuperAI addon!
  2. I saw it on Reddit, I will test soon this script, seem interesting
  3. MrStregatto

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    Hi sorry for this dumb question but: Is there a way to let the EOS to spawn the units without that those units despawn? For a better understanding, what I am trying to do is to let the script to spawn random units in a zone, without the despawning system that EOS has when a player move far away fron the zone.
  4. MrStregatto

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Is it possible to use the waypoint behaviours on Zeus? Or it is limited to the 3dEditor?
  5. Amazing, really! Will this be stand alone or your All In Command will be required?
  6. Did you check the prerequisite for use the Combat Support? By default you need the Laser designator (Desert), but you can change the item in the Support Module requester
  7. Thanks for the Update! Now I've still sone suggestion for the mod, but I prefer to save it for later and let you finish the other two addons! 😁
  8. After some more testing with the new update, I see that It doesn't let me create HC groups anymore. I dunno if it is a problem only on my side.
  9. Gosh I've re-downloaded the wrong file 😓 Don't worry for the bugs, it's normal and they aren't completely game breaking. Keep it up with your works, and can't wait for ADDON #2 and #3 ! 💪
  10. Re-downloaded but seem to still have the bug. Another thing that I've found, when selecting the group members for creatings HC groups, when I click on Next, it goes on a blank menu, and can't go back
  11. I hope that those are useful for High commanding units! However I have found a bug: When I try to create a helicopter transport support unit, pop up an error and he doesn't create the support requested. It happen even when I create a support requester module
  12. Hey thanks for the reply! I will test more when possible.
  13. Played a bit the mission, it's very funny but here my two cents: - I still don't understand what you can do at the base, from what I can see, it is just the spawnpoint and the place where the player can secure the hostages; - you can keybind the MRU commands only when the mission is on, it's a bit weird but useful - in the high command I don't understand how to delete a waypoint - Sometimes seems that the enemy overreact about the completition of the missions, bringing armors over the base, but it happened just once Overall it's funny, even played solo. Maybe if it is possible, to increase the players number to 6
  14. MrStregatto

    GF ALIAS Anomaly Spawner Script

    Yes it work fine! It was me that tried to spawn anomalies only with bots. But when a player go near the anomalies, everything works fine !
  15. MrStregatto

    GF ALIAS Anomaly Spawner Script

    Hi I'm sorry to bring up this topic, but even following the instructions, I can't spawn or see sfx from most the anomalies. And the flamer and strigoi aren't showing up. I dunno why NVM. I figured out that I'm stoopid.