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  1. [WIP] Proyecto EA

    Some more ingame content. VCA Palmaria 155mm
  2. [WIP] Proyecto EA

    Yes, you're right, is a texture used as overlay to paint over it, some kind of "camo test". soon will be updated.
  3. [WIP] Proyecto EA

    Thank you ! If i not misunderstood your question, some minor tweaks to default Ultra settings, Blur and DoF sliders at 0, AA on max.1080p resolution. The map is Ihantala Winter btw.
  4. [WIP] Proyecto EA

    Some screenshots, winter version:
  5. [WIP] Proyecto EA

    Update: Added: VCTP: Upgraded version. yup! another one.
  6. [WIP] Proyecto EA

    Sure, will be more camos along the way...
  7. [WIP] Proyecto EA

    Update: Fixed: FN FAL 's Improved model and textures. (Weapons will be a standalone relase too) Ingame screenshots:
  8. [WIP] Proyecto EA

    Small update: .50 Cal RCWS gets a brand new look, things are shaping up nicely.
  9. [WIP] Proyecto EA

    Update: Added: VAE II Vehiculo Anfibio de Exploración. Not final variant except RCWS. And some ingame wips Polaris DAGOR I've got better results using 3D-Coat software in terms of texture quality, planned to retext some older asset to see how it goes....
  10. [WIP] Proyecto EA

    Update: Added: FN FAL FAMTD FN FAL FAMA [BERSA] 9mm BX9CC Sterling MK5 MOD
  11. [WIP] Proyecto EA

    Update Added: VLEGA Polaris DAGOR Variants planned: HMG, GMG, Cargo, TOW, LRPV.
  12. [WIP] Proyecto EA

    Update: Fixed: VCDA Palmaria (SPAAG) Some ingame screenshots, made some small changes to models too.
  13. [WIP] Proyecto EA

    Update: Fixed: VC TAM AMUN incl. new RCWS .50 cal
  14. [WIP] Proyecto EA

    And finally some progress... Fixed: P35 Recon UAV New model and textures, including solid and camo patterns ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE. ...and another one is falling out of the sky ..soon™.. THx!
  15. [WIP] Proyecto EA

    Thank y'all for the feedback, really appreciate it. I'm currently doing some task related to configs, so the updates will be on hold for a while. i hope before A4 Cheers!