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  1. Carnemolida

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    hello team rhs, 2 questions, 1- It is possible to reduce the sound of the engine in the cockpit of mig29 ?, it is somewhat high. 2- I have seen in videos that uh60 raise HMMWV with strings but our uh60 can not do it, have you thought about increasing the power of the motor? Excuse my English is not good.
  2. Carnemolida

    HAFM NAVY v1.5 Release

    Hello Aplion good mod, but you could do something with the surface of the heliports attempt to land with helicopters vanilla or contributed by the community and always exploited use advanced flight mode, also to place helicopters through the editor and then to run the game These jump through the air as if colliding with the surface. thanks for your job.
  3. Carnemolida

    Jets DLC Terrains

    Hello again, I do not live in the area, I am from Argentina, but I have found some information about the lake called Skadar and its maximum depth is 44 meters, but it is not necessary to apply this depth I believe that with about 20 meters will serve as a simulation.
  4. Carnemolida

    Jets DLC Terrains

    Incredible map good job I have a question, can you add water and depth to the immense lake of Balkans Montenegro?
  5. Carnemolida

    Jets DLC Terrains

    I think that I leave everything like this, it is not so serious, if you think with another perspective until you could do campaigns with chapters hooked on the continuation of the overlapping grounds, my congratulations for your effort.
  6. I do not know if this is already reported after the last update but I have encountered a problem using the advanced flight mode and when entering the CH53 it explodes and in the UH60 it does not explode but the engine sound is muted but it does not happen in the third person , I repeat this only happens if you have the advanced mode of flight.
  7. Carnemolida

    R3F French Weapons Pack

    It's good to have it back Congratulations for this mod, I really like the Famas but the sound is not very realistic, it would consider changing it?. Thank you.
  8. Carnemolida

    Project Infinite v1.0

    Hello BNAE, any project for a French famas in the future?
  9. Carnemolida

    Boeing 737 - 100

    I use the mod of the Greek also forces but we have no news of APLION since July 2015, the mirage of Helijah has more supports for weapons and a more realistic cabin interior design, I think it would be a good option to add to arma3 .
  10. Carnemolida

    R3F French Weapons Pack

    Congratulations for this mod, I really like the Famas but the sound is not very realistic, it would consider changing it?. Thank you. :)
  11. Carnemolida

    Boeing 737 - 100

    My congratulations on the mods, I have observed the work of helijah and there is a mirage 2000 could bring to arma3, thank you. :)