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  1. MrStregatto

    GF ALIAS Anomaly Spawner Script

    Yes it work fine! It was me that tried to spawn anomalies only with bots. But when a player go near the anomalies, everything works fine !
  2. MrStregatto

    GF ALIAS Anomaly Spawner Script

    Hi I'm sorry to bring up this topic, but even following the instructions, I can't spawn or see sfx from most the anomalies. And the flamer and strigoi aren't showing up. I dunno why NVM. I figured out that I'm stoopid.
  3. MrStregatto

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    I think that is something about terrorism I dunno why
  4. MrStregatto

    KOTI - King of the Island mission and server.

    Will you ever publish it on steam workshop? I want to test it in my free time to give you some feedback
  5. MrStregatto


  6. MrStregatto


    I see and it's a reasonable point. But maybe making the artillery virtual and placing it in cooldown and limited only into the attacking area or unable to use in the Faction bases could be a way. Or limiting only to the mortars.
  7. MrStregatto


    About the Artillery and Airstrike supports, I've just one or two ideas that probably you have already thought: - Make the artillery as support and setting high cost and in cooldown for the entire side; -Let the players to call the artillety units but everytime that an artillery shell is fired, a marker is placed for everyone, making easier to do counter artillery.
  8. MrStregatto

    South Asia v1.1 No Errors!!

    That's marvelous, congrats! But where I can download it?
  9. MrStregatto

    All-In-One AI Command Menu

    I'm glad that this mod isn't dead! But I'm encoutering a little error: When I play with this in conjuction with MCC, when I activate zeus, it deactivate most of the mod factions and the MCC options from the zeus interface.
  10. MrStregatto

    Enhanced Movement

    Ok Thanks!
  11. MrStregatto

    Enhanced Movement

    With these files now work!
  12. MrStregatto

    Enhanced Movement

    I have this kind of error, and I don't know how to resolve.
  13. Thanks for the guide!
  14. How I can open a ticket for a possibly bug? The TOW launcher can shoot rapidly the rockets and have the top-down feature